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Air conditioners were once considered a sign of luxury and could be afforded by well-off families. These days with many technology advancements and revision of prices even middle-class Indian families are able to afford air conditions. Not only in metros but small town families too have slowly replaced fans with air conditioners. With the advance in technology air conditioners come with healthcare benefits, energy efficiency and adaptable to local climate change. New age air conditioners feature air purification, humidity control, fly repellent which keeps away mosquitoes without inducing poisonous smoke. The price of the inverter AC in India varies according to the quality and brands.

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Specifications of best inverter AC

General Features
  • 1 tonne AC would cover 120-140 sq ft range
  • 5 tonne AC would cover 150-180 sq ft range
  • 2 tonne AC would cover 180-240 sq ft range
Energy efficiency Units with more star rating will consume less electricity
Split or window AC Window AC’s are easy to install but split AC’s make less noise and perform better air distribution.
  • Different brands have different pricing and it’s wise to compare features and their price too.
  • Well established brand always comes with quality products and services too
Air output quality A good AC comes with a good air filter which gives out quality air.
Installation methods The performance of a good AC totally depends on its installation which should be done by an authorised dealer
Maintenance and cleaning Every electronic need periodical maintenance and air conditioners are no different. They need to be cleaned every quarterly.
Cool function speed An adjustable thermostat has to be present for setting the temperature level.
Noise level The performance of a good AC totally depends on its installation which should be done by an authorised dealer
New age multipurpose AC Gone are days air conditioners were only used for the cooling purpose. Now machines can be used for heating the room as well.
Heat and sunlight exposure If the room as direct exposure to sunlight or kitchen then a high cooling capacity AC is required.
Adaptability Adaptable to different weather conditions
Usage Check whether the use of the product is comfortable

Popular Brands of Inverter AC



The Voltas have air conditioners in the price range 25,000 to 50,000 and their air conditioners feature no-silver filters, hydrophilic aluminium fin, anti dust, air vent with cross flow, LED display on indoor units, LCD remote and timer, sleep and turbo mode etc.

Voltas 185 CY/CYA Series Split AC

Voltas 185 CY/CYA Series Split AC



Air conditioners of Samsung in the price range 20000 to 70000 and their product features triangle inverter AC,  AR18JV5DAWKNNA 1.5 TR, AR18JC5HATPNNA, AR18FC5TAPD 1.5.

Samsung AR18JV5HATQ Split AC

Samsung AR18JV5HATQ Split AC



One brand which makes affordable air conditioners. Daikin is a Japanese brand and is in the business for 100 years now. Their best sellers are FTXR series, FTXG series, DTKM series and ATKM series.

Daikin R-32 DTKP Series Split

Daikin R-32 DTKP Series Split



The South Korean brand is known for their life’s good caption and their world class electronics. LG devices feature high performance, smart cooling and good service, their air conditioners range from rupees 18000 to 78000. Best sellers of 2016 from the house of LG are BSA18IMA, BS-Q186C8A4, L-Nova Plus-LSA3NP5F


LG BSA18IBE Inverter V Split AC



Whirlpool is a Michigan based company and their air conditioners are built with turbo cooling latest technology. Best known for high-performance delivery, Whirlpool air conditioners are priced between rupees 32,000 to 55,000. Few best-selling models are FANTASIA INV (1.5 T) FANTASIA INV (1 T), 3D COOL DLX III (2T) 3 Star, 3D COOL PLT V (1.5 T) 5 Star.


 Whirlpool 3D Cool HD Split AC



Videocon is an Indian based electronics company and their air conditioner price range from 20,000 to 68,000. The best sellers for the year 2016 are VSQ55.DT3-MUA, VSA55.RQ1-MAA and VSA55.WW1-MAA.

Videocon VSN55.WV2-MDA Split ACVideocon VSN55.WV2-MDA Split AC


Blue Star

Blue star started the business in India in 1943; they reconditioned fridges and air conditioners. The brand is known for their cost-effective budget friendly air conditioners ranging from 22,000 to 1, 00,000. Best-sellers of Blue star brand would be CNHW09CAF, 5HW12SC, 5HW18SB, 3HW18VB1.

Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U Inverter Split AC

Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U Inverter Split AC



A brand from Japan known for its quality products. Hitachi’s products are energy efficient and feature auto climate technology, silent cooling techniques and anti-bacterial koukin filter. The price of these air conditioners ranges from 25,000 to 70,000. Few best sellers of Hitachi are Zunoh 300f, Zunoh 200f, Kaze Neo, Kashikoi 400i, Hitachi RAU318HTDD Kampa Plus, RAU518HTV Ace CO, and RAU318HTD Kaze Plus.

hitachi-rau518hud-ace-cutout-split-acHitachi RAU518HUD Ace Cutout Split AC



Haier is a Chinese company and is known for their good cooling techniques, low energy consumption and durability. The price range of the inverters is 18000 to 45000. Bestsellers for the year 2016 are HSU-18CKCS (R2D), HSU-24CXAS3N-BWNA, HSU-13CNFG5N, HSU-13CNFG5N, HW-18CS03AH.

Haier HSU-19CXAS5N Jet Series Split AC

Haier HSU-19CXAS5N Jet Series Split AC 

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