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Nose ring is a jewel that is used to wear on the nose. First of all, the nose ring can be in any shape rather than rings. Since, this is the traditional wear for Indians and hence, there are many benefits beyond the beauty for wearing the nose ring. Initially, nose is pierced with a needle to wear this jewel. While the wound will be cleared in few days. So that later any kind of nose ring can be worn. Nowadays, many varieties of designs and colours of earrings are available in the market. Girls also can buy as their wish to match their dress. And also nowadays no pricking is there while just wearing the nose ring to the nose is happening. Becasue in the older days every Indian ladies used to wear nose rings not only for beauty and tradition but also for the goodness of their health.

Nose ringAncient days, women of Hindu religion, has a custom of piercing nose, ears since they respect the culture and tradition. In the olden days, they had a needle to pierce the body parts. Nowadays, gunshot method is a new method practiced in parlours. This is considered as Ayurvedic treatment for some issues. It is said that piercing the nose at the appropriate node on the nostril will reduce the monthly periods pain for ladies. Then the nerves of left nostrils is allied with reproductive organ for women.

So, piercing the nostrils and wearing the nose ring will lessen the burden during labor pain. Since the purpose of nose piercing is fulfilled after marriage, the women who is ready for marriage alone use to wear the nose rings. However, the days go by modern technique has arrived based on the mind-set of the modern girls. If they need painless piercing they can use gunshot method after applying the pain free cream to the nose. If they no need to pierce nose rings are available to wear without piercing. Therefore, women and girls are wearing to make their appearance very cute and beautiful.

Fake Nose Rings

1. Via Mazzini 316L stainless Steel Clip-On silver Nose Ring for Women

This nose ring is a simple ring shaped jewel. No designs are crafted in this model. It is available in pair. Hence, this can be worn without piercing the nose. Also the dimensions of the nose ring is given as 13 mm and the metal used to design this is 316L stainless steel. Therefore, this stainless steel does not cause rust on the ring. So this is safe even when exposed to water. This can be worn to the ears also. And hence it is a multipurpose ring.

  • The durability of the colour will be long since 316L stainless steel material is used
  • This will suit for casual dresses
  • It looks very simple

  • Stainless steel is used to make this, Hence rusting problem will arise
  • It cannot be worn for grand functions

2. Two pieces Nath Septum Nose Rings Fake Clip on /Tribal/False Septum

The 2 pieces Nath septum nose ring should be fixed at the divider of the two nostrils. Most of all, the nath looks like a 3/4th ring that is strongly bent. In addition this ring has the design like small circles and at the end of the circles, three tiny balls are fixed in triangle shape. And also, at the centre, same design is crafted but in bigger size. As a result, this look is very contemporary and suitable for festive seasonal wears. Hence, this is considered as bridal collection.

  • The design is cute and grand.
  • Crafting is perfect in such a way the no detachment happens.
  • No need to pierce the nostrils.

  • Colour fading decreases the attractiveness
  • This cannot be worn for simple functions and with casual wears

3. 19 likes Black Metal 10 mm 2 pieces fake piercing rings for Unisex

First of all, the black metal nose ring is plain and pure black. And also this is available in pairs. In addition, this can be used for men and women. Another thing is, this can be used for nose as well as ears. Hence, it is also suitable for non-Pierced nose. Therefore, this plays a multirole for both the genders. This can be worn with casual wears.

  • Need not pierce the nostril to wear this. Both men and women can wear
  • Suits for casual wears and simple events
  • It has long durability since it does not fade

  • Looks very simple
  • Does not suit for festivals and grand functions
  • Cannot be worn with traditional wears

4. I Jewels Traditional Gold Plated Nose Ring / Nath with chain for women

This comes under the traditional jewel, since this has a big thick ring. This ring holds small balls as its design. And also, at the centre, a small pearl bead is present as the centre of attraction. In addition, the other end has a fantastic design of maroon stone and two rows of small golden balls around the maroon stone. Also there starts the chain that ends with a hook that should be held in the hair near the ear. And the chain also consists of small balls. Also, this nose ring is covered with golden colour. Therefore, it is suitable to wear on grand functions. In addition, it also comes under bridal collection.

