Baby toys for 1 year old online shopping guide

Babies are the wonderful gift that god gives to the living beings. The parents will dedicate themselves to take care of their young ones. It is one of the duties of the parents to give a good companion for their kids with respect to their stage. The best companions for the babies are the toys. Toys can be categorised into various types. These toys play important role in being a good friend from their infant stage. In the ancient days only dolls were available as the playmates for the kids. The dolls were made by the wood and clay. Even metal dolls were there. Nowadays there are many toys available in the market. The categories of baby toys for 1 year old are explained in detail.

Baby toys for 1 year old

Categories of baby toys for 1 year old

Musical toys and Instruments Bath Toys Ball, Push and Pull Toys
Dolls and Soft Toys Shape Sorter and Nesting or Sort Toys Building Blocks and Stacking Games

1. Musical Toys and Musical Instruments

A new born baby will close its eyes and sleep for long time. That time toys won’t work. Later on when they open their eyes, and when they are awake they will listen certain sounds. That time they need the musical toys and musical instruments. When musical toy is chosen then there are different types of toys.

Toys such as rattles, cradle hangings, cell phones, key toys, musical key toys, etc. are the toys used at this stage. Then later on tapping toys can be used to create sounds. Toys such as drums, keyboard, manjeera, xylophone etc. When they are in cradle, they use to enjoy with cradle hanging such as merry go round with music and colourful designs. Key toys such as a funny man or an animal doll shaking their heads along with playing drums, manjeera etc. are also available. Infants love the sounds like mostly at this stage. These toys improves their hearing skill a lot.

a. GoAppuGo Musical, Learning Car

GoAppuGo Musical, Learning Car

This is a car shaped toy which has some hollows and outline of the fillings. Filling pieces are also attached. This comes under pull and pushes toy, shape sorted toy also. The combo consists of sounds of the animals and lights. Shapes can be sorter as per their outline. It also has some beads to play with.

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b. AndAlso Musical Drum

AndAlso Musical Drum

New musical toys allow children to discover the world of sound whilst having fun. This vibrant colored wooden drum is perfect for your child’s budding marching band. The drum is sturdy made and comes with an adjustable neck strap for performance. The included drum sticks are made from hardwoods, and are weighted just like real drumsticks, but sized down to work well with tiny toddler hands. Made of wood and painted with completely non-toxic, food-grade paints and finishes. Introduce numbers and names of colors to your child whilst having fun. This vibrant colored musical flash drum is perfect for your child’s development. The drum is sturdy made and comes with two sticks. The included drum sticks are made from plastic, these sticks are rightly sized down to work well with tiny toddler hands.

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c. Baby Bucket Kids Talking Sheep

Baby Bucket Kids Talking Sheep

This is a doll of talking sheep with playback recording. It also has some light settings along with music. The sheep doll do bump and go actions. This toy waves its hands along with the music while travelling. This scene seems like the sheep itself is travelling dancing and singing. It is recorded with 7 different tunes and 12 lullabies. It can record the playmate voice and then repeat it again. Its dimensions is given as 13 X 11 X 17 cms.IT is very colourful and the kids love this toy very much.

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2. Dolls and soft toys

The next stage, when they start to roll over and try to move, dolls and soft toys will be good for them. They pick up the dolls or soft toys by moving a little. It is the responsibility of the parent to choose the soft toys carefully. Mostly fur toys are hairy. The furs may fall on the babies dress and it may cause coughing since, it may enter into the baby’s nose or mouth because usually babies use to keep anything available into their mouth. So care should be taken in such angles. Other soft materials are also available instead. The parents can select such type of toys. Now a days, dancing dolls, musical doll are also available along with lightings. Thus, really babies enjoy the sounds, lights and movements of the dolls doubtlessly.

a. Funny Teddy Yellow Duck Tweety Bird Soft Toy

Funny Teddy Yellow Duck Tweety Bird Soft Toy

This belongs to the category of soft toy. It is a stuffed toy. It does not have fur so need not afraid about it. This toy is available in vibrant colours. It is crafted in an eco-friendly manner. Yellow duck is made up of non-toxic material and safe for kids. So this will be also a fine playmate for the children under the age of one.

