Best Fashion Jewellery Online Shopping Tips for Ladies

Fashion Jewellery are the accessories used to accompany the apparels to add the beauty of the human being. In the ancient days jewellery played an important role in both the genders male and female’s life. Later on the jewels were least bothered by males. But still now females love to wear jewels. The personal ornaments that women usually worn are earring, bangles, chain, necklace, anklets and rings. When the chain is modified and worn in leg it is called as anklets. Same lik, when the chain in made inflexible and stiff it is used to decorate women’s hands and it is named as bangles. When the same embellishes the fingers it is termed as rings.

Fashion JewelleryAll the jewels held at the pressure points of a women’s body. Usually metals were used to make ornaments. Later on other materials like pearls, gemstones. Nowadays, people use to wear ornaments made from plastics, gold, silver, platinum and antique materials.

1. Chain and Necklace:

In 225 BC, the chain was used to fetch water from the well through buckets. These chain were made up of metals. In 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci designed the first steel chain. This was used in roller bearing. Later on, Gull a French man used this chain concept in bicycle. Then later on when eras passed the chains where modernized and used as jewellery for humans. The chain when worn in neck it is called as chain when it is long and necklace when it is short. Necklaces are short enough that touches the neck and worn at the closer neck.

2. Earrings:

The jewel which is worn in the ear is termed as earrings. There are many points where the ear holes are pierced. Probably, nowadays women pierce their earlobe to wear the earrings. Moreover, it is the custom practice of the most religions in India. Thus every women used to were earring even though they do not wear any other jewel. Thus earring is considered as the primary jewel for every women.

3. Bangles:

The round shaped ornament that is used to embellish the women’s hand is termed as bangles. Gents wear bracelets to their hands. But bracelets are flexible and bangles are inflexible. The bangles are made with plastics, glass, metals, seashells and even in woods. This has more traditional values for the married women in Hindu religion. It is considered as the married women without bangles are inauspicious. Consequently, bangles are given more respect.

4. Rings:

Ring is a jewel that is worn on the fingers. The hands looks so beautiful when any work is done. Rings beautifies our work and hands. Mostly the finger near the little finger is called as ring finger where the rings are worn. Nowadays, all the fingers wear rings. Henceforth, the hands has improved its beauty a lot. Plastics, metals, antique, gemstones etc are used to make rings. The rings are also put in a location where it fine tunes the nervous system work properly to avoid various complications in body functions. This is the general protocol for all the jewels.

5. Anklets:

Anklet is a chain that beatifies ladies legs. The other names for anklet are ankle bracelet, ankle string. The anklet is made up of silver, gold, beads and traditional five-metal alloy. The metals included in the alloy to make the anklet are Gold (Au), Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag), Iron (Fe), and Lead (Pb). This combination of 5 metal alloy gives the proper balance between the self-confidence, good health, wealth, success and peace of mind. Therefore, for the same reason the temple idols for processions are crafted with 5 metals alloys. Nowadays, anklets are crafted with crystals also. Thus women looks so gorgeous from top to bottom with jewels.

Best Fashion Jewellery Sets

1. Sukkhi Sleek Rhodium plated AD Stone Necklace Set

Sukkhi jewellery has given a beautiful creation in the form of forehead chain, earring and necklace. This jewel is a Rhodium plated and embellished with Australian Diamonds. The necklace is in crescent shape. It is made festooned with Australian Diamonds. This can be worn on special occasions like ring ceremony, wedding and for grand festivals. The necklace accompanies earring and forehead chain also. At the centre of the necklace, there is a flower tailed with twisted pair of flag symbol. The same design is also crafted in earrings and forehead chain also. Consequently, these jewels are very awesome and makes a perfect and ideal set for every women that suits grand occasions.

  • The product is very nice and beautiful.
  • The jewel is reasonable and much reasonable.

  • The weight of the jewel is heavy.

2. Zaveri Pearls Gold Pearl Necklace Earring Set for Women

Zaveri Pearls has introduced a royal stylish and trendy look Pearl Necklace and earring set. This looks so gorgeous. It stuns the spectators. Many celebrities love this jewels. The celebrities who act in major TV Serials of Balaji Telefilms Pvt Ltd wears this set. The colour of this jewel is Glossy gold. Kundan stone is festooned. This jewel has a 22 karat gold plating. This jewel’s centre of attraction is the thilak shaped pendent on necklace and earring. Thus, this is a stunning and best collection that is suitable to wear on special grand occasions.

  • The pendant was bigger in size and very good product.
  • It was an amazing and satisfying jewel.

