Best suitable gifts for girls above 9 years

The task of choosing gifts for girls is a quite critical. While preparing for their birthday or any special days, they expect their gifts ultimately. At the age of nine, there are in the gap between childhood and pre-teen years. To be frank no parents want their girl kids to grow after that age. But still, nothing can be stopped. Girl kids at this age, listen to music and practice their make ups. They will also play with the doll thinking that is their child. Girls at this stage will be gender specific and choose things according to the same. Some of the gifts that come under any of the following categories can be given.

gifts for girls

The categories are Traditional, Entertainment, Electronic, Sport – related gifts for girls. The gifts like board games, dolls, soft toys, classic doll, antique dolls, doll houses, book related to fairy tales, moral stories, ethical stories, comics, video games, etc. Now the list of gifts is listed further for above 9-years girls.

Gifts for girls more than 9 years

1. Gifts Online Set of 12 Nail Art Sets

This gift might be a special one for girls after 9. This pack contains 3 shades of nail colours, a try full of manicure essentials, nail separators, swabs, a glue for the artificial nail set and many nail stickers. The nails set consists of funky nail designs with better colour choices. The products are safe and non-toxic. The girls increase their designing skills, hand-eye coordination, attention towards their imagination and perceptions. Thus this gift will inspire their thoughts and perceptions and fine tune their creativity too.

2. Royals Amazing Capsule Grow Creatures

This is a pack of 12 charts that contains 12 capsule in each chart. These 12 capsules will take its original figurine when dropped into water. These are the capsules of soft foam animals. Each chart will denote a category like sea animal, wild animal, domestic animal, birds etc. These are 100% safe. This pack comes with 10 pieces of birthday party balloon worth 50 absolutely free.

3. CraftDev Wooden Farm Style Wooden Pencil Holder Pen Stand

This is a beautiful pen stand. The creativity is excellent. The pen stand denotes the fencing design in the front. This is a made up of wooden material. Many colours are mixed to a fine art the pen stand. This is a cute spacious pen stand and ideal for pen, pencil, scale, eraser and sharpener etc. This is a perfect gift for the girls above 9 years old.

  • Very nice wooden material

4. CraftDev Designer Fridge Magnet Notepad

This pack consists of 12 notepads of a different variety. This is made up of rubber. Cleaning instruction is given as the things should be cleaned with a dry cloth. The gift brings the habit of making a note of something they need to remember at times. Thus it is also a perfect gift for the birthdays for girl babies.

5. Craftival Imagi Doh CID

This is a clay doh set. With this clay, many shapes are made. This improves the creativity of the children. Kids can make different patterns and textures with the doh. This pack includes 8 colours doh each 25 grammes, 5 colours each 15 grammes, 2 moulds, 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 roller, 2 spoons and 2 dishes. Any colour clay is filled inside the mould by taking in a spoon, and the roller is used to fix the doh within the shape of the mould. Consequently, playing with this increases the flexibility of the fingers and palm of this children, boosts the creativity for the girl babies.

  • Girl babies enjoy playing with this mould

6. Fashion Designer Erasers

This is actually an eraser. The shape of the eraser is different. The shapes are relevant to the fashion designers. Super fine finish rubber is used to make these erasers. This packs consist of the designs like bags, slippers, goggles and cap. All the designs are made out of attractive colours. Girl children will happily use it. Hence, it is a useful and elegant gift for the girl children.

7. Hexbug Glow in Dark Habitat

At the age of 9 children need to know about insects in detail. In order to learn about the reptiles and insects this kind of tools can be used. This kit contains the two unique nano bugs, maze pieces. Children have fun with the bugs. The attractive feature in this kit is the glowing of the bugs in the night times. The girl children can assemble the maze according to the habitat and concentrate of movements of the bugs. They can also concentrate on battles and race of the bugs. Batteries are required for this kit to play with. The dimensions are given as 43.2 X 35.6 X 6.4 cms. The material is durable plastic. Henceforth, this is a fantastic gift for the girl children.

  • The flexibility in creating the circuit is good

  • The white paper sticker quality is little poor

8. Youth Club Tiny Pair

This is another useful item for girls above the age 9. Mostly, the girls aged nine will know to see the time. They should also understand the value of time right from this stage. This is comfortable and luxuriously finished leather strap wrist watch. This is powered by a battery. This watch gives durability and long life. Thus this watch would be a good gift for the girls in this stage.

  • These wrist watches are cute and good.

9. RJ Creation Girl’s Watch

RJ creations have introduced an elegant and awesome watch. The watch is pink in colour that looks too pretty. The watch is attached to stone designs also. This watch belongs to Quartz type. The display is analogue. The case material is stainless steel. The case diameter is 16 mm, the strap width is 10 mm. The watch is water resistant. This watch comes with extra battery. The seller gives 3-month manufacturing warranty. Every girl loves this item to wear. Thus this will be a good, elegant and useful gift for girls.

10. Curtsey Girl’s Cotton Jaqard Off White Salwar Suit

This is also one of the useful gift for girls. Girls usually love to wear nice dresses and cute jewels. According to that, this salwar will be an appropriate gift for girls. This is made up of Cotton Jaqard. The colour is off white and golden with printed designs. This has an ethnic look with knitted legging. This salwar is available in various sizes till 13 years. Thus, this is a wonderful gift for the girl children.

  • This is an exclusive fabric that has comfortable fit
  • It is a money worthy product.

11. Mattel V4411 Barbie Hairtastic Color and Wash Salon Playset

This is a set of product used for wash salon. This is a Barbie doll product. The playset that consists of the doll, salon station, towel, smock, brush, 3 colour pens and Barbie hair ties. There are pink, purple and blue colour pens. These pans are used to add streaks into the hair. The salon station has realistic set up with mirror and swivel chair. The colours are washable with the real foaming shampoo and water. Since girl children love to play such situational games, this will be a good gift for the girls who are interested in playing with this.

  • Children plays with this set with excitement.

12. Amaze White Round Dial Analog Watch

This is another interesting gift for girls. This is an outfitting product for parties and grand functions. The strap type is metal. The strap dimension is given as 14 mm. the dial dimension is 19 mm. It has the warranty period as 3 months. Thus this is a gorgeous gift for the girls that is worn for parties.

  • This is better quality awesome watch

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