Best Hair Color Brands in India

Indians generally have black or dark brown hair which sometimes feels so monotonous and boring. We have a notion that only the natural black or dark browns look good on our skin tone and it is best for us to stick to it. But the latest burst in the sales of hair colors says that we Indians are more than ready shake the roots up a little! The burgundy, plum and even the more daring blue, greens and reds are gaining popularity among the crowds! So if you are ready to jazz up your look bit with colors, here are the best hair color brands for men and women in India. Point to be considered is the hair color should be ammonia free as it can do a lot of damage to hair.Hair ColorHair colors can add flair to your personality. Flaunting natural black or brown hair color can be boring and monotonous sometimes. Today, there is a multitude of hair color brands who offer a wide selection of colors right from plum, burgundy and red to daring greens and blues. However, when experimenting with hair color, it is important to choose ammonia-free hair color brands. Being natural, these ammonia free hair color brands have become immensely popular these days.

Your hair is one of the most important parts that enhance the way you look. The way you change your hairstyle or hair color has a direct impact on your personality. This is why you should be bit experimental when it comes to choosing your hair color or style or else the result may be terrible. When the matter is all about natural hair color styles for Indians, burgundy, browns and reds are mostly preferred. However, the undertone skin is essential when choosing a hair color. For example: being yellow in color, you definitely won’t desire to go for gold or ashy brown as it will make you appear jaundiced and vice versa. The color shades that look best at Indian skin is what never works against the skin tone.

Best Hair Color depending on Skin

Perhaps brown is one of the safest colors you can try out. Still, you should check out your skin. Know if the tone of your skin is cool or warm. There is a very simple trick to help you judge it – if your skin turns tan in sun then you have a warm tone and if your skin turns red then you have a cool tone. Having a cool tone, walnut brown will soothe you and ash brown if you have a warm skin.

If your skin tone is yellow or olive then you can go for the most popular color burgundy. Even this color suits well in girls having darker skin tone. Among the hair color styles for Indians, red is also a good choice. However, the color is tricky as the shades are plenty. If you are fair enough then copper or lighter red hair color will soothe your skin. Never try orange. And if you are born with olive skin tone then simply go for darker blue-based reds. In your red skin tone, the red hair color will appear as an overdose. So, avoid!

Golden color on Indian skin is not at all a very good idea. Yet there are girls who prefer going for it. To be honest, going full blonde might make you out of notice. Women having dusky and olive skin tone might appear to be sickly and pale being fair even. The best idea to go for golden hair color is adding a few brown tones in highlights or streaks. So, it is advised not to go fully gold as it can pose danger to your hair.

Best Hair Color depends on Eye Color

Unnatural colors such as purple, pink, green and blue etc. are also available yet you should be cautious as those grab much attention. Still, if you desire to go for such unnatural colors then use those in streaks or highlights.

As you can see, there are many hair color styles for Indians. Yet it is recommended considering low lights or highlights when coloring your full hair.

Hair Color for covering grey and thin hair

Hair highlighting is a great way to add some texture to the otherwise one colored hair. Highlighting makes the hair look voluminous as the texture gives an illusion of more hair and also the simple reason to go for hair highlighting is that they are in trend. But are you confused which highlight you should go for or what would suit your hair type and base color? There are so many highlighting technique and highlight styles that can be done that can be overwhelming. Here we will share some information on the major type of highlights and techniques like balayage, foil, ombre etc involved for hair. But before that won’t it be good if you know what actually highlights are and their close cousin called low lights.

Hair highlights are more suitable for fine hair and create a natural effect. In this, fine stripes of hair are highlighted. Thin strips are dyed near the front section or the face framing layers. The color used for the highlights is not too dramatically light but just a shade or two for a natural look.

Be it, men or women, gone are days while hair color was adapted for covering grey hair. Coloring has become a trend of the day.

Top Ten Hair Color Brands in India

Revlon Streax Color Mate Godrej Matrix
Garnier Wella Kolestint Shehnaz Hussain Dr Jain’s L’Oréal

Popular Hair Color Products

1. Embelle Instant Hair Color

embelle hair color

Embelle instant hair color covers 100% grey hair avoids damage. It is safe and easy to use. Also protects, nourishes hair, providing shine.

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2. L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss, Darkest Brown

• L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss, Darkest Brown

This hair color is a non-ammonia product and gives natural looking color with visible shimmering tones. Richness of natural color lasts up to 28 shampoos and provides conditioning too. Cares hair gentle, provides nourished, satin soft, voluptuous hair. Pack comes with a delicate fragrance making coloring a luxurious treat.

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3. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Color, Dark Brown

The No-Ammonia formula keeps hair damage free. This hair color is enriched with Aloe-Vera & milk Protein that keeps your hair unbelievably soft and shiny. Getting beautiful colored hair just got simpler.

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4. Streax Hair Color Ultra-Light Soft

Streax hair color is available in different tones and is ammonia free making it safe for regular use. A brilliant way to bring an end to flat hair color by simply brushing in subtle, lighter tones with Streax Ultra lights kit. Gorgeous lighter tones are ultra-quick and ultra-simple. It provides color with shine and texture. The application brush makes the Streax Ultra lights easy to use and the formula is perfect for coloured and uncoloured hair.

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5. L’Oréal Paris Darkest Brown Hair Color

L’Oréal Paris Darkest Brown Hair Color

Infused with its triple care formula, an advanced technology concentrating on 3 powerful ingredients strengthen your hair while coloring, leaving it softer and protected and giving you 100% grey coverage from root to tip.

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6. Revlon Color N Care Permanent Hair Color Cream

Revlon Color N Care Permanent Hair Color Cream

Its unique formula has coconut oil that conditions your hair from the roots, making soft and shiny and protects from getting dry and damaged. Revlon color and care is the trusted hair color brand from the world’s leading color and trend authority. It color and care givers vibrant long lasting color. Revlon color and care is enriched with coconut and olive oil for healthy, soft and shiny hair.

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