Latest Gold, Fashionable, Diamond Earrings Buying Guide for Girls

First of all, an earring is a jewel which is worn on the ear. In ancient days male and female had the practice of wearing earrings. But in modern life only women use to wear the earrings. Usually it is worn on the earlobe by everyone. It is followed as custom in all the Indian religion.

earringsThere are 9 locations in the ear where the earrings can be worn. They are given as follows:

Helix     Industrial     Rook     Daith     Tragus     Snug     Conch     Anti-Tragus     Lobe

Almost, the earrings are worn after piercing of the earlobe. Usually, the ear piercing is referred to earlobe piercing. The piercing of the upper parts of the ear is known as cartilage piercing. After piercing the ear wound will be formed. Hence, the wound of the earlobe will be healed quickly than the other upper parts. And also, there are numerous materials used for making earrings. Most of all, materials like metals, plastics, crystals, precious stones, beads, even woods are used to make earrings.

Importance of wearing earrings for girls

Every women has the habit of wearing ornamental jewels. Women usually think that they need to look good, neat and beautiful. In addition, they do have the practice of wearing jewel. Usually they wear ear jewel called as earring, hand jewel called bangles, chains and necklaces that is worn to the neck, rings to their fingers, anklet to their legs. May be on special occasions women wear forehead chain, hip chain etc. according to their status and family custom. Therefore, no women will come out without earring and other important jewel.

Because they have the practice of wearing jewels that matches the apparels they wear. Hence, the apparels and jewels are selected according to the event or function they attend. Also, the women who belong to lower than middle class family also use to wear at least earring and chain. Hence, there are many materials to make all the jewels. Most of all, Gold and silver are costly metals out of which the jewels are made.

And also the jewels are worn for various purposes like rituals, culture, custom, beauty, attraction, status etc. Although, people consider these reasons to wear ornaments there is another main motive and reason above all. Because, the main reason is the pressure points present in the human body will be activated when the jewels are worn. And also costume jewellery are sold at lesser price than the real precious metal jewellery. Hence, as per the status some ornaments are worn by women. Especially relevant, on wearing earrings all the pressure points are activated. Hence, the main nerves across the body do pass through the ear and when pierced, all the parts are fine-tuned by the earring. Therefore, for the sake of beauty, custom, culture the medical facts are gratified.

Types of Earrings

In the olden days only very few designs and studs were available. Now in modern world there are many types for earrings to wear. The types of earrings are listed below.

1. Stud Earring

The single piece of earring that is worn on earlobe is called as ear stud. It will not move anywhere. The backside of the earring is available like screw or press type often called as butterflies back in terms of earrings alone. There are various designs for stud earrings. Good quality earrings are made from gold, silver plainly or attached with precious stones with good carvings and crafting etc. Since, it is a single piece it would not weigh more. However, Screw type earring will be safe than butterflies back because, if butterflies back is bit loose then the jewel may get lost.

2. Hoop or Huggies Earring

This earrings look like rings in the ear. There may be plain in the metal earrings and the design of the hoop can be crafted for semi ring or for three fourth the other left over quarter part will be used by the hoop. One part of the ring will have the beam to lock and the other part will have a hole to leave the lock beam inside. While unlocking, the beam should be released by pressing the knob present aside. The hoop earring can be worn by leaving the beam or wire into the piercing and the hole on the other side of the earring. Then it should be locked.

3. Drop and Dangle Earring

In the olden days, earrings were made to drop down from the earlobe which is attached to the stud. They are called drops. Jhumki was the famous drop in the olden days. Almost dangles are similar to drops but the length of dangles are more than the drops. Dangles may swing to and fro of the ear side. Drops just shakes from the ear. It is basically shorter than the dangles. Mostly drops will be attached with studs, but for the dangles a hook is enough to make it swing. The drops are made up of metals, pearls, stones etc. and dangles are made from plastics, crystals, stones etc. Hence, both the earrings will give a good appearance for girls.

4. Barbell Earring

As the name defines the earring will also look like barbells. Both the sides of the earring will be alike. The one part will be like a stud and other part will be screw. The stud contains a thin rod like metal permanently. The other bead is screwed up. The same mechanism is applied for circular barbells also. The ball of one end will be a detachable one and the other one is fixed permanently. Therefore, as per the fashion, earrings are designed and it is accessible easier too. Thus, this is also a beautiful type of earring which is worn by male and female.