  • It is so pretty in such a way that it attracts everybody
  • Suitable for bridal make ups, marriage functions, festival seasons and grand functions
  • No need of piercing the nose

  • Zip lock pouch should be used to safeguard this jewel
  • It should not be exposed to water, perfume and other chemicals

5. Mahi CZ Collection Gold Plated Daisy Bloom Fashion Nose Ring for women

First of all, the main stem of the ring is gold plated one. Almost, the nose ring looks like a stud. Another thing, it is designed as a flower with 6 petals. And also, the six petals are replaced by fabulous white stones. In addition, the boundary of the stone is given by small golden balls. Hence, also the centre of the stud has a big white stone. Furthermore, this gives a gorgeous look while the one who wear this will ultimately get a royal look. As a result, this comes under traditional nose ring and modern nose ring.

  • Gives elegant look
  • Matches fantastically with traditional wears
  • Best suits the festivals, wedding ceremony and grand functions

  • Colour may fade off
  • Care should be taken for long durability

6. Mehurnnisa Traditional Nose Stud Nath with crystals & Pearls for girls / Women

Seems like, this is an elegant nose ring with special carving when observed minutely. Becasue, the centre of the nose ring has a maroon colour stone, while the Golden colour ring forms the outer rim of the maroon stone. In addition, the curved droplet and white stone is alternatively fixed on the golden ring. Also, on the top of the white stone smaller size golden ball is fixed. And hence, the centre hanging is given with pearl balls eye-pins. Therefore, the dimensions is given as length 2.5 cms and width 2 cms. Hence, the weight is given as 3 gms.

  • Looks beautiful and make the person elegant and gorgeous
  • Designs are perfectly curved
  • Suitable for festival and wedding functions Perfectly matches with traditional dresses

  • Care should be taken for durability of the nose ring
  • Need to avoid contact with water and perfumes

7. Adiva White Pearl Beads Nose Ring with chain for women

This Adiva nose ring with chain is a beautiful product. Much as, it has a long plain ring on which the designed part is fixed. Also, in the middle of the ring there is a droplet shaped design in the middle while it has a pearl fixed. And also around the pearl, it has golden colour boundary and around the boundary, small droplets are crafted as the rim of the dollar. Hence, as the centre of attraction three golden colour tiny balls are hung below the dollar. In addition, from that dollar, chain is extended till the hair near the ear. Therefore, this chain consists of tiny golden ring and a pearl alternatively till the end. Hence, at the end there is a hook to fix this chain to the hair.

  • This is an ethnic, traditional wear
  • Suitable for festivals and bridal functions

  • The hook is too small thus difficult to wear

8. Vijisan 0.07 Ct 10 KT Yellow Gold Diamond Nose Pin Ring for Women

This is a gold jewel that abides 10 Karat hallmark and real diamond of 0.07 carat. Also the colour of the diamond is HI. The clarity of the same is given as Slightly Included (SI). In addition, the diamond has a really fantastic cut. Hence, the weight is given as 0.27 gms. Also the jewel is designed as six probe. Almost the Diamond stones are also fixed in the base of gold and while golden holdings are seen as points when faced front. And hence, this is attached with golden ring which is to be clipped to the nose. Therefore, this suits all the occasions and all types of apparels.

  • This looks as a extraordinary, gorgeously crafted nose ring
  • No need to pierce the nose to wear
  • This goes well with casuals, traditional wears and formal wears as well as all occasions

  • It should be maintained properly to maintain the durability
  • It should be kept away from chemicals like sprays, perfumes, soaps etc

9. Vijisan Nose Pin Ring Collection 0.14 Ct. Pure 925 silver Fancy Flower Nose pin for women

This nose pin is made from sterling silver and bears 925 hallmark and. It is coated with rhodium for shining. This product is free from Nickel, Lead and non-allergic alloys. Hence, it is suitable for all types of skins. It should exposed to chemical like sprays, soaps, perfumes etc. It is set with high quality cubic zirconia. The weight is given as 0.36 grams.