  • It was very big and heavy to wear.

3. Zaveri Pearls White Multistrands Moti Rani Haar Necklace Set for Women

This is a product from Zaveri Pearls. Many celebrities from Balaji Telefilms Serial wear the jewels of this brands. The pearl set gives a stunning attraction. The necklace has the different levels of pearl strands. The either sides of the necklace have thilak shape pendants. The earring is designed like drops of pearls and thilak on the top of pearl beads. Hence, this collection is useful for special occasions like wedding, festivals, and important ceremonies.

  • The pearl beads are of better quality.
  • It looks so awesome.

  • The package does not contain the brand name
  • The size was bigger than expected.
  • The thread was very thin ordinary.

4. Shining Diva Party Wear Green Kundan Choker Traditional Necklace Jewellery Set with Earrings for Girls and Women

Shining Diva Party Wear Green Kundan Choker Traditional Necklace Jewellery Set with Earrings for Girls and Women

This Kundan set is a beautiful and traditional jewellery. This is made from high quality. The kundan stone are of 10 microns and 18karat gold plating over brass. This set gives an elegant look. This is free from Nickel and Lead. So it will not cause any skin damages. Henceforth, this Kundan set is skin friendly jewel set. Thus, this is a perfect jewel for party and ethnic wear.

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5. Sukki Gold Plated Multi strand Necklace with Drop Earring for Women

The necklace and earring set from Sukki Fashion Jewellery comes with four strands of pearl wreath. The peacock design plays the role of attraction. The peacock design is very beautiful. This is a perfect set of jewel to wear on special occasions like ring ceremony, wedding and festivals. This jewel accompanies earrings also. The earring also has the same peacock pendant with a pearl drop. Thus this forms a complete attraction when worn on special occasions.

  • The product is very beautiful and best.
  • The peacock gives awesome look.
  • A perfect ethnic outfit.

  • The earrings are bigger in size.
  • Some pearls have withered within the package.

Best Bangles

1. Colourful Glass Bangle-Set of 24 Stack

The colourful glass stack consists of various colours like cyan, blue, red, green, pink, black and white. The size of the bangles is 2.6. The stack consists of 24 pieces made out of glass material. The sound of the bangles will be auspicious for every married women. Thus it is suitable for small parties along with traditional dresses.

  • The product is very good and nice.

  • The packing may damage the glass bangles.

2. Sukkhi Fashionable Gold Plated Crystal AD Bangle for Women

These bangles adore every women. It looks so beautiful. These bangles are festooned with Australian Diamonds and some coloured crystal stones. Women wear these bangles on regularly as well as occasionally. These bangles outfits the occasions like ring ceremony, wedding and festive time. The diameter of the bangle is available as 2.4 and 2.8 inches. These bangles is the combination of traditional and modern. Hence, these bangles are suitable for all occasions and regular use.

  • The product is very nice and good.

3. Zeneme Designer American Diamond Gold Plated Bangles Jewellery for women /Girls

Zeneme Designer American Diamond Gold Plated Bangles Jewellery for women /Girls

Zeneme Designers introduced a bangle pair with Gold plated and embellished with American Diamond. The available diameter size of the bangles are 2.4, 2.6, and 2.8. The crafting design of the bangles are very cute and awesome. The hands of the women or girls looks so pretty when worn. Consequently, these bangles suits special occasions and regular wear.

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4. Complete Fashionable Bangles or Women Combo

Complete Fashionable Bangles or Women Combo

Luxor has combined a set of bangles into a single combo set. The colours of the bangles are Mehendi, White, Golden, green and Maroon, and a pearl set. Pearl, Meena, stones and American Diamond are the stones used. Brass is the metal used. Regularly use suits white colour bangles. Occasional bangles are the rest of the combo. Pearl and Kundan Sets are very pretty and looks beautiful. Hence, this combo comprises of all types of elegant, occasional bangles.

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5. Hot and Bold Luxurious Party-look Fashionable Gold plated Dangling Musical notes Charm Multilayer Bangles & Bracelets for Women and men

Hot and Bold Luxurious Party-look Fashionable Gold plated Dangling Musical notes Charm Multilayer Bangles & Bracelets for Women and men

Hot and Bold’s bangle belongs to multi-layer jewel. This bangle imitate the traditional and classic values. This bangle consists of alloys and crystals. The size of this bangle is free since it is an elastic. It is designed in Italy. It weighs very light and crafted with skin friendly metal. Thus, this fantastic bangle well suits the personal use and for gifting purpose also.

