Attractive gifts for cute girls from 1 year to 8 years

Generally, kids feel very exciting and happy on receiving gifts. Mostly, the cute girls above 4 feel enthusiastic and encouraging while they receive gifts. Gifts change the negative impressions of the day. So, parents can change their negative moods of their children by gifting. Mostly, kids will be expecting for gifts on their birthday. Children will also expect their gifts during the arrival of their relatives. So, gifts are mostly loved by the children. Things are given as gifts according to the children’s age. Now, here are some items that can be gifted with respect to their age. Here girl babies are divided into four group till their 8th age. Here are some of the gifts discussed.

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1. Attractive gifts for cute girls from 1 year to 2 years old

a. Amazing Baby Piano

This is a musical toy for kid. These toys fine tune their sensorial system and make them observe the sound. This is an amazing piano along with the dancing of animals once the music is played. The dancing of animals will be in this order, like elephant sways, bear swings, giraffe and zebra play hide and seek and hippo plays on the horizontal bar. This piano has 8 pre-recorded songs in 5 different modes of instruments like piano, accordion, saxophone, violin and windbell. This piano is made with good quality material and sound. The edges of the piano is blunt and smooth so that it may not harm the baby. Hence, this is a awesome gift for babies between 1 – 2 years.

b. Momma Duck Bath Gift

One of the product from Kooky kidz is Momma Duck Bath Set. It has 4 ducklings in a pack. All these ducklings are done by high-grade rubbers that are very soft to handle for the babies. Babies hands are delicate and their toys also should be soft and smooth enough. These toys are made as bath toys, i.e., they are placed in the bathtub of water. This practice makes the babies enjoy bathing. They do not cry while bathing. It also produces sound on pressing them. The whistle is placed at the bottom of ducklings. It is safe to remove the whistle while the babies handle to avoid swallow up of the whistle. Thus the toys should be handled with care to avoid the babies from bitter experience of their playmate.

c. Richy Toys

Here are the triple attractive soft toys which is the absolute gift for 1 -2 years girl babies. The toy is filled with soft and smooth fillings. These toys are considered as cuddling, huggable and lovable toys. The toys are made with attractive and bright colours. Since babies love bright colours a lot. The teddy is made up cream and pink colour, rabbit with cream and red colour and monkey with cream and mustard colour. Thus these are apt gift for the babies of age 1 – 2.

d. Imported Kids Cartoon Toddler

This would be a good and different gift for the babies. This will be very useful during winter and rainy seasons. It is 100% brand new product made out of high quality material. It is very soft and babies feel a good comfort level. The socks are very cute coffee brown in colour with a cartoon pattern on it. Since it is a sock, it is stretchy adjustable in nature. These socks are imported from HongKong. Hence, it is a good gift for the babies between 1-2 years especially on the winter and rainy season.

e. Multifunctional Electronic Drum

This toy is an electronic drum with a microphone and a stool. It has a bass drum and 2 snare drums at the left and right sides. This also consists of cymbal and microphone. These things can be modified to produce various sounds. This is considered as a perfect gift for 3 – 4 years girl babies. Girls are also interested in music nowadays. They are interested in playing and singing via mike. There are 5 buttons for rhythm, 4 light-up buttons to modify the drum sound. 3 types of drums, 2 mallets and 2 hefty seats for the child to sit and play. Babies will enjoy this toy and express herself without shy. It fine tunes the motor skills of the babies too.

f. GoAppuGo Musical Learning Car

This is the best birthday gift for 1 – 2 years old girl babies. This toy has number of amenities such as animal sounds, waggling animal drivers, bead games, back door key, volume control, change the mechanism from battery to hand push etc. This toy is full of sounds and lights to keep the baby attractively engaged. All these things improves the learning activities of the babies. Hence, this would be a wonderful and amazing gift for a girl baby between 1- 2 years of age.

2. Attractive gifts for cute girls from 2 year to 4 years old

a. Sorter Twister and Magnetic Game

The product consists of various types of shape sorters along with the magnetic fish game. This fish game is an educational toy. The kids have to understand the number of holes in the shapes and insert into the towers in such a way that piece should easily go through the holes. This increases the hand-eye coordination of the girls and finds out very easy after practising the game. Girl babies will enjoy this mostly since it is given in attractive and bright colours. This also improves the concentration and focus on the right side of the solution. Thus, this is a good toy gift for 3 – 4 years old girl babies.

b. Imported Toddler Girls Summer Outfits

This is another gift that girl babies may own. It is 100% brand new product. It is made up of high quality chiffon material. The priority of the product will raise automatically when we say that this is imported from HongKong. This collection is stylish and trendy one. It is also comfortable and easy to wear for the girl babies. The colour is given in red for tops and full black with white dots for skirt. Both the colours are attractive ones. Hence, it is one of the gifts for girl babies.

c. floral bowknot hairband

This is a hairband made up of high grade cotton and spandex material. This is a designed hairband. The girl babies look beautiful on wearing this band since it is a good colour and a designed one. This prevent the hair coming front to hide the eyes of the baby. Many designs and colours are available. The big bow gives the added attraction towards the baby’s face. This can be worn matching to their dress. Hence it is one of the useful and cute gift for the girl babies.

