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The printer price in India varies from a minimum of 3,000 to 25,000 according to the functionalities and the features involved in each printer. As a result, we found few reputed stores and collected the best price list from them.

First of all, the best printer is been said to those printer devices which possess good quality output, good features where the speed is also considered and one will also check for the printer price before buying it. Since nowadays, the printing is considered as an easy task and it is been used on a daily basis.





A Printer is a device which makes a continual human readable representation of graphics, text on paper or any similar physical media. There are 2 most common printer mechanisms in which black and white laser printer which is mainly used for common documents and color inkjet printer that produce high-quality photograph output.

Most of all, who wishes to buy a printer would like to have advanced printer device that supports several actions to be performed apart from just printing, hence there are types of printers with quite similar while they vary with the action, performance and quality of the output they produce. This includes the modern and most customer friendly devices like All-in-One printer, Ink printer, Laser printer, Matrix printer, Photo printer, 3D printer and furthermore.

Among the types of printer mentioned above, which is the one you are looking for and the one which you like is this really useful for you? Does this meet your requirements in all manner? To know this  we made a note of certain points that are very necessary to know before anyone proceeds.

Major Types of Printer


How to choose the best printer in India?

Since there are various printer types with different brands and features, you will be confused which is the one you are looking for and also which is the best quality printer and what would be the price of the printer. So in order to get you out of this confusion, we are mentioning few points based on which you can decide the suitable best printer for your use so that your decision will be made in a more easy way and here you go.

The following are the Criteria given which you should know before deciding.

Technical criteria 

Most noteworthy, not all the printer devices are same , the size varies, the printing technology, Connectivity, Paper loads,  they vary in many more things from one printer device to other mainly the printer price also differ. So let us see what are those different features. This is one features where printer price will be calculated.


Design & Print

Depending on the nature of use also printer price is calculated. Since all the printer types cannot be used everywhere one has to know the design of the printer and its usages like is it designed to use for office purpose or homely use.



Printer price mainly changes because of the technology used. Technology is a very important factor, you need to know which technology would you prefer for your printer , like All-in-One printer either use inkjet technology or laser technology. Among these two laser models provide a better result for text and inkjet for images.



This is also another major factor need to be concentrated on. Need to have an idea about the flexibility of the printer like connection can be made in USB, ethernet or Wifi or Wireless etc. This does not mean that if printer price is more then the printer is more flexible.


Action & Performance

Nowadays, people prefer multifunction device usually. Hence if so , know whether the printer has the functionality of copy, scan, Fax etc along with the print. Also, speed matters a lot so printer should be capable of achieving the minimum or moderate speed at least.

General criteria


OS Compatibility

First of all, you need to determine your OS and also you need to know what manufacturers support your operating system because not all printer support all platforms for example : like Lexmark printer do not support Linux.

So one has to know the basic supporting information about the printer supporting nature.


Kind of Printer required

You need to decide you require black and white printer or Laser printer, where black and white printer work fast and if you require it for office use where you do your work in an office then we would suggest buying Laser printer.

Apart from that you also need to know whether you need Scanner along with it or no?

If you need scanner then, is that has memory card reader in it and is it capable of printing pictures straight away from your cards?


Minimum and Maximum Budget

Need to decide for the required printer, how much amount you are ready to spend? Is it under budget or over the budget?

In the final stage, if it is under budget and you are still left out with some more then why don’t you look for the more flexible printer than assumed?

Isn’t it exciting to buy the best printer within your budget target?


Focused Features

Once the above things are decided, you can focus on features which you want and which you don’t want. Since modern printer has wireless functionality which might be very much useful to you. while some user needs PictBridge.


Putting all the above together

Now placing everything together and select which brand of printer you need, check for online cheap and best price of your brand.

Therefore, we feel that the above mentioned key points were very much helpful for you to decide the suitable best printer required for your use. So now let’s see the best deals on a printer.

