Attractive Lockets for Men Online Shopping Guide

A locket is a dollar like jewel that is attached with the chain. Some of the lockets for men will have the opening facility and some will not. The opening locket will have two sides where photos of loved ones can be placed. This locket belongs to the Victorian age. In those days the locket pendant was given on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christenings and Weddings etc. During the Victorian age, on the occasion of mourn, rings will be given with the photo of the dead person on their remembrance. Later on, the pendant with locket was used instead of mourn rings. But these days, every people are wearing due to fashion and beauty. Few lockets for men are discussed here.

lockets for men

Types of Lockets for Men

There are different kinds of lockets available. Lockets differ with respect to the shape and the material made up of. The types are classified as per their shapes, materials and purposes. The major types of lockets are as follows.

1. Keepsake Lockets

Keepsake locket is a small case meant for a miniature portrait that has a sentimental value of the person who is in the photo. This is gifted on the happiest special occasions. The occasions might be christening, weddings and valentine’s day. The lockets for men can affix a small photograph or lock of hair or memorabilia that can be fixed inside the locket. Hence this is called as Keepsake Lockets.

2. Perfume Lockets:

Perfume lockets for men are not the type of locket that can be worn in the chain. It is a case where photos can be fixed and perfumes too. It is a lattice that is kept on a table with a picture of lovable pictures. This might be too heavy so that it cannot be worn with a chain on their neck. Thus it is called as perfume lockets.

3. Daguerreotype Picture Locket:

The daguerreotype is a process of designing silver-plated copper plate polished and coated with some other chemicals to make it shining and good. Sometimes iodine and bromine might be used to make locket richer. In this also pictures can be affixed.

4. Mourning or memorial locket:

This kind of locket was famous during the Victorian Age as mentioned before. This is given as the memorial locket which consists of the expired person’s photo. This type is called mourning or memorial locket.

5. Floating Charm Locket:

This is a special type of locket that is made up of glass material and designed with fascinating decors. The collection of charms can also be added to indicate the special event and its meaning. So a collection of charms are added in a locket to indicate the series of happiness.

6. Pendant lockets:

This type lockets for men are entirely different from others. Others are the open type. But this contains the designs. Several designs are there under this category. Many metals are also used to craft these pendant lockets. These pendant lockets  for men are used even to gift the beloved people.

Different Designs

The designs of the lockets can discussed based on their shapes. The famed shapes on lockets for men are Circle, Oval, Heart, Rectangle and also square rarely. Circles and oval are good designs for lockets that have small pictures of circle and oval shaped respectively. Circle shaped lockets will suit floating charm lockets. Oval shaped lockets outfits’ remembrance locket. Added features of the basic shapes can be decorated with different metals, colourful stones, polished, carvings etc.

Rectangle shape well suits the perfume lockets that is placed on the stand, table or showcase. The heart-shaped lockets ensemble a keepsake locket. Upon the basic shapes, some carvings are done as designs for an elegant look and ever fascinating appearance. The designs of pendant lockets can be of any shaped. In some cases the lockets  for men may contain only the outer line alone. Thus each and every design speaks the purposes of the lockets.

How to choose the best locket?

Choosing a locket is based on several factors. The factors can be as follows.

Choosing a metal: While choosing a locket it is necessary to analyse the purpose. If it is for gifting purpose and budget is quite costly, people can choose gold, silver, and platinum with different shades as per the designs. If the budget is a bit low then people can choose gold-plated, silver-plated, sterling silver, antique or even plastic. Thus people can purchase many types of metals as per their budget in all ranges.

Choosing design factors: If the people concentrate on extremely fashionable jewellery then they can choose crystal or glass. There are many decorative products to make a locket an elegant and gorgeous one. The products such as colourful stones, floral designs engraved, leaf designs attachments, some wording on special occasions. Hence, lockets for men are of a different kind. People can choose any product from the available options.

Choosing the shape: As discussed earlier, there are different shapes available for lockets for men. The circle, oval, can be used as keepsake purpose. The rectangle shape lockets for men are used as perfume lockets. Fashionable lockets can be included in floating charm lockets. Thus these are the various types of lockets for men that coincide the shapes along with the purpose. Hence, these are the shapes that have its own factors and individual characteristics.

