Backpack Buying Guide

In the previous time, backpacks were mostly used only by professional workers, travelers, hikers and most of all students. But nowadays everyone requires backpack for their own needs. Backpacks are the better option when compared with shoulder or messenger bags and supplies. This is because the weight of the bag is evenly distributed across your body. Using Backpacks avoids many problems since the strongest muscle in the body – the back and the abdominal muscles support the pack.



Why to choose Backpacks?

Most of all, there may be lots of reasons to choose a Backpack, in which few are mentioned here so that one can know the importance of choosing a Backpack to carry their stuff anywhere and anytime.

  • Equally distributed weight keeps you comfort and easy carry.
  • Easy traveling, while you carry your bag with you, during boarding public transportation.
  • Less weight while you roam around and visit a number of places.
  • A convenient way to find stuff and repack again.
  • Feel free and inspired to walk since carrying a backpack is not a big deal.

Before you choose the required Backpack, it is very much necessary to know the types of Backpack available. These backpacks can be divided into a number of general categories  like depending on the User.


School Bags

Nowadays, children carry lots of weight in their bags while traveling to school. Because of the educational growth and competition in the world, children are provided with lots of books and education stuff. Not only the education related things, instead there may be a requirement to carry other stuff like medicine, extra carrier or extra clothing for sports activities. Hence, because of this, it is very much necessary for each child to have a good quality backpack and minimum compartments to stuff the things and find them immediately when necessary.

Here we provide you few popular brands of School Bags

  • American Tourister
  • Puma
  • Wildcraft
  • Tommy Hilfiger


Backpack For Women

Unlike other family members, women also will have to use backpack since she has different kind of things to stuff in when she travel out. It maybe few of her personal stuff or those things which a family requires or stuff that a baby needs. So to take at least minimum stuff she needs a various different kind of bags. It is not only while traveling, she also needs when she is attending some function or just an 1 hour of outing or shopping. So depending on the requirement she needs to buy a backpack.

The popular brands of Women Backpack

  • The House of Tara
  • Gracetop
  • Crafts by Dream
  • Aeoss
  • Deal Especial


Backpack for Girls

Most of all, more or less the bags required for women and girls are similar, while they differ only in very few things like Girls going to college require a different kind of bag and while attending parties they need a stylish one and small in size, for official use they need a different kind of a bag. So depending on these kinds of requirement there are divided into different types.

Types of bags either for women or for girls

These backpack for women can be divided into different categories. Here we take you across each category in detail. Please check the below types and click on the link to know more about it. Depending on the design, look, and style of the bag which should be used, they are divided as shown below.

To see more products with each type of bag, please click on the link given, where you can see a variety of bags with different brands and different price.

Casual Use & Official use

  • Travel bags
  • Laptop bags
  • Hand Bags
  • Cross Body Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Clutches
  • Backpack Handbags
  • Messenger Bags
  • Satchels
  • Wallets
  • Potlis and Wristlets


Backpack for Men

Generally, Men do not require much bags, except for official use. Apart from official use, they require small wallets. Unlike girls or women there are no much types needed for boys or Men, Still depending on their needs like to carry a laptop, trip plans, based on their professional the bags are been divided into different categories, let us now see the types of Men Bags.

Types of Bags for Men

Casual Use & Official use

  • Men backpack
  • Men wallet
  • Travel bags
  • Men Sling Bags
  • Men purse
  • Laptop bags
  • Men office Bag


Laptop Backpack

Like other bags used by a specific person for the specific purpose, the Laptop bags are used usually by officials for office use, where they need to carry a laptop on daily basis. Hence, irrespective of gender, they use the similar laptop bags. You can see more information on the Laptop bags further. For now, let us see few popular brands.

Popular brands of Official & Laptop Backpack for Men, Women, Girls almost all

  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • F Gear
  • Puma
  • Wildcraft
  • Skybags
  • HP

Types of Backpacks based on Material


Fabric Backpack


The fabric is a durable and also colorful which can be used in all types of workwear and also for workwear products.  It is also used in backpacks to add color, waterproofing. and durability. Fabric come in a variety of weights and strength and durability also lies with fabric weight. The backpack made of fabric has water resistance power since these fabrics repel the water.

There are various types of fabrics that are used in backpacks. This includes Leather, Canvas, Nylon, PVC fabric etc. Furthermore, see the different types of material used in making backpacks.

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Canvas Backpack

Canva Backpack

Canvas is a well-known material which is used for making backpacks. They are extremely durable having a plain weave(Strong and hard wearing), hence they are used in making of sails, tents, marquees, backpacks and more which require strong built in. Also used in fashion objects like handbags, shoes etc.

