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Color blue is one of the most loved colors. It is one of the most widely accepted colors ever. The blue sarees are some of the most worn sarees of all time. One can just easily fall in love with the color blue and cannot wear it enough. In the blue saree designs there are silk, cotton, net etc. and many other materials of saree. Blue being slight dark, it’s necessary to check if the color bleeds when comes in contact with water.

Blue SareeBest color combinations and designs of blue saree

We are pretty sure you must be having this evergreen color in your wardrobe already. So, let us tell you the ways to sport this color keeping in mind this season’s trends. Go for the currently in vogue, the royal blue saree to make sure you look nothing less than a charming princess in this royal color. And, whether you wear a traditional saree, make sure it has hints of another hit color of the season, toasted almond, in it. You can also pair it up with other rich colors like Marsala and gold.

1. Blue saree with gold sequins and marsala blouse

This combination is very rare and will have heads turn. Choose a darker shimmery blue with dull gold sequins border and a light Marsala blouse color.

2. Blue saree with pink border and contrast blouse

Pink and blue are always a hit combination, any blue color saree with darker pink shade border and a contrast multicolored blouse can be worn to any occasion.

3. Blue saree with hints of white

White combined with any darker shade will look class apart. So as blue saree with white hints will look very beautiful. Choose silk blue saree for a rich look.

4. Blue saree with black thin border

Dark blue saree with any length black sequin border make a great combination. Opt for a rich material and the saree can be worn for any occasion.

Before any dark colored saree it’s always necessary to consider few points like:

  • Color does not bleed. As in the long run it may look dull after first wash.
  • Material is of very good quality.
  • Always buy from a trusted website, double check the color if buying online as the color varies according to the computer’s display settings.
  • Compare price with several websites.
  • Know the material you are buying. Do a little online research about several materials available.

Famous Blue Saree with best Materials

1. Kanjeevaram blue Saree

Kanjeevaram blue Saree

Kanjeevaram sarees are not only famous in India but across the world. A Kanjeevaram saree is a must have in every Indian woman’s closet. These sarees are characterized by gold dipped silver thread that is woven on the premium quality silk.


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2. Konard saree blue saree

Konard saree blue saree

Konard Sarees, also known as Temple sarees, these sarees were original woven for deities in the temple. These sarees have wide borders and are characterized motifs inspired by wedding. The motifs are like elephants and peacocks, symbolizing water, fertility and fecundity.


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3. Baluchari blue saree

Baluchari blue saree

This saree from Murshidabad district of West Bengal is usually a five yards saree and is 42” wide in bright colors like flame red, purple and in deep blue. These sarees are made of silk and woven on looms.


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4. Tanta/ Taant cotton blue saree

Tant cotton blue saree

This is a traditional saree worn by Bangali Women. Taant sarees are popularly known as Bengal cotton and is hand-woven in various districts of West Bengal. These sarees come in a huge variety of colors with simple and beautiful designs.


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Best Blue Saree Online

1. Oomph! Women’s Chiffon Saree

The introcate kundan embroidery on the border complements the small bandhni print creating the perfect festive wear. It is available in indigo blue and crimson red. Bandini print being a traditional North-Indian pattern is famous for its beautiful dotted pattern. A chiffon and bandhini print saree with dupion silk blouse and embroidery border makes a beautiful combination and is designed to wear for all occasions.

  • Grand saree suitable for all occasions.
  • Embroidery work makes it look very classy

  • Bandini print may not suit south Indian functions.
  • Dark color may not suit dusky women.

2. Palash fashion’s Georgette Fancy Designer Saree

Palash fashion’s royal looking blue and coffee color embroidered designer fancy saree of which show Indian traditional from its glamorous look. Coffee color is a rare color and any saree with this combination is sure to makes head turn. Georgette saree with royal blue and coffee color is made for any occasions. Its grand designs make it apt for any occasions. A fancy saree, light-weight makes it easy to carry around. It can be used as formal wear too.

Point to be considered before choosing would be: quality concerns and the blouse pattern.

  • Unique color combination.
  • Light-weight.
  • Easy to maintain.

  • Georgette material may not suit short and overweight women.
  • Not suitable for occasional wear

3. Stutti fashion self-design womens blue cotton silk saree

Womens blue cotton silk saree make yourself look elegant with its simplicity and comfort fabric its designer cotton silk blouse is the most attractive and impressive, this saree is best choice for any occasion. Cotton material is anyways famous for its unique comfort and classy look. A smooth cotton saree makes anyone look bright and classy; with number of colors available this blue cotton silk saree is soft as well as shiny. Silk cotton material is made with utmost care to give it a silky finish yet maintain the cotton softness and stiffness.

It is necessary to maintain this saree as the wrinkles may stay on the saree damaging the shelf life of saree.

