Attractive Ear cuffs online shopping guide for Women

Ear cuffs Online – They are attractive and are lovely jewels for girls which is worn on their ears which covers the maximum parts of their ear. Generally, ear should be pricked before wearing the earring. In South India it is celebrated as a function named “Ear Boring Ceremony”. Because, nowadays there is a modern jewel named ear cuffs that is worn without boring the ear. And also you need not feel the pain of the ear pricking and also need not worry about the wound to wear this ear cuffs. Almost all Ear cuffs has two smooth ends that can fix the position on their ear. Hence, it is expandable with little flexibility. It can be expanded a little and keep at the position where it should be placed and leave it to take its position. Therefore, this is the way it can be worn.

Most noteworthy, it beautifies the girls face in all angles. Moreover, it is also good for their health also. It tunes the acupressure points in the ear and makes the works like resolving pains, distressing energy that troubles the human body is cleared and also cured.

Ear Cuffs OnlineFirst of all, the ear cuffs are made out of a metal that just pinches the ear or it may cover the ear and it lobe also. While the ear cuffs may be small to pinch the ear or it may be big to cover the earlobe also. While covering the earlobe with various metals and designs with stones the ear looks beautiful. Especially relevant, the ear cuffs decorated with stone will be beautiful at night times and different colors will be suitable in day times.

Most of all, there is another type like chain also. Hence, the chain and the ear cuffs can be in golden color, antique color or silver color attracts many people. Most of all, some cuffs are designed with pearls, ruby and other precious stones also. As a result, a women who wears this will look gorgeous and wonderful. Hence, the medicinal properties apply too. Therefore, as a result this ear cuff online plays an important role in women’s life.

Types of Ear Cuffs Online

  • Ear wire
  • Wrap-Around
  • Ear Chain
  • Band Cuff
  • Ear Jackets

1. Ear Wire

First of all, an ear wire designed as an ornament with various equipment while to give the ear and women’s face an elegant look. While, some may be small to pinch the ear or big to beautify the earlobe itself. Hence, the things like crystals, colour stones, glittering stones, and wire designs are used to design the ear cuffs Online. Therefore, this can be matched with simple dresses. Almost a Girl can choose the wire ear cuffs online in such a way that matches the colour of the dress and design patterns. Hence, this type of ornament does not suit the formal wears. Hence, it will be better to avoid the ear wire for formal functions like marriages, family functions and official functions. Rather it suits the friends’ party, get together, outing, the time spent with friends.

2. Wrap around Cuff Earrings

Most of all, this type of ear cuffs covers around the ears as the name suggests. Hence, this will be bigger. Because, this wraps the whole ear front and at the rear. Hence, in this type, the ear cuffs is inflated with crystals and intricate designs. Rather, it will be better to restrict other accessories when choosing this type of ear cuffs. And also it is designed ostentatiously. Therefore, if other accessories are worn along with this type of ear cuffs then it will overwhelm the eyes of the spectators. Hence, it is better to wear limited accessories along with this type and it best suits the simpler dresses. As a aresult, it can be worn for smaller formal functions and events like birthday parties, get together, etc.

3. Ear Chain

In addition, ear chain as the name explains, a single or gathering of chains attached with ear cuffs is worn across the ear lobe. And also the chains can be designed in coarsely or elegantly. Most of all, this design rocks for important family functions when worn expensive and traditional dresses. Hence, this design outfits all the women. Also there are many designs in this type. While, some may be designed like hanging of chains on the ears. Also one end of the ear cuffs consists of hook that can be fixed on the hair behind the earlobe and the other end to fix in the ear. Hence, designs may vary at the two ends. And also the chain can be replaced by other designs. Therefore, this well suits the traditional dress for formal functions.