5. Slave Earring

The other name of this is called as Bajoran earring. The name is given as per the culture of the Bajorans. Bajorans are prehistoric genera who brought up innovative and progressive technology before the evolution of humanity of earth. Later on they were slaved and used as slave labours. They have the practice of wearing this type of earring. Thus, it is named as Bajorans or slave earring. This earring is crafted as a stud with or without a small drop. There exist one or more chains from the stud to the upper part of the ear. Therefore, this type of earring is named after the culture of the Bajorans.

6. Ear Thread

Despite of its name this earring is not made from a thread. Instead, it looks like a thread near the ear. This type of earring is crafted as a long chain from the hook till the drops. The chain will be thin enough to get into the hole of the earlobe and about half of the chain will be left at the rear end of the ear, the drops and the front half of the chain is left at the front end of the ear. Therefore is looks like hanging. Sometimes, if the women have three holes near the earlobe then chain can be pierced inside the other holes also. Thus, it looks like screen hanging.

7. Ear Spike

The ear spike earring is a small earring that is worn on Helix or Cartilage of the ear. Helix or Cartilage position is the upper portion of the ear. The ear spike looks like a spike in the shoe. One end of the earring will be like a spike and the other end will be a screw. The screw is unscrewed and the spike part has its extension, that extension is pierced into the hole and it is screwed again. This type of earring is uncommon among girls nowadays. Thus only very few designs are available in this type.

8. Industrial earring

This earring will be like a rod used to penetrate the holes made at the two ends of the ear. One end of the industrial earring will be the starting portion of the upper ear from the face, and the other end will be the Helix near the Scaphoid Fossa. The earring looks like an arrow. The lengths of this earring is given as 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm and 42mm etc. According to the holes distance the earring can be selected. This type of designs are also very uncommon. Thus, the ends of these earring might have ball design or arrow design.

Criteria to look before buying a Gold Earring

Everybody love to wear costly earrings. While buying costly things people need to concentrate and check for many things. This is done to buy a worthy earring for the amount we spend. There are some important criteria on which people has to ponder. There are important criteria on which people have to ponder when they buy gold.

1. BIS hallmark

First of all BIS is Bureau of Indian Standards hallmarked jeweller. People who buy gold earring should check the BIS hallmark standard. It is a benchmark people need to swear upon to buy gold earring. Without BIS hallmark seal the value of the jewel will be lowered than the jewel that has this seal.

2. Price of gold

Since, the price of gold is fluctuating day to day, the same has to be checked before buying. The making charges and wastages are calculated with respect to the price of the gold. The percentage of making charges and wastages varies for every jewels. So watch it cautiously to save the money.

3. Weight of the gold

The buyer has to check the weight of the jewel via a weighing scale. The door of the weighing scale should be closed while weighing to avoid fluctuating the weight while weighing. People should ensure that the amount they give is valid to buy that much gold. The weight of the earring is multiplied with the current rate of one gram of gold and some percentage of making charges and wastages are added along with it for the gross amount of the earring.

4. Purity of the gold

The term karat is used to measure the purity of the gold. When the value of the karat is increases then the purity of the gold is increased. Basically, there are 24k, 22k and 18k gold. K indicates Karat. 24k gold is the purest form of gold that has 99.9 % pure gold. This is seen in bright yellow colour. Since this is the purest form this will be priced higher that 22k and 18k. Though, this as such does not suit for making ornaments. Some percentage of copper has to be mixed with this to make a perfect jewel. This is because, copper gives the strength to the jewel. Thus the gold coins and bar golds are usually in the form of 24k.

This is used to clear the ear infection and to improve the aeration of the middle ear. 22k gold is suitable for making jewels. In 22k gold the percentage of gold is 91.6% the rest of the points are scored by other metals like silver, zinc, nickel, copper and other alloys. Adding these metal will give strength and durability to the earring. This purity is unfit to accommodate the diamonds and heavy studs. Furthermore, we have 18k gold. This has 75 % gold and balance 25 % comprises of other metals like copper or silver etc. Generally, this is suitable for studded and diamond earrings. Ultimately this kind of gold will have less value than the other two. This will appear like dull golden colour. Hence, these criteria are the important things to be pondered while purchasing a gold earring.