Criteria to look before buying a locket for men

• There are some important features that should be noted before buying the locket. When the locket is costly, people needs to take utmost care on the jewellery. For the utmost care, they need to check with the tips to safeguard the jewel. Even if it is precious metal it is good that keeping it in a separate case, avoid contact with chlorinated water and chemicals like perfumes, soaps, shampoos etc. Using warm water than hot water will be a better choice for the durability of the jewel for cleaning. Since, hot water cleaning may lead to discolouration.

• People shall also look into the product whether the product is price – worthy. Some may be charge high for invaluable metals. In that case, people can go for fashionable locket which would be a good option cost wise and design wise.

• Any part of the locket shall be sharp while engraving the locket for design embossment. Mostly the top portion of the locket is engraved with some design. The carving is done for an elegant and gorgeous look and to add beauty for the locket. So, the purpose should not turn to the negative part. And hence, people should repair it before buying it by blunting the sharpness without damaging the locket.

Best Lockets for Men

a. Bajrangi Bhaijaan Pendant

This is a Hanuman gada pendant that holds Grandios Trademark. This pendant was also loved by the sincere fans of the great celebrity and the famous hero Salman Khan. In one of the greatest epic named Ramayana, Hanuman played an important role in the reunion of the goddess Sita and the saviour Lord Rama. The Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is also named as “Rudraavathari”, “Bajrang Bali” etc. He is a god who is physically strong and uses to keep a gate with him. That same ‘gada’ is depicted as a pendant. The devotees of Sri Hanuman wish to wear this as a locket. The fans of Salman Khan also wear this ‘Gada’ pendant. This pendant is engraved as a ‘gada’ with black metal. The handle of the ‘Gada’ locket pendant had an embossing design of diamond shape. On the top of the locket pendant is like hollow and crafted as ‘thilak’. Thus is looks so awesome and when worn for men it looks so bravery.

  • This is a fine metallic product
  • The package contained rudraksha bracelet along with it.

b. Meenaz P Letter Pendant Locket

This is a pendant design as an alphabet letter ‘P’. The metal used to craft this pendant is Brass Alloy. It is coated with Gold Plated and silver plated. The letter glitters with the help of white stones. This is a party wear ornament. This is also used as regular wear. Care should be taken on this locket pendant and hence it should be kept away from the perfume, sprays, soaps, shampoos, creams and hard water. This is to increase its durability. When a change of colour happens, then it may lead to reducing its elegance. Thus care should be taken in this regard. For gifting purpose, these letter pendant lockets for men are also used. This looks so beautiful and awesome. Thus is an elegant gift that comes under a high-end fashionable designed pendant for the beloved ones.

  • This is a fantastic quality locket pendant
  • The product is very nice and excellent brass material

c. Vin Diesel Silver Holy Cross Pendant

This is men pendant that is worn mostly by the Christian community. This is made out of 92.5% sterling silver. This pendant is engraved with featuring sharp edges and lines. This cross pendant looks very elegant. This is the best gift for the christening ceremony. This is a fantastic work crafted with a crystal that makes the cross more elegant. It is made out of a high-quality sterling silver. This is a suitable gift for the birthday, anniversary also.

The Christian community believes that the saviour, the son of the lord, Jesus was held on the cross for a number of days for doing good deeds to the human beings. They also believe that he was born in the world to save the people from the evil since evils were growing on higher rate that of earns. Thus this cross is considered as a death place of Jesus. He died on the cross after experiencing the bitterness events of life. Thus in order to save the people from evil, Jesus was born on earth by the superior power of the almighty. Thus the cross is respected as a place of Jesus.

  • Good quality of silver that has mentioned is used
  • It has a marvellous glittering effect.

d. Meenaz Silver Plated V Letter Pendant

This chain is designed with a designed boundary shape and an alphabet within the boundary. The letter inside is ‘V’, and hence can be gifted for the beloved ones. The boundary is shaped as a heart. The boundary of the heart is decorated with the American Diamonds. These diamonds looks beautiful and elegant. This is a good gift for loved ones on Valentine ’s Day, wedding anniversary and also on birthdays. The letter is engraved in a very modern and stylish way. This is an elegant traditional Imitation jewellery. This pendant locket can be worn in regular days, party days etc. Care should be taken to maintain this type of jewels. Avoid contact with the chemicals such as perfumes, sprays, soaps, shampoos, hard water etc. This pendant locket also includes chain along with it.