4. Band Cuff

Another, the band cuff for the ear looks like a finger ring. Becasue it is small and hence looks cute. Therefore, sometimes, it may have few hangings. And also it comes like a cute single thin ring, gathering of thin rings, single broad ring plain, single broad ring with carvings that has glossy and matte finish. Hence, band ear cuff can be like studs also. Most of all, it is coated with gold, silver or antique colours. Also, it comes in many designs that well suits for melange dresses and also for formals. Hence, it can be worn for official events also. As a result, this plays a multiple role for women by giving beautiful and elegant look as well as healthy structure.

5. Ear Jackets

Most of all, this kind of ear cuffs looks like very simple in front, but at the rear of the earlobe the will be unexpected. Hence, this will appear like studs in front and has the detached designs at the lower end of the ear. Much as the stud and lower design is attached with thin beam connector that perfectly fix the ears. Hence, this well suits all the dresses traditional or informal. Because this also suits all the functions since it suits for melange dress. As a result, this adds more beauty to the women as they dress up accordingly. And also the dresses that women wear should also match the jewel they wear and hence it should be suitable to the events they attend.

Top Best Simple Ear Cuffs Online

1. Via Mazzini Angel Wing Silver Ear Cuff Earring

First of all, this ear cuff is elegantly carved as the wings of the angel. Another, the colour of the ear cuff is silver that outfits the ear cuffs as the angel’s wing. Becasue it holds the bunch of rings in the centre of the ear cuff and the white stones inside the rings. And also at the bottom of the ear cuff there exists a holder with stone affixed at each ends. Hence, the top of the ear cuffs has the bigger rings as in the middle without stones. And also on the top also the holding is present to hold the earlobe. And hence, it is priced for single piece.

  • It looks elegant and also styles the women very gorgeous.
  • Almost suitable to wear on night time parties
  • So need not prick the ear with the needle and get into pain and trouble to wear the ear cuff
  • Reasonable rate

  • Only left ear cuff is sold for the given price
  • It suits the formal occasions and traditional dresses only
  • Falling of the stones will decrease the beauty of its appearance

2. Via Mazzini Pearl Ear Cuff-Wrap Earring

This jewel is an ear cuffs made with pearls and also golden colour twisted ring. Also, at the ends of the twisted ring, a bunch of pearls are arranged in a circle shape. Hence, the bunch of the pearl bunch looks smaller than the other one. Therefore, the colour of the pearl is given with white and the colour of the twisted ring is given with golden colour. Hence, this is a modern ear cuffs that suits traditional dresses.

  • This ear cuff is simple and cute. No need of piercing of the earring
  • The arrangement of the pearls are very pretty
  • This can be worn along with traditional wears

  • Only right side earring is given for the listed price
  • Falling of one pearl definitely vanishes the exquisiteness of the whole earring

3. Via Mazzini Golden Leaves Ear Cuff Earring

This ear cuffs is designed so as it covers the earlobe. While the ear cuffs holds three precious golden colour leaves with its stem. And also it has its holding to fix into the position properly in the earlobe. Hence, this can be won with any type of dresses especially with traditional dresses. Therefore, it is suitable to wear for traditional, big and family functions and events.

  • It has an elegant and gorgeous looks and mesmerise the spectators.
  • Suits for traditional dresses and family functions.
  • No need to prick the ear to wear this.
  • No detachable part is fixed, so nothing will fall down and decreases the elegancy of the ear cuff.

  • Only right side ear cuff is sold for the listed price.
  • Colour may fade when days passes by.
  • Fading of colour decreases the elegance of the ear cuff.

4. Crunchy Fashion Golden wing Ear Cuffs

This ear cuffs fix as the border of the ear and covers the ear from top to bottom. It resembles like a wing fixed on the top of the ear. It is a gold plated ear cuffs. This can be worn with matching earring also. This does not disturb the wearing of the earring at any cost. The golden colour increases the elegancy and delicacy of the ear cuff. This can be worn for the special occasions and for traditional dresses. The length of the ear cuff is 7.8cms and width is 4.5cms.