5. Pay back terms

Some shops are genuine in such a way that they value more for the jewels when it is purchased at the same shop when the customers return back. To ensure that while purchasing itself buyer has to confirm this policy. So, it will be a better option to get a good value for the jewels.

Criteria to look before buying a Diamond Earring

When people buy diamond also there are several criteria that should be focused. The criteria are given as carat, colour, cutting and clarity. Simple to remember like 4 Cs.

1. Carat

Carat is the term used to refer the weight. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, or 0.07 ounces. Five carats of diamond is equal to 1 gram, 141.7 carats in one ounce. Carats are generally expressed in terms of fractions or points. It can be mentioned that there are 100 points in one carat. While the seller says the carat for the earring the buyer should make sure whether that carat is for one earring or the pair. This is the situation where the buyers may miss to focus. Hence, people should be very careful while buying the paired jewels.

2. Colour

Naturally, diamonds are colourless. They are generally categorized on the spectrum of the colour. Colourless diamond is rated as D, though, E and F also rated as colourless. G to J are rated as near colourless and K to M have a faint yellow tint. Marginally coloured diamonds can be little more attractive if it has a good clarity and cut. The other available colours are red, blue, green and black. All these colours are very rare.

3. Clarity

Clarity depends on the brilliance of the diamond. Flawless diamond is called as good clarity diamond. The blemishes and inclusions will cause flaws. Blemishes are the flaws that appear on the surface of the diamond. The inclusions appears inside the diamond. Flaws affects the diamond’s clarity to reflect the light and the same is called as brilliance. The pure and clear diamond is very rare and expensive.

4. Cut

The shape of the diamond defines the reflection of the light. This reflection is relies on the shape of the diamond. The shape is based on cut of the diamond. Before cutting the diamond proportion and symmetry should be evaluated. All these things are based on the gem-cutter. So the flawless diamond is very rare to produce by the gem-cutter.

Henceforth, all these 4 four criteria should be check before selecting the diamond.

Famous Fashionable Earrings

1. JORA Multicoloured Antique Gold Plated Alloy studded with Jarkans and Kundan Design

These earrings are designed with gold plated antique allow material. The alloy used for this earring belongs to high quality. It has designed as antique black colour with white and pink jarkans and kundan. It also has pearls at the end of the golden colour balls. This adds attraction towards this earring. It has a small jhumka as the drops and thilak on the top where the stem of the earring holds. This earring resembles like a crescent. The length of the earring is 5 centimetres and width of the earring is 3 centimetres. This can be worn for grand functions. This has a polishing warranty for 6 months. Thus, the design of the earring is very cute and attractive.

  • This is a beautiful product and also arrived quickly
  • On viewing it may look small once worn it is felt bigger and weighted

2. C. Krishniah Chetty Jewellers 22K (916) yellow gold drop earrings

These are crafted from 22 karat gold and certified by BIS hallmark. The weight of this earring is 0.96 grams. Stones has replacement warranty for 1 year from the bill date. the height of this earring is 12.52 mm and width is 3.98 mm. The dimensions are close to the approximate value.

The earring is awesome and filled with stones. The centre column of the earring is filled with green colour. The first and last columns are filled with white colour. At the end of this earring an individual green coloured stone is hung. The earring is closed with screw type. Hence, overall it is an awesome fashionable earring that matches with green and white colour dresses during night time parties.

3. Jewel Cartel Golden Silver Jhumki Earring for Women

Jewel cartel introduces a silver earring plated with golden colour. It has a green coloured quartz stone above the jhumki. The jhumki has an extended ball shape design coloured with black. The body of the jhumki is crated with boxes. This should be stored in an air tight pouch. This earring should be kept away from perfumes and soaps. Care should be taken for its durability. It is suitable to wear for traditional dresses and casuals. Therefore, it is a cute earring having a combination of traditional design in a modern type or earring base.

