Best Teddy Bears online buying Tips for different Occasions

Why teddy bears are considered as a lovely toys for children?

Mostly everybody will like teddy bears. The reason behind this, it is a soft toy made out of smooth material with a good filling material. It will be very soft. Thus even small children like that. Nowadays, teddy bears are available in various colours, different occasions and for different age group. The manufacturers of teddy bears customize the toys for all age groups and all occasions. So, teddy bear is a lovable doll from kids to grown-ups.

Teddy bearThe teddy bears is a default playmate for all age and genders. Both male and female kids and grown-ups will use this toy to play with. But mostly, girl babies will love this to play with. This can be gifted to all age groups. As per the early statement it is customize for birthday, Christmas, mother’s day, father’s day, for friend’s and valentine’s day. Even for halloween day teddy bears are available.

Why teddy bears are good for girl babies?

Generally, Girl babies will care for other little ones. So girls will think the teddy as their friend and take utmost care. Whereas boys play with vehicle almost. However, there are boys who plays with teddy bears as days pass by. Mostly, girls play with teddy like cooking the food and they will feed the teddy, they will make the teddy to sleep along with them. They will brush the teeth of the teddy as they do and take bath too. Of course, they may wear their dresses to teddy also. All this will happen at their smaller age mostly when they have no playmates or younger ones to play with. So, general caring habit of girls coincides with the focus on teddy bear leads to good companion for girl babies.

Teddy bears for different occasions

Teddy bears can be gifted for various occasions as follows.

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Love, Wedding and Anniversaries
  • Sorry, Sympathy and Get well
  • General Occasions

1. Birthday

There are bigger size teddies for grown up to present as their birthday gift. The angel like bear is available wearing angel dress having wings with bow in its neck. This will suit the girl’s birthday. Not only angel bear there are more teddies with cute dresses like pink, red, white and red combination. These can be gifted for girls for their birthday. They may be entitled as “happy birthday” or “On your birthday” or “For your birthday” etc. Gund Philbin Chocolate Teddy Bear is a most likable teddy. The colour of this teddy is chocolate brown and beige. Majority of the teddy is covered by brown and for its feet and face beige colour is given. It is huggable, squishy and plush. The shorter teddy bears can be a good choice for gifting for birthdays. Thus this is a cute and lovable gift for the little ones and grown-ups.

a. Ultra Happy Birthday Pouch Holding Teddy

Ultra Happy Birthday Pouch Holding Teddy

This is a teddy bear holding a pouch in red colour titled as happy birthday. It has some chocolates in it. It is a cute looking teddy in light brown and white colour. They seems like giving chocolates for the birthday. This is made up of good material. It is soft, smooth and fine to handle. It is a sitting toy holding a pouch. Hence, this is a best gift for birthday babies.

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b. Happy birthday teddy

Happy birthday teddy

This is a teddy with heart-in shaped pillow on its body. It is titled as happy birthday. It also holds a scroll card for birthday. Happy birthday teddy is made out of non-toxic and soft fabric. It is soft, smooth and cuddly. This is filled with soft and smooth material fabric. This makes one feel very pleasant. It gives a good and wonderful memory for the people who receive this as a gift. Cute wordings for birthday is presented in the birthday scroll card. Hence it make the birthdays as memorable one.

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2. Christmas

The teddy bears can be gifted for Christmas also. The teddy will be designed as Santa Claus in red and white dress usually Santa Claus used to wear. It may have a gift sack on its back like Santa. This will suit the boy babies or grown-ups. Whereas, teddies are designed as angels with white colour fairy dress. This will suit the girls as their Christmas gift. Some may have entitles as “Happy Christmas”, with stars and gifts.

a. Amardeep and Co Santa Teddy

Amardeep and Co Santa Teddy

Amardeep and Co Santa Teddy with Gift 40 cms is of this kind. This holds a gift box too. Also, it hold a minimal space since it is too short. It is made up of a fantastic, soft and safer materials. It has red and white combination with a Santa Claus cap. And also, it is a light weighted toy. It is a good toy for smaller ones to bigger ones.Hence, this can be a good and admirable gift on Christmas.

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b. Merry Christmas Red teddy

Merry Christmas Red teddy

It has rose heart, cap and bow. It is a light weight toy that can be gifted for Christmas. This is made out of attractive red and white colour, vibrant and soft material. It is easy to carry anywhere since is it small and light weight. This might be a good friend while sleeping, travelling etc. for little ones. This would be a good gift on Christmas.