  • The colour increases the beauty when worn for traditional dresses.
  • It easily fix in the earlobe with out ear prick
  • Do not disturb and overwhelm the wearing of earring as well.

  • It is sold as a single piece for the rated amount.
  • It loses its pretty when colour vanishes.
  • Does not suit for simple casual wears.

5. Crunchy Fashion Octopus Clip on Ear cuff

This looks very stunning resembling like an octopus. It is a gold plated ear cuff. One golden colour small ball is designed at the centre, the holding is attached at the back side of the ball. Some curves are designed and fixed as the legs of the octopus. Thus it looks very stunning. The legs of the octopus is designed very cutely. It looks very simple and can be worn for parties with casual wears also.

  • The design gives a stunning look.
  • The golden colour increases the beauty of the ear cuff.
  • Creatively and exclusively designed.

  • The golden colour may fade off and the attractiveness may get spoiled
  • Only single piece is sold for the listed price

6. Trinketbag cuff chain and flower drop ear cuffs

This ear cuff is simply superb and different. This is designed as modern wear without losing the traditional base. This is like ear chain. Ear cuff is designed as triple chain hanging one below the other. One end of this ear cuff is the holding of the earlobe and the other end is the earring. So, this covers the ear on the whole. It gives the elegant look. The earring at the bottom is designed as a flower with four petals with its stem. This suits the traditional dresses and big family functions.

  • It resembles the traditional design in a modern way
  • The golden colour gives a prettiness to the women who wear the traditional dress
  • It is simple and cute

  • The appearance fades out as the golden colour vanish
  • The bottom side of this is like earring and the ear has to be pierced to wear this earring. The upper side has the holding no need to pierce the earlobe
  • Does not suit the casual wears and official events

7. GirlZ Frosted gold finish drop ear cuff clip earring

This is simple and looks cute. The upper side of the ear cuff is coated with silver glitters. It also comes under band cuff type. No need to pierce the ear and bare the pain. Becasue, it can just hold the ear or earlobe. Also, it can be fixed to anywhere either to the ear or earlobe. Hence, this can be worn with casual wears and official events and small parties.

  • It can be worn for casual wear and official events
  • No need to pierce the ear to wear this ear cuff
  • Simple and pretty appearance and available in pairs

  • It is very simple, no design or pattern is present
  • Does not suit the big and family functions
  • The silver glitters may peel of and lowers the beauty of the ear cuff

8. Ashiana Elegant Gold and white Crescent shape ear cuff earring

This is a crescent shaped ear cuff along with earring. This takes its position as the ear to earlobe as a boundary like a rim. It is beautifully arranged with the pearls in ascending order from top to bottom. The top most pearl is same at the last pearl. Every pearl is covered with a gold plated rim. The bottom of the ear cuff is earring, so it needs a hole to leave the stem of the earring inside. The other is fixed with the holdings so that no need of the hole to hold the ear cuff at the earlobe.

  • It is gorgeous and suits the traditional wear and can be worn for grand family functions
  • The arrangement of the pearl increases the attractiveness of the ear cuff
  • Well suits for any colour of the dress

  • Only single piece is sold for the rated price
  • The ear should be pricked to wear this earring at the bottom. The ear cuff holding is presented at the top and no need to prick the earlobe
  • The elegance of the ear cuff will be spoiled when one pearl is detached and golden colour fades off

9. Crunchy Fashion Spike Ear Cuff in Silver

The design of the ear cuff is a rim twisted as per the shape of the ear like a question mark symbol. The lower end of the ear cuff is fixed with the smaller rings as a hole where the chains are hanged. About six chains are hanged with the arrow shaped edges. Thus, it looks very simple.

  • The design is exclusive, simple and pretty
  • It suits the casual wears and can be worn for smaller events
  • The ear need not be pierced

  • Does not suit for loose hair
  • Available in single piece without any designs except the hangings
  • If the chains are detached then it is a mere waste

10. Precious petals ear cuffs

This is designed as a rim from the ear to earlobe. It is in golden colour. At the broader part of the ear a six thin petal flower is designed with that a stone attached in the midst of each petal. Then below the flower, two stoned are hung within the small ring like a hole. At the bottom of the ear cuff another single stone is hung. It is looks too gorgeous.