  • Amazing product and lovely product that every ladies like to wear.
  • Amazon packing is also good

4. Ahilya Jewels Dakshin collection 0.925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Drop Earrings

The 0.925 sterling silver is used to craft these earrings. The dimensions of an earring is given as 7cm of length and 1.5 cms width. This pair looks like a crescent on which a green coloured stone is placed. The green colour stone is in thilak shape. Below the crescent, several tiny balls are crafted. Then below the balls, green colour stone is placed. Then round rings are arranged like a flower and with that hanging is joined. Alternatively along with the chain, white colour semi beads are joined.

Then below everything green colour beads are hung. It look so beautiful and matches for green and white colour dresses. This also outfits the traditional dress with an awesome attraction. These are plated with golden colour and henceforth, maintenance steps should be taken properly. The proper maintenance will improves its durability. The chemicals like soaps and perfumes does not come into contact with these earrings. Air-tight pouch or box should be used for these earrings.

  • These are stunning pair of earrings

5. Stylori Jaru’s Majestic 0.925 sterling silver drop earrings

As the name indicates, using 0.925 sterling silver this pair is crafted. The dimensions are 2.65 cms wide and 4.16 cms long. Probably, this earring takes broader diamond shape. There are three droplets shaped white stone. Then, for the border of the diamond, green colour stones are fixed. Below the stones, rings are crafted. In those rings tiny white beads are hung. Amongst these tiny beads, one big golden coloured bead as a final touch is hung. Since it is crafted with sterling silver, avoid chemical contacts. Store it using air-tight containers. These earrings outfits traditional wears and casual wears.

  • The product is very nice

Famous Fashionable Earrings

1. Velvetcase 22 K (919) Yellow Gold Hoop earring

Using 22 karat gold this pair of earring is made. This has BIS hallmark certification. The shape of these earrings are ring. Below the ring ball designs and patch designs are given. Since this is a gold earring, it behaves almost friendly for all the skin types. Although, it is a gold earring care should be taken. It is better to use zip-lock pouch to safeguard the earrings. Clean the earrings with clean and soft cloth. The weight of this earring is 1.19 grams. This is a traditional and stylish earring. This best suits traditional and casual wears.

  • This is a very good earring

2. Nishtaa 22K Yellow Gold Stud Earrings

The earring is made up of 22 karat gold and has BIS hallmark certification. Using cubic zirconia, the earring is embellished. The length of the earring is 1.1 cms and width is 0.9 cms. This is clover shaped with curved stem. This tiny earring weighs 0.94 grams. Thus, it is an awesome and cute earring.

  • This is a good earring for daily use

3. Senco Gold 22k (916) Yellow Gold Stud Earrings

Senco Gold 22k (916) Yellow Gold Stud Earrings

Using 22 karat (916) yellow gold with BIS certification this pair is crafted. This is a hand crafted product. It weighs 1.38 grams. The shape of the earring is a triangle and one side of the triangle is blunt on one side. The other two sides are sharp edged. Some other curves are carved in the earring. At the end, it has a diamond shaped drops. It has pressed type stopper. This looks so elegant and gorgeous. This suits traditional and casual wears also girls and women. Hence, it is a beautiful party wear product.

Buy it on Amazon

4. Velvetcase 22k (916) BIS Hallmark Yellow Gold Stud Earrings

This pair or earring is made from 22 karat gold and BIS hallmark certification. For the storage of this earring a zip-lock pouch may be used. The earring should avoid contact with water, chemicals like perfumes, soaps etc. This earring is cleaned with a soft and clean cloth. It is suitable for all types of skins. The height is 5.6 millimetre and width is 5.61 millimetre. The total weight is 1.31 grams. This is another cute product from Velvetcase. This earring is a simple model. It has a ball shaped hollow with carvings in it. This has screw type stopper. This will suit for a small girl to a big lady. This is suitable for all occasions and all apparels. Hence, it is a suitable product for all age groups and all occasions and apparels.