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b. Tickles Cute Doll


This Tickles Doll with light and music is sure to make an excellent snuggle companion for your child. The doll with green hair, clothes and matching accessories is lovingly crafted from fine polyester and ultra soft stuffing. She has a happy face, rosy cheeks, delicate eyelashes, a bright smile and large attractive eyes. Your little one will enjoy hours of role playing and laughter with this green girl doll. The lights and music only add to the fun, to offer an audio-visual treat. The doll with light and music is light in weight and conveniently sized to fit into your little girls arms.

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3. Bath toys:

These are the toys used while bathing. To make the kids feel comfortable to bath small colourful plastic, rubber toys or toys that does not sink will entertain the kids a lot and feel to bath enthusiastically. These things will work out only when they start to sit. Bath tubs are available in the market. The water is filled in the bath tub and toys are put into the water. Then the kid is made to sit inside the water and allowed to play with the floating toys. Usually, duck with ducklings, dolls of fish, giraffe, dog, cat, balls, butterflies, bath dolls, octopus are also available as bath toys. Squeeze toys are also available s bath toys. Toys of fruits, animals made out of high grade rubber or silicon of non-toxic material. Thus bath toys will make the kids take bath enthusiastically.

a. iVee International Chu Chu Toy set of 12 Multi-colour

iVee International Chu chu toy set of 12 multi-colour

It is the doll of duck, ducklings, fishes, tortoise, piggy, cat, frog, penguin etc. All the toys are of different colours that are bright and very attractive to the kids. The toys are fine enough in their sizes in such a way that the toys fit within the hands of the babies. These may be used while bathing as bath toys and at any time. It is made up of good and safe non-toxic material. So safe for the babies to play with.

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b. Vibgyor Vibes Chu Chu Squeeze Toys

Vibgyor Vibes Chu chu squeeze toys

The squeeze toys are also used as bath toys. This set consists of small and cute animal kingdom such as an elephant, giraffe, panda, hen, monkey, and a dog. It also emits sound when pressed. It is made out of non-toxic rubber material. The size of the animals are given as 0.7 X 4.5 cms, and well-suit to hold it. This can be given gifted also.

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4. Ball, Push and Pull toys:

Balls are very favourite item for the kids to play with. Especially, boy kids are fond of balls. Balls are available in many colours. They do exist in many forms and materials. Soft balls, balloon balls, rubber balls, plastic balls, air balls, beach balls etc. are the balls available. The size of the balls also varies. More push and pull toys are also there. These toys exists in the form of animals in the funny designs.

An animal toy having a stick at the end. The kids used to push and pull the doll with the help of the stick or the rod. While pushing and pulling the toy some sound is horned. Any car toys use to push to make it run and some vehicle toys are operated by pulling back the vehicle tends to move forward easily will also entertain the kids a lot. Care should be taken that stick or key or any smaller parts of the toys should not harm the children. Therefore, parents should choose the toys in such a way that the toys should give pleasure to the kids without any harm.

a. Chicco Air Trike Ducati

Chicco Air Trike Ducati

For children who are fond of riding, the Chicco air trike Ducati comes across as an extremely entertaining play time option. Ideal for babies in the age group of 12 months and above, this toy will add more fun and adventure to your child’s playing time. Being pre-assembled, using this trike is absolutely easy. Additionally, this air trike incorporates a sit and push mechanism that makes it easier for your kids to operate the toy. Flaunting multiple colours, the sit and push toy comes across as an attractive playtime accessory for your child.

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b. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Push Toy

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Push Toy

Kids haven’t been able to resist the popping action of this push toy. Balls strike the inside of the plastic dome when Corn Popper has pushed along.

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5. Shape sorter and Nesting Toys:

Shape sorter is a game tool to fix a small piece into a missing unit of a bigger block. A big block will have hollows of different shapes and the missing shape of filling units will be given separately. So the missing unit should be placed at the appropriate hollows with pattern matching technique. This improves the hand eye coordination. It helps the children to have an intelligent quotient on the shapes. The shapes can be of circle, square, triangle, rectangle, flower petals, plus, minus, cross, star, hexagon, pentagon, diamond etc. Some blocks will be having number of holes within the separated shaped unit and the hollows of the same shape with the pillars of the hollowed shape at the other end.