  • It looks so pretty of worn with formal wears
  • The flower present in the ear cuff online resembles like a flower is clipped on the ear side hair
  • Stones gives special attraction

  • If the colour fades, the ear cuff s loses its elegance
  • If any of the stone is detached then, it loses its beauty
  • It cannot be worn for grand family functions

Few Best Expensive Ear Cuffs Online

1. Aastha Jain Cuff Earring In silver (18k plated) for women

The highly paid ear cuff online is this. This earring is designed in 925 sterling silver, 18 k gold plated and cubic zircons. It should be properly maintained to increase the durability. It looks like a flower bud with two golden colour and silver colour in the middle. This design is same as at the top and the bottom. This should be kept in air tight boxes and it should not be exposed to water and perfumes to increase the durability. It can be worn for casuals and small parties.

  • It is crafted elegantly
  • The middle portion of the ear cuff online design increases the cuteness of the same
  • The durability can be guaranteed when it is properly maintained

  • If care is not taken the durability will be decreased
  • Simple design

2. Aastha Jain Cuff Earring in Sterling silver for women

This ear cuff online is designed as two flowers that six thin petals on either ends. And one end has sterling silver colour and the other one has gold plated. In addition, there are tiny stones inside the petals of the flower. Hence, this should not be exposed to water and perfumes. And also it should be kept safe inside the air tight bag. Therefore, these safety measures are taken to increase the durability of the jewel. Hence, this can be worn with casuals’ wears and sometime formal wears.

  • The design is beautiful since it is crafted with sterling silver and simple
  • It can be used with casual wears and small events
  • The sterling silver and gold plating will increase the durability when maintain in a proper way

  • Critical to maintain
  • It does not depict exclusive designs, it is simple.
  • When stone falls ultimately it affects the beauty of the ear cuff
  • Durability will be decreased when not maintained properly

3. Aastha Jain Paisley Cuff Earring in Sterling silver (18 k plated) for Women

This ear cuff is designed as a water droplets coated with sterling silver and golden colour. Majority of the droplets are coated with golden colour and very few are coated with sterling silver. The holding are behind the golden coloured droplets. This is crafted in 925 sterling silver and 18k gold plated and cubic zircons. Care should be taken more to maintain its durability. It should be locked in air tight box and it should be away from perfumes and water. This will be perfect for a formal wear and small parties as well as official events.

  • The crafting of this ear cuff is elegant and stunning
  • It gives long life when maintained properly and carefully
  • Best suits the small and grant events of course, this comes in pair

  • Extra care should be taken to maintain the durability. It is very difficult to keep this away from water
  • When colour fades the appearance will be dull

4. Ashiana multicolour Rivet Tassels spike ear cuff earrings

This design is encapsulated with multicolour Rivet Tassels. The ear rims are connected with tassels. The end of the tassel is connected with a narrow needle like rivet. This looks so cute. It seems like the chain behind the ear when worn. The tassels are chained with alternative colours black and golden colour. This well suits the casual wears.

  • This ear cuff does not disturb the earring
  • No need to prick the ear for this ear cuff
  • Outfits the casual wears

  • Available in single piece for the quoted price
  • The edge of rivet may harm the shoulder
  • Detachment of the tassel makes the ear cuff waste

5. Ashiana Ocean Breeze Blue and Gold Ear Cuff Earring

This ear cuff has five stems including the main middle stem. The middle main stem consists of white colour rectangle stone. The other stems has dark blue colour stones. The ear looks very beautiful when this is worn. This ear cuff well suits all parties.