Canvas backpack – Canvas is a heavyweight, rough weave cotton material. While modern canvas is made from natural and synthetic materials which reduce the weight and also increases the waterproof capabilities and strength. The main advantage is that it is an inexpensive material.

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Leather Backpack


leather-backpackA Leather is one of the toughest material used for making of backpacks. Because of its nature, it is been used from ancient times. Hence, It is more expensive and people prefer since the backpacks made are of good quality and also durable for maximum extent. It gives a unique appearance over time and provides a unique quality to the backpack. Therefore, they are considered as a perfect choice for one who looking for a long durable backpack.

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Nylon Backpack



Since nowadays, the waterproofing nature of a backpack is very important to one and all. These Nylons which were not used much in previous days are converted to such a material, which has the water resistance capacity also it is long time durable. Hence, meets the requirement of waterproof backpack demand. The treatment of converting Simple Nylon into Nylon with waterproof, more durable and heavy in weight  is the main use of Nylon backpacks.

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Polyester Backpack


Along with waterproofing, backpacks durability due to exposing in Sun rays is also an important feature of a good quality backpack. So in order to achieve this feature, polyester material is used. This polyester is highly resistant to UV radiation and very high melting point. This means it has the capacity to withstand more and more exposure to the sun than any other material without any breakdown in the material. Only thing is they are not as strong as Nylon. Hence if you are continuously exposing your bag to sun rays then other fabric material cause a break in the material while using this Polyester material backpack is an advantage in those situations. hence, UV resistance adds extra protection to the backpack.

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Waterproof Backpack Vs Water Resistant Backpack

                                          water-proof-backpack                          water-resistance-backpack

                                                          WaterProof Backpack                                                         Water-Resistant Backpack



Water Proof

Waterproof means though if a backpack is exposed to water or if the water falls on the top of a backpack then not even a single drop of water should enter into the backpack, then the backpack is called as Waterproof backpack. This can be explained like this, imagine you are going to an underwater diving and you are carrying a backpack, then once you go deep into water and com out and see, if a single drop of a water has not entered into the backpack then it is called as Waterproof backpack.  Generally, each individual may be school children or official people or Soldiers everyone uses these waterproof backpacks.


Water Resistance

Unlike a waterproof backpack, water resistance backpack does not prevent the water entering into the backpack instead it is a measure of how much a backpack a backpack is capable can resist water drops or exposure. If you are out and suddenly if its rains then you immediately cover you backpack because water drops should not destroy your stuff inside the bag. So this is how this backpack does not completely prevent water from entering instead they try to avoid the water entering into the backpack.

Criteria – on which to choose a Backpack?

Before you buy a Backpack, you should know on what requirement you should select a backpack. On what criteria the backpack need to be selected. The backpack which you choose is it comfortable for you with your needs and is it of good quality? Hence, check below few points which you must know before you purchase any backpack.

  • Backpack Capacity
  • Backpack features
  • Laptop compartment
  • Backpack fit
  • Adjustable straps
  • Removable pouches
  • Storage for files
  • Sufficient storage compartments

Backpack Capacity

Depending on your plans you can select the backpack:

1. Weekend Plans

Packers using newer, less bulky, gear can keep things light using the backpack of 30 – 50 liters. To make a lightweight backpack, proper planning disciplined arrangement is required. So well organized backpack can be used for weekend traveling plans. They are best suitable for 1 – 3 nights or days.

2. Multiday Plans

They are most popular and also best suitable for trips lasting for 3 or more days. They are the best choice for warm weather trips. It has the capacity of 50 – 80 liters. They are used for backcountry skiing, day trips, overnighters, 2-night trips etc. They are best suitable for 3 – 5 days plan.

3. Extended Plans

Since this would be a lengthy travel plan, it requires the backpack capacity of 70 liters or more depending on the requirement.  Larger packs can more comfortably accommodate extra clothing, a warmer sleeping bag.

4. Frames

As explained previously, check for the suitable frames which include internal frames, external frames, frameless backpacks. See to that which is more comfort for you in the mentioned type of frames.

5. Ventilation

Few backpacks are provided with the suspended mesh back panel to combat the sweaty back syndrome which we tend to get with internal frame packs. This mesh is also called as tension mesh suspension.

6. Pack Access

Generally, standard backpacks are top loading openings. Items not needed until the end of the day goes deep inside. To give easy access few backpacks are offered with zipper format panel, this folds open exposing the full interior of the pack. Side zipper helps to reach the stuff more easily.

Therefore, the above details suggest you how to choose the best backpack to use and their features. We hope this information was helpful for you. Till now we saw the features of the backpack, we also provide you with the Latest best backpack price list and brands.

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