Best Foundation for Women according to Skin Tone

Foundation is a face colouring cosmetic. This is applied to the face to make up the colour complexion even everywhere on the face and neck. These are available as per their skin tone. Few foundations play its role as a moisturizer, sunscreen and astringent. Sometimes it is used as the base for further makeup.

Blended foundations are used as per their skin tone and seasons. Blended foundations are customised by the beautician. The customised foundations are applied different shades in summer and winter. The user should find a perfect shade by testing the foundation. This is done by applying the foundation on their jawline. The good foundation will not form a thin line or show any mark on the face. It is just absorbed by the skin and it can be applied using a foam sponge since it can spread evenly over the face. It is a difficult task to identify the foundation.


Foundation Types

Varieties of foundations for makeup is obtainable from the market in a number of tints, shades, coverages and composition. The makeup foundations are categorised into 3 major types. They are liquid, cream and powder foundations. The other types have just simple variation from these three types

1. Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundations are very light and easy to blend with the skin while application. Since it is available in the thick liquid form, it will be little moist and easy for application on the skin. Different shades are available for oil based and water based formula. This variation is to suit different skin textures. It will suit all types of skin, although people should be aware of oil or water combination liquid foundation will suit them.

For dry and wrinkled skin: Ladies who have dry and wrinkled skin should use oil based liquid foundation. Since oil based formula will be thick and greasy and thus blends with the skin uniformly. So, the skin will be moist and smooth enough.

For oily skin: Ladies with oily skin should use water based formula. They can also use oil-free foundations. There is an additional substance called as silicon oil. This silicon oil will make the application smoothly and uniformly over the skin and also make the skin shiny and glowing.

For normal skin: Ladies who have normal skin should use water based formula. This product will propose lighter coverage and uniform application than the oil based one. It also makes the skin soft and smooth.

2. Cream Foundation

Cream foundations consist of oil and the texture will be thicker than the liquid foundation and creamy as well. It brings heavier coverage and more moisture than the others. The people who have blemishes and scars on their face can use this foundation. Since it is thicker, it can cover the flaws in the faces. The cream foundation does not only hides the flaws but also gives the glossy touch and leaves the skin smooth and soft. Some dermatologist recommends cream foundations for acne and rosacea. These cream foundations can also act as concealers.

Concealers play a role as a coverage on the pimple, scars, blemishes etc. Thus cream foundation plays multiple roles for dry and extra dry skin. The skin type suitable for the cream foundation is dry and extra dry skin because it has more oil than any other foundations. So, ultimately moisture will be more when applied to the face. Hence this does not suit the oily skin and rather, the dry or extra dry skinned people can use this. The dry skinned people needs more moisture for their skin to make it soft and smooth. Thus the cream foundation will do the best for the dry skinned body.

Skin type: The people who have dry and extra dry skin can opt this cream foundation. This does not suit the people with oily skin.

3. Cake and Stick Foundation

Foundations are available in the form of stick or cake. Concealers are not necessary when cake or stick foundation is used because this foundation itself plays the role of concealers also. This foundation disguises the flaws on the skin very effectively. Mostly the artists who act on the stage for drama and film will use this foundation. Oily skinned women can use this foundation. Since it has the capacity to make the oil content dry on the face and makes the appearance uniform over the face and neck. Women who have dry skin shouldn’t think about cream foundation since it leaves the skin extra dry and blemished.

Skin type: People who have oily skin can choose this cake and stick foundations.

4. Powder Foundation

Foundations are available in the form of loose and pressed powders. Powder foundations are very dry since it does not contain moisture. Powder foundations are applied directly on the face with applicator brush. Applicator brush should be dipped in the powder and applied on the face. Extra make up is not necessary. The same process can be followed with pressed powder also. Pressed powder is used to apply with a dry and damp sponge. Both the powder foundation well suits oily skinned ladies.

Skin type: Loose powder foundations will suit the women with oily skin and pressed powder will suit the women with normal, oily and dry skin. Thus it suits all skin types. However, this will best suit for the people who have oily skin.

5. Waterproof Foundation

Care should be taken while choosing the foundations for makeup. The stylist should adhere not only to the skin types but also to the seasons. The foundations that are used in the normal case does not go well with all the seasons. During summer, everyone feels sultry and sweating. So, women those who have applied makeup may come off from the skin while wiping the sweat. Same like that, in rainy season also when women get wet in rain, they need to wipe the water and meanwhile the makeup comes off. So, special care should be taken to choose the foundations with respect to the seasons. A stylist can give a good choice in all seasons. The foundation that solves such problems is the waterproof foundation. Water cannot wipe off the makeup at any cost, therefore it is named as

The foundation that solves such problems is the waterproof foundation. Water cannot wipe off the makeup at any cost, therefore it is named as the waterproof foundation. Water – resistant foundations are available in two forms liquid and cream. This foundation is easy to apply as other foundations. It also smoothens and softens the skin. Every woman can use this irrespective of their skin type. They should choose the forms of waterproof foundations. It will be good if oily skinned women choose oil-free liquid waterproof foundations and dry skinned women choose the cream waterproof foundation.