  • Choosing this ear cuff for parties will be awesome
  • This matches well with traditional and casual wears
  • The blue colour stone is a quirky collection and looks stunning

  • Available as single piece for the priced amount
  • Falling of stone reduces the stuns of the ear cuff
  • The hair may get into this ear cuff and so does not suit for loose hair styles

6. Ashiana Priyanka Chopra Inspired Silver and Gold Multi Tassel Cross Ear Cuff Earring

Most of all, the silver and Gold Multi Tassel Cross Ear cuff is simple and cute. And the rim of the ear cuff consists of tiny rings to which the long cute chains are connected. And also the end of the chain holds the Jesus cross. In addition, two chains are again connected with the tiny rings. Finally, the long chains are golden and silver colour. Hence, this suits for church function and matches well with the casuals.

  • Apt and elite design to wear for church functions
  • Simple and cute
  • No need hole for the ear to wear this

  • Comes in single piece for the quoted price
  • Only a particular religion may choose this
  • Colour of the chains may fade and lose its glossiness

7. Crunchy Fashion Geometrical Ear Cuff

This ear cuff is crafted with the geometric shape named triangle. Because, this triangle is arranged randomly in various sizes. And also the boundary of the all the triangles are fixed with white stones and the same is fixed inside the triangle also. Hence, this is an exclusive design and this kind of designs are very rare. Also the base of this ear cuff is black metal. Hence, this suits the night time parties to increase the attraction. However, this can be worn in day time also.

  • This ear cuff is crafted quirky and beautiful
  • Covers the whole ear. This ear cuff suits the formal wears
  • This can be worn without the hole in the ear

  • If the stone falls, the attraction will be lost
  • Cannot be worn for official events

8. Via Mazzini Chittorgarhi Multi-colour Ear Cuff Earrings for Women

Furthermore, this is another ear cuff designed as earring with jhumki with the ball inside. Becasue, the ear cuff is extended from the ear to earlobe. Hence, the extended part is design with tiny droplets. Much as these droplets are arranged in semi-circle like peacocks wings. Also the colours green and marron enamel is used uniformly for four droplets. Hence, green and maroon colour is painted alternatively for peacock’s wings. Therefore, this is a traditional design matches the traditional dresses for grand functions.

  • Colourful traditional crafting
  • Suits for grand functions
  • Comes in pair

  • This matches with white, green and maroon colour dresses
  • To wear this earring, ear should have a hole. For the ear cuff hole is not needed
  • When the stones fall from the earring then it will be awkward

9. Ashiana Black Long Bead flower charm ear cuff earing

Most of all, the black long bead flower designs attracts the people who love black colour utmost. And also this design has a flower at the earlobe. Since, this flower is crafted with the white stone in this middle and black coloured long beads as the petal of the flower. And also there are small white coloured stone and also in between the flower petal and the centre white stone. Hence, this seems like a black and white flower above the earlobe when worn. It also has the small thin chains in black and golden colour as the hangings. Therefore, these hangings will be near the ear when worn. Hence, this outfits the casual wears and birthday parties, get together etc.

  • Beautiful and exclusive design
  • Matches any colour dress and suits any functions
  • No need to pierce the ear to wear this

  • Available as a single piece for the rated amount
  • Any of the bead has detached from the ear cuff then it seems waste
  • Does not suit the formal parties

10. Ashinana Trendy Golden Leaves Ear Cuff Earring

Finally, this ear cuff covers the whole ear with the beautiful golden colour leaves. Consequently, the leaves are crafted as the outline and inline of the leaves. And also no filling is given. Rather it looks very nice. Almost this covers from the ear to earlobe. And the stem of the leaves is crafted like a curve that holds the leaves is actually the thin beam to cover from ear to earlobe. Hence, it provides elegant look for the women who wear this ear cuff.

  • Suits with the traditional dresses and grand functions
  • Nothing is detachable part in this ear cuff
  • Gives gorgeous look in night time parties also

  • Available as single piece for the quoted price
  • Not filling is given for the leaves
  • Does not suit the small functions. When colour fades it is a mere waste

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