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First of all, nobody takes Floor Mats very seriously till a person trips over one. Also, the rubber mat is one which is used in the kitchen, and a grease-resistant mat which is used at cook line, improves comfort, productivity, and safety. Hence those mats at the entrance of house pick dirt, mud, sand and water off the shoes, helping to keep the rest of house clean. Therefore the maintenance of anti-fatigue floor mats is easy. And they are made up of rubber, due to this at the end of the day and they help in  prolonging the life of floor coverings. Hence, by considering few points one can maintain the floor mats easily and can use it for a long time.

Floor Mats

  • To remove the loose sand,the mats have to be vacuumed regularly
  • A good detergent should be used for removing spots and soils
  • Wet mats are to be dried well in sun rays
  • Mat edges should not be rolled off

Follow the below Procedure to Clean Rubber Floor Mats:

  • Rubber mats are could not be washed in a dishwasher because harsh chemicals and temperature damage the quality of mats.
  • Depending on the type of dirt accumulated a lighter or a harsher detergent to be used.

Floor Mats Types

Door Mats

First of all door mats are to be placed in the entrance of the house to avoid soil, dust and dirt entering into the house. Most noteworthy, floor mats are available in different quality and composition. And also Rubber mats, carpet mats, commercial entrance mats, coco mats and water hog mats are the available types.


Waterhog Door Mats

These door mats are used as commercial grade mats because of their effectiveness and durability. Hence, they come in square waffles which scrape dirt and debris from footwear and absorbs moisture. Hence, water hog mat will dry quickly and also it is stain resistant.
Andersen Water Hog Door Mat

Andersen Waterhog Door Mat


Carpet Door Mats

Almost Carpet door mats are extensively used mats in the market. Because these mats come with olefin surface that wipes dirt and moisture from footwear. Hence, this mat is 18oz carpet which is bonded to a vinyl backing which extends past the mats on all sides to form the black border.
Ritika Carpet Door Mat

Ritika Carpet Door Mat


Berber Door Mats

Because these mats come with high/low a blunt projection surface, therefore they penetrate into the bottom of a shoe sole and scrap dirt and hidden soil. And also the nubs found on this mats are formed with compact tufts of polypropylene
Bacova Guild Berber Door Mat

Bacova Guild Berber Door Mat


Rubber Scrape Door Mats

Since rubber scrape door mats are made of 100% nitrile rubber which is effective in scraping larger density soil and dust. And hence, ideally used in commercial places.
FRPL Rubber Scrape Door Mat

FRPL Rubber Scrape Door Mat


Rubber Drainage Door Mats

They are used since these mats comprise of drain holes which hold the dirt, sand and other debris entering the home.

Rubber Drainage Door MatRubber Drainage Door Mat


Coco Door Mats

Also known as coir mats, since they act like scrub brushes wiping dirt from footwear. Because these mats are made from coconut fibre husks that are embedded in a strong vinyl backing for durability. Hence, they are ideal for less crowded indoor and outdoor usage.
Geo Crafts Coco Door Mat

Geo Crafts Coco Door Mat


Ribbed Door Mats

Because these mats boost a high-low ridge design to brush dirt and water from footwear and hold it in the trenches to keep the top layer clean. And hence they are used in major.

Avira Elegant Ribbed Door MatAvira Elegant Ribbed Door Mat


Car Mats

First of all, car mats are essential to keep the interior of the car clean and tidy. Because, each mat is designed based on the interior shape and cuts of the car. Hence, these mats are available as the front, rear and trunk mats.


Rubber Car Mats

Since, they are made of heavy-duty rubber compound and hence they remain flexible throughout. Therefore, rubber grippers hold the mat firm onto the surface.
Speedwav Rubber Car Floor Mat

Rubber Car Mat for Maruti Alto 800


Classic Loop Car Mats

Almost it is the most economical mat option and is constructed with a ¼ thickness  loop-style polypropylene in a 20oz face weight.
Auto Pearl PVC Classic Loop Floor Mat

Auto Pearl PVC Classic Loop Car Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Most of all, these mats are for those who stand for longer hours and help relieve pressure on the back, knees, and feet


Comfort Foam Anti-Fatigue Mats

Because, these are specially made for comforting those who stand for longer hours on hard surfaces. Therefore, the comfort foam mats are vinyl anti-fatigue mats, with 3/8 thickness.

GelPro Designer Comfort Foam Floor MatGelPro Designer Comfort Foam Floor Mat


Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats

Most of all, Hog heaven anti-fatigue mats are considered heavy-duty mats that are composed of nitric cell foam base with a premium nitrile rubber surface which results in commercial-grade, comfortable anti-fatigue mat. And hence, the thickness of these mats is 5/8 and 7/8, with width 2 to 5 wide.
Andersen Hog Heaven Floor Mats

Andersen Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat


Tile Anti-Fatigue Mats

Because these mats are popular and also comfort floor mats, hence they are known for their classic marbleized look and also their superior comfort. And also these mats come with anti-microbial compound built-in.

EVA Foam Interlocking Tile Floor MatEVA Foam Interlocking Tile Mat


Kitchen Mats

Since, kitchen floor mats are essential for both residential and commercial usage. Hence, these mats combine comfort, traction and floor maintenance against stains and scratches, and also spills. Also mats are placed in the kitchen to ensure safety from slippery and for comfort.


Commercial Kitchen Mats

Commercial kitchen floor mats are made for restaurant and commercial high-scale kitchens where comfort, traction and drain off the excess water are to be considered. These mats are made out of Nitrile rubber and hold better to grease, fat and oil. The drain holes present to let the food and liquid fall through easily.
Firangi Brown Butterfly Kitchen Floor Mat

Firangi Brown Butterfly Kitchen Mat


Dishwasher Safe Foam Kitchen Mats

These mats are appropriate for commercial high traffic kitchen environments which provide comfort to the back of staff standing long hours. Dishwasher safe foam kitchen mats increase traction and allow easy clean up. Mats are made of a Nitricell foam and available at 5/8 thickness.

Sani-Clean Kitchen Mats

Sani-clean kitchen mats are Stretching rubber floor mats with alternating huge or small holes for drain and debris filtering. These mats come with ½ thicknesses and are durable.

Salon Mats

First of all, salon floor mats are anti-fatigue mats which are extensively used in salons and barber shops to accommodate salon chairs. Therefore, these mats are puncture and are stain resistant.


Textured Design Salon Mats

Almost textured design salon mats come with crocodile-like surface texture boast with a glossy, sleek finish. Hence, these mats also act as anti-fatigue mats in relieving the pain of back and legs. As a result, mats feature thick vinyl surface and are highly resistant to punctures and high heels.

Wood Design Salon Mats

Because these wood design salon mats are comfortable and come in soothing colors, and are perfect for salon and parlours. Therefore, mats are durable, also made of the vinyl surface is satin, puncture and chemical resistant.

Younique Cotton Floor Mat
Multicolor Cotton Floor Mat
Kinshuk Enterprises Floor Mat

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