Most lovable 9 best known Loreal Lipstick for Girls in India

Loreal Lipstick is one of the infallible lipsticks brands in India. It has long lasting lip color available with 15 gorgeous shades. Loreal Lipstick shades are different from other branded lipsticks. Loreal Lipstick contains vitamin E which keeps your lips moist, relaxed and hydrated. Usually, this lipstick provides high definition color it remains longer time without fading. Loreal lipsticks are comfortable to wear all the type of occasions like parties, wedding also for festivals. It is one of the luxurious lipstick which attracted by the most of the women. Here we listing few most popular Loreal Lipstick in India.

Loreal Lipstick

Popular Loreal Lipstick List

1. Star Pure Brick Loreal Lipstick

This Lipstick has very pleasant color and will stay almost 6 hours without fading. It gives nice matte lipstick effect. This lipstick consists of velvet capsules and ultra gliding shine oils which keep your lips shine and silky smooth. Contains Jojoba oil help in keeping your lips hydrated. Available with different shades which are attracts the people quickly.

  • Very long lasting
  • Perfect for Indian skin tone
  • Do not dry the lips

  • Looks Cheap
  • Color is very strong does not go even after washing

2. Dahlia Insolent Riche Loreal Lipstick

It is one of the classy and elegant lipstick. The color of this riche lipstick shades is unique, glamorous and awesome. It consists of nourishing ingredients like omega 3 and vitamin E, Plus enriched with argan oil which keeps your lips smooth and silky soft. We can wear for any location and keeps your lips hydrated.

  • It is smooth
  • Lipstick color is great
  • Instantly gives glamour look

3. Arabian Night Riche Moist Loreal Lipstick

Arabian Night Riche Loreal Lipstick is one of the rich matte color lipstick. Consists of ultra gliding oils give smoothness to the lips. It provides matte velvet finish for the lips. This lipstick also consists of jojoba which provides perfect hydration for the lips. The highly intense color of the lipstick stays longer time and also keeps your lips moisture.

  • Color is beautiful with purple and pink
  • Feel light and comfortable on lips
  • lasts upto 4 hours
  • Perfect texture with the creamy matte
  • Do not dry lips

  • Color do not suit every skin tone

4. Crazy Fuschia Riche Matte Loreal Lipstick

Crazy Fuschia Riche Matte Lipstick is one of the best lipstick which provides velvet matte texture. This lipstick enriched with omega 3, 6 and antioxidant vitamin E which keeps your lips soft and supple. This lipstick keeps your lips moisturise and make silky smooth.

  • Staying power is long
  • Shade is bright and gorgeous coral red
  • Very soft and creamy texture
  • Well pigmented

  • It bleeds
  • Not a matte texture

5. Carmin ST Germain Riche Loreal Lipstick

This Lipstick enriched with vitamin E and omega 3 oil which keep your lips moisturise and protect your lips from dryness. It’s creamy and soft texture helps you to make your lips shine and smooth. It is one of the luxurious lipstick available in India.

  • Good and cool filing

6. Rambling Rose Infallible Loreal Lipstick

This Lipstick is one of the Luxurious and comfortable lipstick liked by the most of the women. It gives long lasting lip color. Enriched with vitamin E which keeps your lips moist.  Available in 15 shades. Gives creamy texture which protects your lips dryness and provides fine finish.

  • It feels more like a lip balm with an excellent color pay off.
  • Good Pigmentation
  • Matte without drying lips
  • Value for money

  • Staying power is too low

7. Erotique Riche Matte Loreal Lipstick

Erotique Riche Matte Loreal Lipstick has super creamy and buttery smooth texture. This quality of the lipstick helps keep your lips moist and protect from dryness. It is one of the elegant and classy lipstick available in India. It is one of the unforgettable and obsession-worthy product.

  • Beautiful matte
  • Everyday wear lipstick

  • Not a good texture

8. Nature’s Blush Loreal Lipstick

It is enriched with omega 3, vitamin E and argan oil to soften and conditioning your lips. The shades of this lipstick available with a spectrum of gorgeous colors. The color of the lipstick is highly intense and also give hydration to the lips.

  • Beautiful color for Indian skin tones
  • Do not dry lips
  • Stays for reasonable time

  • Color get transfers

9. Riche Moist Matte Pink Loreal Lipstick

Riche Moist Matte Loreal Lipstick is one of the lipsticks which keeps your lips hydrated and beautiful. This lipstick has matte pink which suitable for all type of skin tones. It is enriched with jojoba oil which delivers high intense moisture which keeps your lips smooth and soft.

  • Long lasting
  • Keeps the lips Moisturized
  • Has smooth texture

  • Best suits light skin tone
  • It is semi glossy Matte

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