The young ones need to choose the shape of the holes and match the same shaped hollow with equal number of pillars. Nesting toys are also available to improve the spacious efficiency. Similar shaped items that differs in size are given in a combo pack. Kids has to arrange and nest them within the other. The bigger size component should hold the smaller ones. With this children will learn the increasing and descending orders. Such activities will improve the hands, eyes and mind coordination.

a. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

The Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby First Blocks is a classic motor and spatial skill building toy that helps toddlers learn as they play. This block building toys for baby contains 10 blocks in five different shapes for your babies to sort and push through the shape-sorting lid. The colorful blocks can easily be stored in the provided bucket with a carry handle for easy portability. The blocks come in cylinders, stars, triangles, cubes and a plus shape to introduce your child to the world of shapes. Kids can enjoy hours of unlimited joy sorting and fixing the shapes on the lid.

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b. Giggles Nesting Eggs 2015

Giggles Nesting Eggs 2015

Colourful and bright, these nesting eggs from Funskool help your children to develop in many ways and help them in the long run. 5 Take Apart Colorful Eggs In Different Sizes That Nest The five colourful nesting eggs can be pulled apart and joined again. Matching Colors, Shapes And Sizes These toy eggs help your children to understand the shapes and sizes and also help them to match the colours and join the eggs. Develops Hand-Eye Coordination Your children will enhance their hand-eye coordination when they see the colours and join the pieces of the nesting eggs accordingly. Develops The Child’s Observation Skills Your children will elevate their observation skills when they play with this toy as they learn how to differentiate between different colours and shapes while playing with the set.

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6. Building Blocks and Stacking games:

These building blocks is a collective component used to build something. The blocks may have different shapes. The shapes contains concave and convex edges. Kids should build or construct the castle or tower or anything with the given components in such a way that the convex edges should fix inside the concave hollows. These may vary in colours. The components are used to complete a building that improves the construction skill from the kids. Same as construction another game is called as stacking games. Stacking is arranging the components in a particular order. In the olden days children used to arrange any shape using cards. Now, certain things has arrived the market for their individual uses with colourful and with cartoon pictures to create interest among children to play with. These games will work out for the kids above 10 month

a. Funskool Giggles Stacking Cubes

Funskool Giggles Stacking Cubes

Funskool stacking cubes is an unique game to enhance your child’s playtime and develop his cognitive skills. 8 colorful cubes in different sizes the eight attractive and colorful cubes come to your children in different sizes. Develops hand eye coordination, observation skills it helps in the development of your child’s hand eye coordination, motor skills and power of observation. Cubes have alphabets on the base your children will learn the basics of English with the help of the alphabets on the base of the cubes. Matching colors, shapes and sizes the matching the colors, shapes and sizes of these stacking toys will help your child to stay focused for long hours.

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b. Little’s 6-in-1 Jumbo Blocks

Little's 6-in-1 Jumbo Blocks

Little’s 6-in-1 Jumbo Blocks is an alphabet blocks that contains 6 puzzles. A baby learning toy that teaches your child to count, stack, spell and also identify the daily things. It is a colourful, attractive and educational toy for kids in the age group of 1 year and above.

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Gift Toys for 1 Year Babies

1. Babies between 0-3 months

Bed with cartoon drawings, cradle hanging merry go round, play gyms and colourful hanging rattles. Rattles individually are also sold. There are different rattles like keys in non-toxic plastic, small balls, crib dangler etc. There are sound enabled rattles also. The toys that emit sound along with movement makes the infants enjoy well. Sound enabled spinning toys, keying toys are also perfect gift for babies till three months. Dolls of duck, elephant, micky mouse, tom etc. are available as keying toys along with lights, rotation, revolution and sound. Therefore, these toys will be a perfect gifts for the babies up to 3 months.

a. Baby bucket intelligent hip hop dance

Baby bucket intelligent hip hop dance

This dancing goose will keep you and your child entertained as he dances and raps for you to three hip-hop style songs. Watch as he dances to the rhythm and speaks to your child, encouraging them to dance with him too. The music and flashing lights from his stomach will attract your child’s attention. The goose also has a universal moving function, allowing it to move around even if something were to get in the way of his dance routine. When you pick him up by his neck he struggles and tells you to put him down so he can continue to dance. The vibrant colors of the dancing goose, along with his hip-hop style swag, complement his funny personality. Let your child dance and move with the dancing Goose.