  • This is a good and excellent product for casual wears

e. Memoir Gold Plated Openable Heart Locket Pendant

This is of a different variety. Since it has a facility of opening the locket, it is different. This is a heart shaped locket in which any beloved person’s photo is inserted in it. It is a beautiful jewel plated with gold. The jewel is more elegant due to the word is written on it. The word ‘Love’ is inscribed on the heart shaped pendant. The space other than the letter inscribed is filled with the dressy foil. The pendant is appearing like glitters. This pendant comes along with the chain. Thus, this comes as a set in such a way that ready to wear. .

The most advantageous feature of this type is that photos can be inserted in this locket. Space is provided for that. So, it is a good feature that is present in this type of locket. Henceforth, this is a wonderful gift and marvellous ornament to wear. This can be worn for functions and also along with casuals.

  • The product is same as shown in the picture. No cheating work is done.
  • The chain is awesome.

f. Pearl Paradise Designer Pearl Pendant

This is elegant pearl pendant locket designed in the shape of the anchor. This is designed using the sterling silver. It looks so beautiful and grand. The type of pearl used to design this is a cultured pearl. The pearl is of round shape and fits inside the anchor model. It is non-tarnish and non-allergic material. Anybody can wear it. This sterling silver 925 states that it contains 92.5% purity of the silver. It is better to keep safe by avoiding from hard water, soap, shampoo, perfume or spray. By following these steps, the durability of the jewellery is prolonged.

This is worn with casuals for simple parties like kitty functions, and also for grand parties like marriages. This jewel best suits the dark coloured shirts or T-shirts. This jewel can also be gifted to the beloved ones like a husband, brothers and also boyfriend on their birthdays. It would be a memorable gift. Anyway, care should be taken to avoid contact with any chemical to increase its life span.

g. Voylla Real Diamonds Hanuman Pendant Without Chain

This is a good design pendant that has the “Om” symbol and Hanuman ‘Gada’ in the centre point of the pendant. The outer design is given in the form of curves. When all the curves join it represents as flower petals. This indicates the symbols of Hinduism. Om symbol represents the “Omkaaram”. This word is framed with the starting letters of three primary gods of Hinduism.

They are lords Bhrama, Vishnu and Maheshwari. The letter “Aa” represents Lord Brahma, “Vu” represents the lord “Vishnu” and “Ma” represents the lord “Maheshwara”. These three letters denote three jobs of the trimorphic. The three jobs are creation, protection and destruction. Thus it is named as “Om”. This is the meaning for “Om – the Pranav mantra”. Thus this product is such a glorious and a divinity product. It is made up of 14K yellow gold of white colour. The real diamonds of colour grade ‘IJ’ are used. The clarity grade of the diamonds used is ‘SI’. The total weight of the pendant is 3 grammes. Hence it is an amazing, gorgeous and marvellous pendant to wear and to gift the loved ones.

h. Voylla Sterling Silver Cute Elephant Pendant with Diamond Sparkling

This cute sterling silver elephant is a fantastic pendant locket for men. The shape of the elephant especially its foot nails are carved minutely. The ears of the elephant are decorated with diamond stones. It is made with sterling silver of 92.5% purity. The colour of the jewel is white. The weight of the pendant locket is given as 1.7 grammes. This pendant locket comes along with the chain. It is good and simple to wear. This jewel suits casuals and formals. It outfits all functions like marriages, parties and simple functions too. It has a bold and classy look. This pendant locket looks glossy and the person who wears this locket pendant will appear smart and gorgeous. Hence, this gives an elegant look who wear this locket pendant that suits with all types of apparels and parties, functions as well.

i. Voylla Sterling Silver Ship Wheel’s Men’s Pendant with Diamond Sparkling

This is another design with sterling silver. This sterling silver pendant holds the appearance of a wheel with eight pokes. Diamonds are fixed at the edges of the wheel. It is embellished with glittering diamonds. It weight is given as 1.5 grams. This pendant is not accompanied by a chain. The material used for crafting this pendant locket is sterling silver. The purity percentage is given as 92.5%. This increases the boldness of men. This has a glossy look and engraves the appearance of men too brave. This locket pendant is an extraordinary and exclusive design with sterling silver. This jewel gives and elegant look for those who wear this with formals as well as causals. This can be worn from grand functions to small parties. Henceforth, this pendant locket suits all apparels for all functions and parties as well.

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