  • It is a small and simple product

5. Velvetcase 22 karat (916) BIS hallmark Yellow Gold Stud Earrings

The other product from Velvetcase. These are made from 22 karat gold. The earring is certified with BIS Hallmark. A Skin friendly metal, gold is used to craft this pair of earring. The guidance of this pair of earrings are store these earrings using a zip-lock pouch, clean it with a soft and dry cloth and keep the earring away from perfumes, soaps and other chemicals. Furthermore, this design is very traditional. The centre of the earring is a ball. Twisted rings are found as a border of this ball. The other layer of the earring is a diamond shaped boxes placed in all directions. It has a screw type stopper.

  • Ladies love to wear it and it is good for regular wear

6. C. Krishniah Chetty Jewellers 22 karat (916) Yellow Stud Earrings

These are crafted using 22 karat gold. It has BIS hallmark certification. Cubic zircon is used to embellish the earring. The only design is the embellishment of this cubic zircon. It looks so pretty. It is suitable for all types of apparels and occasions. Hence, it is a good earring for all girls in all occasions.

  • This earring is very excellent and money worthy product

Famous Fashionable Earrings

1. P.N. Gadgil Jewellers Diamond Whirling Floral Stud Earrings

This pair of earring is made with 18 karat gold and 0.2 carat diamond. The width of this earring is 8.18 mm and the height is 8.18 mm. this earring is decorated with astonishing diamonds. The colour of diamond is FG. The clarity of diamond cut is Very Very slightly included (VVS) means inclusions and blemishes are included in very very slightly. FG indicates colourless and near to colourless. This earring is certified by GSI and verified by BIS hallmark. All the diamonds are conflict free. This earring is elegant very cute. The earring is designed with round shaped diamonds and oval shaped gold to hold the diamonds. This suits all occasions. Hence, it is a best earring for all ages, occasions. Mostly this earring outfits the traditional apparels.

  • The cut and shine of the diamonds are excellent

2. BlueStone white Gold and Diamond Hoop Earrings

These earring are comprises of gold and diamond. It has 18 karat gold and 0.37 carat diamond. The length of the earring is 20.26 mm and width of the earring is 8.46 mm. The colour of the diamond is IJ rated as near colourless. The cut of the diamond is very good. It has SI clarity. SI stands for slightly inclusions and blemishes are included. The diamond is certified by SGL / HKD and gold is verified by BIS hallmark. All the diamonds embellished in this earring is free from conflict. This earring comes under hoop type. This best suits the traditional wear, casuals and all occasions. This also suits all age groups. Hence, this is a money worth product that best suits everybody in all occasions.

  • The design is beautiful and unique

3. Demira Jewels Yellow Gold and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

The earring is made up of 18 karat gold and festooned with 0.71 carat diamonds. The colour of the diamond is FG colourless and near colourless. It has very good stone cut with inclusions and blemishes are included Very slightly (VS), very very slightly (VVS) clarity. The diamonds are certified by DGLA and gold by BIS hallmark. These earrings are made by craftsmen having long years of cumulative experience. All the diamonds are sure without conflict. These earrings are in square shape with rounded corners. These earrings are festooned with conflict free diamond. This well suits the traditional and casual dresses. It also best suits all the occasions. The diamond jewellery gives the prestigious look for the ladies.

  • The earrings has good design

4. Nakshatra Yellow Gold and Diamond Stud Earrings

These earrings are made from 18 karaot gold and 0.5 carat diamond. The height of the earring is 8.4 mm and width of the same is 7.9 mm. These earrings are embellished with diamonds in floral shape on the whole. The colour of the diamond is given as GH. It has good stone cut with VS clarity. The diamond are certified by IGI and gold is certified by BIS hallmark. The diamonds decorated are free from conflict. This earring looks so pretty and gorgeous. Thus, these are the best choice for grand functions with traditional dresses.

5. Nakshatra Modern Collections 18 k Yellow Gold and Diamond stud earrings

The other product from Nakshatra Collections. This is made with gold and diamond. The gold belongs to 18 karat and the diamond belongs to 0.27 carat. The height and the width of this earring is 8.43 mm. the colour of the diamond is JK and it has fine stone cut with SI clarity. Diamond is certified by SGL and gold by BIS hallmark. The diamond are free from conflicts. The earring is crafted like a pyramid depicting the pharoah home. Thus, the awesome sparkling diamond and glittering gold combination goes well with traditional dresses and grand functions.

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