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Best Rings

1. Shining Jewel Plain Gold Multicolour Fashionable Finger Ring

Shining Jewel Plain Gold Multicolour Fashionable Finger Ring

Shining jewel has produced a fashionable finger ring. It is colourful and cute. Also, it is a gold plated jewel with colour stones festooned. It is an adjustable type ring. Thus, suitable for gifting purposes, occasional wears and suits all apparels.

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2. B-Fashionable Cocktail Flower Finger Ring

This is an amazing finger ring from B-Fashionable brand. It has black nickel finishing. Red colour stones are embellished. The diameter of this ring is 50 mm. This is easily adjusted to the finger size. Hence, it is suitable for gifting purpose and personal use. This suits the small parties and get-togethers.

  • It is superb, excellent and money worth ring.

3. Sukkhi Fashionable Designer Traditional Cocktail Gold Plated American Diamond Finger Ring for Women

Sukkhi Fashionable Designer Traditional Cocktail Gold Plated American Diamond Finger Ring for Women

Sukkhi Designers have traditionally designed this ring. This suits special occasions and festival seasons. The ring consists of American Diamond. The coating is gold. This earring belongs to adjustable type. Thus, this is a beautiful finger ring that suits wedding functions, reception and engagement functions. This accompanies traditional apparels to give an elegant look.

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4. Beautiful Antique Gold Plated Big Fashionable Finger Rings

Beautiful Antique Gold Plated Big Fashionable Finger Rings

This product is from Hyderabad Jewels. It is a copper and gold plated ring. Amazon has given a size chart to identify the finger size. Two methods are given. The customer can opt any one of them. The stones are fixed. This gives the attraction to the ring. Thus, it is suitable for special occasions and matches traditional wear.

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Best Anklets

1. NNITS Silver Diamond Studded Anklet (Pack of 2)

These anklets are silver polished diamond anklets. This comes in a pair. It is an apt product for regular use. The anklet should not expose to deodorants, perfumes, soaps and other chemicals. The stones are placed alternatively inside and outside the silver colour ring. The design is simple though it looks nice and thus it is suitable for regular use.

  • The anklet is very nice and beautiful.

  • The anklet does not generate sound and chain is too thin.

2. Shining Diva Gold Metal Kundan Anklet for women

Shining Diva is an eminent brand for fashionable jewellery division. Many designers, celebrities love to wear this brand items. This product is reversible. One can wear on both the sides. It resembles same on both the sides. It is a skin-friendly product which is free from Lead and Nickel. The anklet is also a light weight jewellery. This anklets are from antique alloy and has gold coating. The anklets have a good quality kundan stones. The length is 27 cms with adjustable length.

  • The product is a good quality, reversible and has pretty kundan stones.

  • The product might be too big for smaller legs.

3. Shining Diva Ethnic Kundan Payal Anklet for women and girls

Another product from Shining Dive and famous brand for fashion jewellery. It is just bigger than the former. The small brass bells called as ghungroos are more in this design. Thus, it looks pretty and sounds a lot. The anklets has long durability. This product is made from alloy that are free from Lead and Nickel and hence does not cause skin problems. The length of this anklet is 26 cms. Good quality kundan stones are placed. Hence it looks so beautiful and elegant. The weight is also lesser. So, it will be comfortable to wear. Consequently, it is a good product that suits the parties and traditional dresses.

  • The product was excellent and amazing.
  • It was delivered as such in the picture.

  • The size might be bigger for thinner legs.
  • The stones may drop due to improper packing.

4. Silver Shoppee Sterling – silver Anklet for women

This product is made out of sterling silver as the name indicates. Thus it shine for years when it is properly maintained. Avoid contact with chemicals like soaps, perfumes, deodorants etc. Keep it in an air tight pouch. This is a stylish anklets that suits formal wears. This is wearable for official uses. Thus it is consequently a good product.

  • The product looks awesome and good quality.

  • The packing contains only one product and it was smaller.

5. Charms Diva Silver Alloy Anklet for girls and Women

This is a product from Charms Diva. The anklets comprises of Antique metal, silver gilt, and diamond festoon. The length of this anklet is 26 cms. Many designers, celebrities love to wear this brand. It is light weight, has long durability with proper care. It is demandable also. The centre of the anklets has hanging pendant design whereas the either sides have three strands of chains. This looks so pretty and elegant. Women and girls love this design with doubt.

  • The anklets looks lovely and elegant. Good looking trinket.

  • Due to packing damages may cause.

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