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3. Love, Wedding and anniversary

Teddy bear toys can be gifted for lovers while they propose, on their birthdays, etc. These may have the titles as “I Love You”, “With Love”, “For my Love”, “Love and Love only”, etc. Teddies can be given as wedding gifts too. The teddy bears dressed up with blazer and white gown as husband and wife on their wedding. Little teddies can also be gifted. These can be entitled as “Long Live”, “Happy Married Life”, “I Love You” etc. The same gifts can be give on their anniversaries too. They can be entitled as “Happy Anniversary”, “Happy Returns” etc.

a. Funny Teddy

Funny Teddy

It is a soft stuffed toy. It looks like a twin teddy holding a single heart in its hands. Both the bears has bow tie. One is in beige colour and the other is in red colour as a cherry. It looks very cute and fabulous colour combination. This is made up of high standard staple polyester, and a very soft fur. It is proven for its quality and so children also can play with it. A best poly-staple and conjugate fibre is used for filling, hence it is suitable for machine wash. This can be gifted for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband and wife on their lovable occasions.

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b. Sky Trends Best Love Couples Gifts

Sky Trends Best Love Couples Gifts

This is a cute combo gift for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband and wife on lovable occasions. Since, it has 5 things as a single gift. It has 2 teddy bears titled as love, 1 artificial rose, 1 key chain and a greeting card. One teddy bear is in pink and white colour combination and the other is in brown and white colour combination. It is made up to good fabric and looking very nice. This is a good gift to express one’s love to their friend or spouse or finance on Valentine’s Day.

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4. General occasions

For religious occasions, collection of angel’s blessing can be given for Christian functions. For Mother’s day, a collection of cooking and caring teddies can be gifted for mothers. On father’s day, a well formal dressed teddy with a briefcase or a bag like going to office can be gifted to father. They also can be gifted for winning any game to congratulate the people. They can be entitled on the days special.

a. Richy Toys Graduate Musical Stud Teddy Bear

Richy Toys Graduate Musical Teddy Bear

This teddy looks like a graduate with black robe and hat. So this can be gifted for the friends who has completed their education. It is a beige coloured teddy with black colour robe. It holds specs and a book too, looking like a graduate. This teddy confirms to EN71 safety standards and made out of non-toxic polyester and fur fabric of good quality. Filling material of this toy is given by excellent poly-staple and conjugate filling fibre. This teddy is 25cms tall. It is soft, smooth and cuddly teddy. It will best suit as the gift for congratulating occasions.

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1. Teddy Bears  Below 3 years

The teddy bears made with good fabric and non-toxic material within 30 cms can be given to 3 years children. The teddy doll that emits sound could attract the kids much. The fur material that withers and causes cough should be avoided. Various attractive colours are available to make a fine collection.

a. Funny teddy frock teddy bear (pink in colour)

Funny Teddy cute litle Teddy Bear

The material well suits the kids. It has its cutely designed bow on its head, flower in satin ribbon in it body and it has worn a frock with beautiful buttons. The dress colour is fantastically matched with its colour. It has worn earrings and necklace. It is a cute looking teddy that well suits the smaller ones. If the kids are smaller than 2 years the jewels of the teddy can be removed from itself for the benefit of the kids. Thus it is a huggable and admirable one.

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2. Teddy Bears below 5 years

The teddies of various sizes can be used for the children of 3 to 5 years as per their need. Since they are little big ones they themselves can choose their teddy bear size as per their wish. The colours also they can choose of their own. The teddy bears that does various activities may attract the children till 5 years.

a. Cutie Chubs Adorable Life Teddy bears

cute adorable life teddy bears

These are available in various postures like sitting, sitting with twisted legs, standing etc. It varies among the height also. For the children below 5 years can opt 2.5 feet teddy bear. It is cute amber brown in colour. It is made up of snuggly soft fabric. For filling also wonderful, soft and safe material is used. It is huggable and cuddly. It has dark colour eyes and nose, looks so cute and good colour combination. This amber teddy bear cutie chubs will be a good companion for the kids below 5 years of old.

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3. Teddy Bears below 10 years

Mostly, girls love to play with teddy bears at this age. So, light coloured teddy bears will be selected by the children under this age group. Various set of dresses like a cute girl, doctor, mother or father etc will be admirable teddies for the kids under this group.

a. Cozy Cuddles soft and Huggable Jumbo Cream Teddy bear

This Teddy bear is 60 inches tall. It is a very soft and huggable height. Its colour is vanilla cream. It has velvet fabric nose, made out of safe and soft fabrics. It can sit, stand, and bend with human’s help. Beads are fixed for its eyes. It is very big in size as that of a child’s height. The advantage is it is very big in size. Children will be capable enough to play with it and sleep on it. It can change its shape when children change. It is in attractive colour. The cons of this is since it has beads as its eyes small children should avoid this. Smaller kids may get afraid also because of its gigantic figure. Cozy cuddles has other sizes also. It also has 72 inches tall teddy. This also will be perfect for grown-ups. The height of the Cozy Cuddles cream teddy bears are 18, 24, 30, 38, 48, 60 and 72 inches. The children up-to 10 years can choose the teddy bears from 48 inches to 72 inches.

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