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b. Kuhu Creations Animal Finger Puppet

Kuhu Creations Animal Finger Puppet

Random set of 10 animal finger puppets. You will receive 10 different finger puppets. Pictures are the hand of an average size adult woman’s hand so you can get the idea of size. Great to wear to entertain your baby or to give to your children to play with. We offer a wide assortment of soft toys that are in compliance with the industry standards. These are reckoned for their softness and exclusive color combinations.

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2. Babies between 3-6 months

Teethers or soothers will also suit the 6 months babies because that is the stage where the infants feel to bit and suck something. So teethers will be the better choice for the teething babies Teethers are available in different shapes and designs like fruits and insects like grapes, apples, mangoes and beautiful butterflies etc. Along with teethers, keying toys as well as rattles will also be a better choice for these babies. Mostly at this stage infants use teethers and keying toys to play with interest. So these things can be gifted.

a. Little’s Junior Ring

Little Junior's Ring

Let your toddler have his own ideas of shapes and colors with Little’s Junior Ring toy. This simple and amazingly well themed kit consists of five different rings with different colors and sizes that are intended to help children with visual development and colors. This baby ring toy is designed with infants over 6 months in mind and comes in shiny shades that are easy to identify and use. For babies, the entire set is among the perfect preschool toys that work for imagination, understanding and mind development at the same time.

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b. Teethers Baby Tooth Animal Bear Shaped Silicone Teether Soother Rattles Toys

Teethers Baby Tooth Animal Bear Shaped Silicone Teether Soother Rattles Toys

Bear shaped rattle teether that has the space to hold the teether with their hand with small beads within. Kids use the teether easily and comfortably. This soothes the gums when teething. Since it has a hole to hold it will be easy to have a grip I hand. Bear shaped teether is free from BPA and 100 % Food grade silicon.

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3. Babies between 6-9 months

From the 6th month babies may start to sit of their own. So, colourful vehicle toys, dolls, lightening, moving keying toys, stacking games will suit the babies of this age. Small soft toys, balloons, balls will also entertain the babies of this age. Stacking toys will be useful for the babies to practice holding things and avoid ticklish. So small toys made out of non-toxic material, soft toys that is made out of safer material, keying toys can also be gifted to 6 to 9 months babies. It is better to avoid small detachable parts toys since it may break down and babies might swallow the same.

a. Little’s My First Mobile

Little's My First Mobile

Having this mobile phone for your kid would be one of the first baby steps of your child into the world of technology. This colorful mobile phone is for your child not only to get their attention but to also aid in their learning curve.

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b. Little’s Baby Ball

Little's Baby Ball

Right from birth a child responds to sound, movement and colour. Toys manufactured for them help them improve their co-ordination and keep them entertained for hours. Colourful baby balls are a joy and are considered the best baby toys for infants over three months. Little’s Baby Ball toy is a colourful ratlle ball that will make your infant smile and play.

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4. Babies between 9-12 months

At this stage kids will sit nicely and crawl from one place to another. So the keying toys when keyed will make the child to crawl and catch the toy. When the key toy is affixed with sound and lights kids will feel very enthusiastic and play nicely. Then stacking, nesting, blocks, pushing and pulling toys are the other types of toys that suits this stage of kids. Walkers are the excellent equipment for the children to teach to walk.

Walkers comes with attached music like rhymes, colourful lights, and rattles. Again more attention should be given since they start to crawl they may hold smaller things and put inside their mouth. So detachable smaller parts and broken piece of the toys should be avoided near them. It will be safe to avoid the broken toys itself since it may cut somewhere in the kids skin. Beyond these conditions anything is good to gift at this stage.

a. A set of 4 wooden baby rattles

A set of 4 wooden baby rattles

Rattles mostly emits sound and these rattles are very colourful. So this improves the sound attention and colour recognition. The material use to make this are non-toxic and organic colour and handpicked smooth surfaced wood and it is very safe to use. A special care should be given while playing with wooden toys, since while shaking it may tap the parts of the children. Above this drawback it is non-toxic and so it is safe.

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b. Baby bucket baby toys plush fish rattles

Baby bucket baby toys plush fish rattles

This toy comes under the category of bath toys or cradle hangings. It has high wind chimes, rattles and rings. All these raw products will make the kids enjoy well. The chimes will create a good sound tapping the nearby one when wind blows. This sound will develop the hearing skills and vision skills by turning to the direction of the sound and analysing what is the source of the sound. So this type of toy is also a good gift for the kids.

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