  • The product is unique and simple
  • Product has good value

  • To maintain the durability this nose ring should not be in contact with chemicals

10. Peora Rhodium Plated Leafy Nose Pin

Peora Rhodium Plated Leafy Nose Pin

This nose is unique and gorgeous. It has a versatile design. This has an ethnic guise. It is made out of Sterling silver and coated with rhodium. This product is set with cubic zirconia. The height is 1.3 cms and weight is given as 0.3 gms. Thus this is an elegant collection that best suits the occasions like grand functions, parties and simple events.

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Few Original Nose Rings

1. TBZ – The Original 18 K (750) Yellow Gold and Diamond Nose Ring

The yellow gold diamond nose ring is made up of 18 karat gold. The circumference of the ring is 7.5 mm and the height of the ring is 2.4 mm. The ring is festooned fascinating sparkling diamonds. The weight of the twinkling diamond 0.06. HI colour indicates the colourless diamond that is next to the purest level. The stones are cut with Very Slight (VS) and Slightly Included (SI) clarity. The glittering diamonds are certified by European Gemological Laboratory. The dimensions mentioned approximation closest to the actual sizes.

  • The material is good and it has good value also
  • It is very classic and contemporary

  • They should be handled very carefully

2. Vijisan Nose pin ring collection 0.16 Ct. 925 Sterling Silver Single Stone 6-Prong Nose Ring for Women

This nose pin is made from sterling silver and 925 hallmark. For shiny attraction, Rhodium plating is given. The products are free from Nickel, Lead and non-allergical alloy. This is suitable for all the skins. This should be maintained carefully that no perfume, spray, soaps or other chemicals and water should come into contact. This may lead to variation of colours. This is set with high quality cubic zirconia. This comes under screwing type. It tempts to wear it regularly. This can be matched with any traditional, casual and formal wears.

  • Suitable for traditional, casuals and formal wears
  • Can be worn for any party or functions
  • Good value for the product

  • Care should be taken to avoid variation of colours

3. Vijisan Nose Pin Ring Collection 0.1 carat 925 sterling silver fashion nose Ring for Women

This nose ring is made with sterling silver that abides 925 hallmark i.e., 92.5 percent purity. Rhodium is used to make is shine. This jewel is free from Nickel, Lead and it is non-allergic to all skin types. This is designed in such a way that women tempts to wear this nose ring regularly. This nose ring is set with fine quality of cubic zirconia. However, it should be maintained carefully to avoid the decolouring which leads to lose in value. This is avoid it contacts with chemicals such as perfumes, sprays, soaps, etc. This can be matched with traditional, casuals as well as formal apparels.

  • Looks very beautiful and has good value
  • Matches with any apparels and small parties to big functions

  • Extra care should be taken for avoiding decolouring

4. TBZ – The original Solitaire 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Nose pin

This nose pin is crafted from yellow gold that abides 18 Kt. It also holds the diamond stone which is of -0.04 carat and HI colour. The Clarity of the diamond is given as Very Slight (VS), and has good diamond cut. It is certified by European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). The height is 3.15 mm and width is 3.15 mm. Thus, this can be worn with traditional, casuals, and formal apparels and suitable for all types of functions.

  • Looks pretty and gains value
  • Suitable for all occasions

  • The stem of the nose stud might be bigger and difficult to enter the piercing

5. Vijisan Nose Pin Ring Collecton 0.22 Ct. 925 sterling silver Cluster Floral Shape Nose Ring for Women

This nose pin ring is made out of sterling silver that holds the hallmark 925. This is coated with the Rhodium for shining. All the products used are free from Nickel, Lead, and hence, non-allergic to all type of the skins. This nose pin rings perfectly outfits all the apparels and functions. This nose pin is set with the high quality cubic zirconia. This belongs to screw back type.

  • Has good value for silver
  • Looks pretty and suits all the apparels and functions

  • Since this belongs to screw type it would be difficult to wear
  • Care should be taken to maintain the grade of this jewellery

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