d. Tickles Pink Baby Musical Kitchen set

This is an awesome gift for girl babies as they love pink colour and they even love to cook as mom do. The size of this gift is 24cm length, 9 cms breadth and 19 cms height. It is designed as a real modular kitchen. It also has some pots or cooking pans jug, cups as well. The modular kitchen is designed very cutely. Girl babies love to cook and serve with passion. They can improve the eyes-ears-hand coordination. The music provides the extra attractiveness. Consequently this is a best choice for a 2 -4 years girl babies.

e. GoAppuGo Multipurpose Activity Table

This is one of the useful and cute gift for girl babies. It is a multipurpose kid’s activity table. The writing table comes in adjustable positions. As per the height of the children the positon and heights are adjusted. Kids will feel very happy and enjoy writing and drawing on the table. This table are used for other activities also. It is used for eating, playing and easel board also. Since, the table is foldable, it does not occupy much space. So, this is one of the gifts for girl babies.

3. Attractive gifts for cute girls from 4 year to 6 years old

a. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks

This is a fine blocks of basic shapes with much differences that babies can easily identify. Girl babies can sort and stack the block in the appropriate cavity of the same shape. This set comes with 10 bright coloured blocks that are easy to grasp and all the things can be stored in the bucket also. Girl babies feels much easier to carry also. Thus this is a good gift for girl babies aged 5 and above to improve their hand eye coordination.

b. Sunshine Shape Sorter Block Set

This is a ball shape sorter that has cavities of certain basic shapes. On practising this game, girl babies learn different shapes and colours. There are 24 pieces available. This develops the fine motor skills, thinking ability and decision making the property on practising this game. This also enhances the hand-eye coordination. It is made up of Non-Toxic and 100 % safe material for kids. Thus, this is a beautiful and useful gift for girl babies of age from 5.

c. Generic Animation DIY Building Block

It is brand new imported product. This is made up of high grade plastic material. With these blocks many things can be animated. This improves the imagination and creativity of the girl babies. On practicing this blocks, she will gain more access to her hands and eyes. Thus this is a fantastic gift the the girl babies from the age of 5.

d. Ocean Raiders Awesome Addition Board

This is a math game that captures the undersea adventures. This has 10 faced dice with numbers 0 to 9. Girl children determine the math theory to attain their goal. This increases the speed and accuracy of the players. The practice of this game attracts the concentration and addition exercise up to 11 times than the homework or classwork sums. Thus it is a perfect gift for girls above age 5.

e. Numbers Recognition and Counting Game

This kit consists of 1- 20 numbers. There are 3 categories of cards. They are a numeral, the number of words and number as count. Every card display number and number names. It has the awesome gameplay with visual appeal. Thus this is a good gift for the girls from the age of 5.

4. Attractive gifts for cute girls from 7 year to 8 years old

a. Bajaj Play Table

This is an original table and chair which is dismantled and shipped. After receiving the girl children can construct as table and chairs. This is also a type of building blocks. The blocks of this product are made with a leading brand. It also has a top cover that is used as an activity table. Since this belongs to dismantling type, it is a space saving gift for girl babies. The table is lightweight and convenient to carry anywhere. The weight of this item is 4.4 kg and the dimensions are given as 45.8 X 45.1 X 16.1 cms. As per the height of the table, the children aged 7 and above can use this table. Hence, this is a useful gift for girl babies aged more than 7.

b. Froggy Fractions Educational Gift Math Card Game

This kit teaches the three types of fraction skills, reducing fractions to simplest form, equivalent fractions and comparisons. This is a play way method to learn math skills. The kit consists of 40 thick glossy fraction cards that is divided into pictorial and number represented fractions. This kit is used by top schools to teach math operations. Thus this is a good gift for girl babies above the age 7.

c. K’s Kids Block N Learn

K’s is a well know brand for toy suppliers for pre-school materials. This increases the hand-eye coordination and logical thinking. This also develops the sensorial activity, fine tunes the motor skills, logical, creative, linguistic communication and self-esteem skills. Kids understand the concepts very easily by colourful play way materials. Thus these are one of the gifts for the kids above the age of 7.

d. Dr. Math Memory Flash Cards

This memory flash cards will improve the concentration power of every child. The pictorial representations will easily make the kids remember and recall the learnt things. Math operations are embedded in the form of flash cards. Thus this helps the kids to learn and recall fastly.

e. Educational Toy and 3D model Making Set

This is a 3D models blocks. With the blocks in this pack 13 types of houses can be formed. It takes 5 to 7 steps to construct the foam based model by following instructions. This package contains 13 foam sets, googly eye, glue, instructions and 1 premade model. It improves the motor skills, concentration and creativity.

f. Brain Booster

The brain booster pack contains the puzzles pieces for 50 puzzles. The parents as well as children can solve these puzzles. These puzzles will fine tune the intelligence of the girl children. It includes magnetic shapes, magnetic boards, puzzle book and its solution. The whole family can sit together and boost their brain and have fun with the team. The kids will also understand the concept of team work. When the puzzles are used regularly it boosts the IQ and improve the spatial thinking and logical thinking skills. The minimum age recommended is 6. So from 7 years children can play this puzzles. Thus this is a good gift for girl babies of the age more than 7.

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