Qualities of a Printer

Printer Qualities
Overall Printer Features  Especially relevant, when you look for the best printer, the printer device should possess qualities like good speed, good quality of print along with multiple functions like scan, copy also it should be easy to use. Overall features give the total score to a printer.
Text quality  This shows how well the text will be printed, while the printer prints clear and neat text with various faces, styles, and sizes.Higher score models produce much uniform type with a sharper edge and smoother curves.
Text Speed Speed is calculated, how fast the printer can type text in plain pages (5 letter sized pages). If 30 seconds or less then it is considered as excellent speed. 31 – 60 secs are very good, 61 – 90 is good, 91 – 120 is fair, more than 120 secs is poor.
Graphics quality Analyzing the appearance of color graphics produced by a printer. Consequently, if black-and-white then the printer is judged on black and white graphics.
Photo quality We see how good the photo appears when printed. Higher score models produce more natural looking photos, smoother changes in shading and few banding problems.
Maintenance ink use Checks the amount of extra ink used by the printer to maintain its print heads in test printing a total of 30 pages of text, for the color graphics over 4 week period while turning off the printer when not in use.
Convenience To see how flexible is the printer to handle and use by doing very common functions offered by a printer.
Scan quality Scan quality measured for color photos, graphics and also text scanned at each model’s default settings.
Copy quality Copy quality is for graphics and text.
Versatility Indicates how many unique features printer has, this increase the printer’s utility and capabilities.
Power use How much power consumption do printer do when it is used.
The cost of Ownership It is the total of both purchase price of the printer and estimate of the ink or toner supplies required for 2 years of regular use.

Top Printer Brands in India

Best Printer Price List

Probably different Store has a variety of printer brands and different printer price with the wide range. Please see the below table to know the Model , features and the printer price in a different store like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm etc. Also, check out which store has minimum printer price compared to other stores.

Printer Price Table and Models

Printer Model Name Specifications amazon flipkart snapdeal-new paytm Best price

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw


    1. Printer Laser
    2. Output: Monochrome
    3. Interface: USB, Wireless
    4. Copy, print and scan
    5. Smartphone print
    6.  Support HP ePrint app
    7. 1 Year Support






Epson Stylus Photo T60 epson-stylus-photo-t60-printer
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Prints up to 12 sec/4R photo
  • INKdividual Cartridges
  • Direct CD/DVD Printing






HP DeskJet 1112 Color hp-deskjet-1112-color-printer
  • Print Speed: 7.5 ppm (black and white), 5.5 ppm (color)
  • Paper capacity: 60 sheets
  • Maximum print resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • One-year  warranty;






HP Laserjet Pro MFP M226DN


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Product Type : LaserJet
  • Utility : Printing, Copy, Scanning, Fax
  • Yield (No. of Pages) : Up to 15000 pages (monthly, A4)






Ricoh SP 111 Monochrome Jam-free



  • Ricoh 1 Year Warranty
  • Yield (No. Of Pages) : 10000 Pages
  • Printing Output : Monochrome
  • Paper Handling – Paper Weight: 60 – 105 g/m square






Panasonic KX-MB1500 Multi-Function



  • 1 Year Onsite Warranty
  • Product Type : Multi-function
  • Print Technology : Laser
  • Black Print Speed: Up to 19 ppm
  • Copy Speed (Black): Up to 19 cpm







Plain Printer and All-In-One Printer

Plain Printer

First of all, as the name suggests the function of a plain printer is to print where other functionalities like scan, copy, Fax etc could not be done and if you are looking for only printing purpose then we would suggest you buy Plain, you can also view for printer price list.

All-In-One Printer

Seems like this is mainly designed for home use or home office use, have a look at the above printer price list table to know more specifications for each printer model, each printer price.

  • Includes Copy, Scan, Fax  along with Printing functions.
  • Print Engine : Almost based on either Inkjet technology or Laser technology
  • Connectivity : All-in-One device supports USB, ethernet and Wifi connections also sometimes wireless connection.
  • Another Feature-oriented for personal use which is not available on large devices.
  • In addition, functions include smart-card readers, PicBridge Technology – direct connection to digital cameras.
  • Almost supports  various Operating Systems.

Inkjet Printer or Laser Printer

Inkjet Printer Laser Printer
canon-inkjet hp-m126nw-laserjet-pro-mfp
               One can select Inkjet by analyzing the following Features

  • Inkjet output is slower for color photos and much faster for black-and-white text.
  • Inkjet models provide a better result for image more than the text
  • Generally, the cost is more as it possesses comparatively good performance for color too.
          One can select Laser by analyzing the following Features

  • Laser outputs high-quality text and graphics also photographs of moderate quality
  • Laser models provide a better result for text.
  • Cheaper than Inkjet since it is focused on text more than color
  • Laser printing technology is the electrostatic digital printing process

              Printer Inkjet Price List

Printer Laser Price List



Therefore, the above-mentioned information is especially relevant for those who are looking to buy a printer but do not know how to select the best printer, on what basis the best printer is selected and generally what will be the printer price and what are basic necessary features that a printer should possess and what specifications make printer flexible.

Finally, For all these confusions and questions you will see the answer now, Hope this information was very much helpful for you. To know more about printer brands and printer price, keep following.

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