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Nowadays, the jacket is described as a garment that has length till stomach with sleeves. This garment mainly supports the upper body. Some jackets may be heavy or light. The fitting is tighter and less sheltering than a coat. Now trendy jackets for men are available in the market. Jackets are chosen as per the weather and purposes. If people are fit with the dressings then they will definitely obtain the higher confidence level. Henceforth, the types of the jackets are elaborated in the following sections.Jackets for Men

Types of the Jackets

1. Leather Biker Jackets

As the name itself describes the jacket types, it is made out of leather material. This is worn above another apparel of men’s wear. People of subcultures like greasers, motorcyclists, military aviators, policemen usually wear such type of jacket. This garment is worn for style, protection and fashion. Leather jacket are produced mostly in India, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan and the United States. Leather jackets are made with the hides of the animal meat. There are fabrics that simulate the leather. Such fabrics are Polyurethane or PVC. Simulating fibres or synthetic fibres are cheaper than authentic leather. These jackets are worn by aviators during 2nd world war in the early 1900s. These types of jackets are also worn by ladies with some alternations. Thus these are worn for protection and fashion.

2. Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are made out of Denim fabric. The denim material gives men the cool feel, fresh look and comfortable going. This material is ideal for hot weather and casual weather. This also gives the stylish and effortless – appearance. This denim jacket was introduced in the year 1878. In the 20th century, cowboys, road engineers and miners started using jean jacket since it’s resistant, flexible cotton material. Cinema celebrities use to wear this jean jacket. The denim jacket is otherwise called as a jean jacket. This is worn over the T-shirts. Mostly the T-shirt may be opposite shade of the jacket. Black color denim jacket gives an elegant and smarter look.

3. Bomber Jackets

This bomber jacket is a street style dress for men. The bomber jacket comes in different designs, prints, colours and fabrics. Men can comfortably wear this the jacket on the spring season, day and night as well. Military people use to wear this jacket on 20th centuries. The pilots of United States used to wear this jacket. Now, the bomber jacket is introduced in different fabrics like nylon, suede and leather also. Nylon bomber jackets are available in different colours and shades.

4. Harrington Jacket

This type of jacket outfits all unpredictable weathers. The Harrington jackets best suits for the older men also irrespective of their type of body shape, fat or thin, tall or short. The sleeve of this jacket should reach the wrist. Mostly available in navy or khaki colour and rarely green colour. This matches with the T-shirts, shirts and closed neck tops.

5. Sports Jackets

Sports jacket gives the casual and smart look. As it is self – explanatory from the name itself it is understood that these jackets are worn while watching the sports. The sportsmen mostly prefer this type of jackets. Sports jacket matches the T-shirts. These are not considered as formal. The colours introduced are grey, navy and sky blue.

6. Waxed Cotton Jackets

Waxed cotton jacket is the ideal choice for wearing casual, unfreeze weather. These are long lasting materials. Fishermen and sailors wear to fight the weather. Thus it is called as weather proof shields. These jackets are worn by British soldiers during world wars. Waxed cotton jackets are available in different colours, shapes, designs, and 3 fits. The fits are relaxed fit, regular fit the and slim fit. As the name indicates relaxed fit are loose enough to wear, the regular fit will be little spacious and free movement. Lastly, slim fit is modern and glossy. This type will figure out the shape of the body.

Few Products

a. Noora Men’s 100% Pure Leather Jacket

Noora’s Jacket is made out of pure leather. Leather jackets will last long, suitable for winter seasons. The fit type of this jacket is regular. The closure model is made with YKK Zippers. The expansion of YKK is “Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha”. Yoshida is the name of the young man who designed the customised zipper machine. There are many sizes available namely XS – extra small, S – small, M – medium, L – large, XL – extra large, 2XL – double extra-large, 3XL – triple extra-large, 4XL – quadruple extra – large.

  • Good jacket with excellent quality.
  • The jacket was perfect fitting and good in colour.
  • Good lining and perfect stitching.

  • Color shades vary

b. Gordania Bomber Series Men’s Slim Fit Zipper Design Jacket

The Bomber jacket is a stylish jacket worn while riding a motor cycle. This is made up of good quality leather. The colour of this jacket is black. This has slim fit property. The guys who are lean and tall can wear this. No worries for the stout guys also since the same company provided various sizes of the same material. The size varies from small, medium, large and extra-large. Thus this is a slim fit and zipper model bomber jacket for guys.

  • The quality of the jacket is good
  • Perfect goes with the price of the jacket.
  • The fitting of the jacket is perfect or slim fit
  • Gives the guys a rich look.

  • While opening for the first time the leather blasts it smell.

c. Fort Collins Men’s Synthetic Jacket

This is a synthetic jacket that is made up of polyurethane and nylon. The composition of these two materials are 80% of polyurethane and 20% of nylon. The synthetic jacket has long sleeve that helps you to protect the hands and wrist. Normal hand wash is recommended for this synthetic jacket. Need not go for dry wash. The most important message is this jacket is made in India. The additional information is to choose one size bigger than the normal size to fit your size, since it runs one size smaller. The closure model is zip close. This jacket make the appearance smarter than before.

  • Great product with affordable price.

d. Lee Men’s Cotton Jacket

This is a cotton jacket from the famous brand “Lee”. 100% is the Cotton composition of this jacket. For lining material, Cera Polyester is used. The composition of care polyester for this jacket is 100%. Machine wash in cold water is recommended. Since it is cotton colours may spread it is soaked for a long time. Hence it is suggested to soak the dark coloured clothes separately. Using detergents of milder version, avoiding breaches and indirect ironing if necessary will give long life to the jacket. The closure model is as usual zip method. This weighs high and made in India. The jacket has full sleeve also. Thus this is a best men’s jacket that suits the summer season also.
  • Great product with awesome appearance.
  • Good material, affordable price and good looking.

e. Seven Rocks Rich Cotton Men’s Hoodie Sweatshirt Jacket

Seven Rocks jacket is a jet black colour gives an awesome look for the guys who wear. The jacket is made up of 100% rich cotton with 320 gsm. This jacket is comfortable with the regular fit model. The chart size is attached for the customer’s reference. The jacket is designed with a big and stylish collar with a different way of cutting. It appears very stylish and unique stitching. The fabric is good and hence it gives long durability. Zipper method is used for closing the jacket. The jacket has pockets. Thus this is a stylish and soft jacket that suits all the seasons since it is made up of cotton.

  • The product is best and comfortable.
  • Good material and awesome jacket.

  • Price is high.

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