  • Silk material gives it a royal look.
  • Silk cotton is durable and bright pattern makes it stand out.

  • High maintenance required.
  • Not suitable for occasional wear.

4. Ara cruz women’s satin saree

Ara cruz new Design style and pattern could be on the peak of your beauty as soon as you attire this Blue Satin Free Size Saree. The ethnic Embellished border on clothing adds a sign of attractiveness statement with your look. The satin material stands out from silk is that, it is shiny on one side and dull on the other. So special care must be taken while stitching together and is also used to make sarees and this saree make best outfit for parties and reception occasions.

It is advisable to look for the good quality satin before choosing a saree as it may look dull over the years.

  • Satin is comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Gives a classy look.
  • Ethnic embellishment makes it apt for occasional wear.

  • Satin needs high maintenance.
  • Can’t be used for formal wear.

5. Gitanjali Fashions Women’s Velvet & Net Saree

Velvetfabric having a soft, thick, short pile, usually of silk, and a plain twill or satin weave ground. The pile surface isformed by weaving an extra set of warp threads that are looped over wires as in Wilton carpet, the rods being withdrawn afterthe weft thread is placed, leaving a row of loops or tufts across the breadth. The loops may remain uncut, forming terry velvet,or be cut, automatically in machine weaving or by a special tool in handlooming. The fabric may also be woven double, faceto face, then cut apart. Velvet is supposedly one of the silk weaves developed on the ancient shuttle looms of China. Step into enchanted territory as we invites you to explore the language of texture with origami details, ruffles color, electro style. Net with velvet make a good combination.

Point to consider before choosing velvet with net combination would be the quality of fabric and its contrast colors.

  • Net and velvet is a classy combination.
  • Velvet is easy to wear.
  • Net makes any attire look pretty.

  • High maintenance required as velvet may wear off with time.
  • Not suitable for formal wear.

6. Isha Enterprise Women’s 60gm Georgette Navy Blue Saree

It is a pretty saree with contrast border apt for wedding and reception wear. A georgette saree can be styled with any kind of border as the navy blue contrast with any type of border and detailing. The light weight saree easy to carry off as the saree weight always plays an important role. Georgette fabric is a textile traditionally made from silk, although synthetic fibers such as polyester are sometimes used as well. The thing that makes georgette fabric distinctive is the crinkly crepe-light texture, which feels slightly rough and dull, but gives the fabric a bouncy, flowing look. Many fabric stores carry georgette fabric in a range of colors and prints for various projects. Department stores also carry clothing and drapery made from georgette.

Points to be considered before choosing a georgette saree would be, the material can get rough so always choose a soft material.

  • Light weight saree easy to carry off
  • Fabric gives a bouncy look

  • Not suitable for formal wear as the designs are too ethnic.
  • Georgette fabric if not draped properly may look very shabby.

7. Fancy new arrival high quality lycra heavy embroidered border saree

This saree comes with an attached blouse fabric which can be customized from 32″ to 42″. Lycra material makes it comfort to wear quality and sits on without hassle. Heavy embroidery best suits occasions and can be worn for any wedding or reception functions. Its border comes in light color patterns, simple and pretty. Combination of saree and border is unique and goes well with multi-colored blouse as well when teamed with. Lycra material is in fashion now as the soft shiny finish makes it good to feel and wear. Saree needs less maintenance hence is durable too.

  • Simple and easy to drape.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • Suits every occasion.

  • Lycra material may go out of fashion in a while.
  • Can’t be worn as formal wear.

8. Isha enterprise women’s 60gm georgette navy blue saree

The saree is a georgette material with 5.50 meter blouse material. Length of the blouse comes up to 0.75 mtr. Its border is made of thread work embroidery, blouse fabric is Banaras. Georgette materials are made transparent so it’s advisable to buy shining layered skirt with the saree. The navy blue color material shines in dark because of the silk type thread used making it apt for any occasion. Its golden border is gota material which sparkles when light falls over.

  • Suitable for all occasions.
  • Can be worn to a traditional as well as modern party

  • Transparent material requires matching inner skirt.
  • Not suitable for formal wear.
  • High maintenance required.

9. Shree Mira Impex women’s georgette beautiful traditional party wear saree

This is stone embellished all occasion special beautiful saree. It comes with stone work border and is made for party wear. Georgette blue color comes in dark shade and the golden embroidery border with stones goes well with the golden blouse material. Combination of gold with blue always goes well and can be worn in different drape style with pallu in front to showcase the heavy border work. As the saree comes with stone embellished it requires high maintenance. The georgette material is thick so its non-transparent.

  • Suitable for parties
  • Gold border with stones make it very beautiful combination.

  • Not suitable for formal wear.
  • Requires high maintenance as the border and stones may fall off.

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