Skin type: Waterproof foundations will well suit all the skin types the notable part is the oily skinned people should choose oil-free liquid waterproof foundations.

6. Mineral Foundation

The minerals that are suitable and safe for the face is taken naturally from the earth, cleaned and ground in the form of fine powder and mixed with the foundation. This is safe for all the skin types. It is available in the form of loose powders. This can be applied directly dry or can use some water to apply wet. Stylists dip the applicator brush into the powder and apply throughout the face uniform and clear. This mineral foundation has medicinal properties and suitable for all the types of skin. It also well suits the women who have sensitive skins.

Skin type: Mineral foundations goes well with sensitive skins.

7. Spray Foundation

Spray foundations are the other special form of foundation. Usually, the makeup will stand for few hours only. In case anybody thinks that it should stand for a long time then this spray foundation will be an appropriate boon for them. When the makeup just dulls, people can spray the foundation and refresh the makeup as applied freshly. It has a number of shades also so that people can choose the shades as they have applied already. These are mostly suitable for the women who has sensitive skins.

Skin type: It is a boon for sensitive skinned people.

8. Mousse/Whipped Foundation

Mousse or Whipped foundation is formulated as liquid cream form and as a spray. This is applied on the face, neck and generally on the skin as a thin layer. It is sold in can and spray containers also. This is suitable for all skins especially for dry skin since it contains cream and oil content.

Skin type: It is very effective on dry skin and ageing skin.

Best Foundation Depending on Skin Tone

1. Dry skin Foundation

Foundations available in the form of cream, liquid, mousse, pressed powder, waterproof forms or textures will ultimately outfit the dry skin.

1. Lakme Absolute Natural Mousse

• Lakme Absolute Natural Mousse

Lakme Absolute is available in the mousse consistency which ensemble with dry skin absolutely. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is given as 8. It has a very light-weight texture. The makeup withstands for 16 hours. Lakme Absolute will maintain the skin healthy. It also protects the skin from calamities. Lakme offers the foundation in 6 different shades that ensembles with the skin tones. It is a boon for dry skinned women and of course acts as a supportive substance for great occasions.

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2. Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Generally, Liquid foundations do suit dry to normal skinned people. It contains Vitamin E and silicone. It is a waterproof and most popular product in the market.

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2. Oily skin Foundation

Waterproof, Loose powder, Pressed powder, cake & stick, liquid are the consistencies of the foundations that well outfits the oily skin.

1. Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation

• Maybelline New York Fit Me foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is a matte finish powder since it contains anti shine perlite, micro blurring powders. This leads to visibility of the pores on the skin and shine disappears. Maybelline offers the foundation is six shades. They are ivory, medium beige, natural buff, sun beige, toast, toffee. Thus this product supports good for the oily skinned and normal skinned women.

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2. Lakme Flawless Matte Complexion Compact

Lakme Flawless Matte Complexion Compact

This cream is all day mattifying. It Contains Vitamin E and a Unique Oil absorbing formula. Usually this product available with three shades. This cream will stay a long time and it appropriate for work wear.

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3. Sensitive Skin Foundation:

The mineral and spray formed foundation will perfectly suit the sensitive skins.

1. Silk oil of Morocco Loose Powder Foundation

• Silk oil of Morocco Loose Powder Foundation

The products are gathered from the natural products over 13,000 locations across the United Kingdom. The products are finely ground in the form of powder and provide light to full coverage. This is suitable for sensitive, matured skin. Synthetic fragrances, talc, and Bismuth Oxychloride, Sulphate is absent. It is an Argan Infused Mineral Foundation. Thus it suits well for sensitive skin, dry skin and acne skin.

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2. Bisque


Bisque is a very light liquid mineral foundations. The major content of this foundation is Aleo Vera. It does not contain the harsh chemicals like Lead, Phthalates, Parabens, Sulphates, dyes etc and contains all natural products, 90% organic, vegan and Gluten-free Liquid Foundations. It covers the skin in a healthy way. So, it does not cause irritation, itching and protects from sun. Bisque hydrates the skin and keeps the skin moist, softens and heals the skin. Consequently this is a good product for sensitive skinned women.

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4. Wrinkled and Pale Skin Foundation

Pressed powder and Liquid Foundations are the forms for wrinkled and pale skinned people.

1. Lakme Coral Liquid Foundation

• Lakme Coral Liquid Foundation

Lakme liquid foundations coagulate with dry, wrinkled and pale to normal skin. It contains Vitamin E and silicone. It is a waterproof thus it is suitable for all seasons rainy or summer since it is a water resistant foundations.

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2. L’Oreal Visible Lift Line Minimizing Makeup

L'Oreal Visible Lift Line Minimizing Makeup

This product is new and imported from the US. L’Oreal Visible Lift Line Minimizing Makeup SPF 17, Serum Inside, Pale 103 1.25 fl oz. L’Oreal’s most advanced age-minimizing makeup does more than just cover skin imperfections. It’s clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just two weeks. With SPF 17 sunscreen serum inside for normal to dry skin. It is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and also dermatologist tested product.

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