Keratin Treatment For Hair

First and foremost thing to know is Keratin. Keratin is a kind of protein that a hair should need to grow well. Keratin protein is available in the market in the form of the cream. The stylist will apply the keratin on the hair and then use heat to iron and seal to make it straight. Time engaged in this work is one and a half hours, for longer hair, it needs more time. Keratin used in the salon will include Complex Smoothing Therapy, Global Keratin Complex etc. After this Keratin Treatment, people should not wash their hair for three to four days since the treatment takes the time to set and react. After four days while washing the hair one should use sodium sulphate free shampoo to make the hair to cooperate or withstand the treatment. The result lasts for two months.

Keratin Treatment for hairImportance of Keratin Treatment

This treatment will straighten the shapeless hairs. It will look neat and combed. The hair will also be smooth and shiny. People who undergo this treatment may forget about frizzy. It will not disturb at any cost. If the hair is free from frizzy, then the loss of hair will not happen. People need not worry about the walking in sun, rain or moist. The hair will not react to the external forces after the four days of treatment. To conclude with this treatment increases the beauty of the hair, make soft, lasts till two months and free from frizzy. Moreover, the keratin protein is sealed with the hair for two months. So, people should make use of this treatment and maintain their hair to beautify themselves.

Reason for Keratin Treatment Popularity:

The Keratin Treatment is popularly known for straightening the hair. This method will suit for the people who are suffering from uncontrollable from curly, frizzy hair. The stylist will treat the hair with keratin solutions and make the curly, frizzy hair and make the hair under control. The longevity of this treatment does not only believe in the keratin solution but also the stylist skill. The severity of damage relies on the exposure of the hair. The hair will become soft, shiny and frizz free, and prevents from hair loss. Thus this treatment is a very effective one.

Keratin Treatment Types

1. Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Treatment produces good results like reducing curls 80% and solves frizz 100%. This type of treatment gives optimum results in terms of lasting and smoothness. Brazilian Keratin Treatment has four types. They are original, Chocolate, Advanced and Brazilian Blowout. People who have normal to fine hair can make use of this Original treatment. This treatment withstands its result for 3 to 6 months. The longevity relies on the product they use for the treatment and the skill of the stylist. The next type id chocolate, this treatment well suits the people who have thick hair.This treatment will result in glossy and beautiful, because of the oils and cocoa butter that is used for the treatment. The other treatment is advanced level, People who have fine hair can opt this treatment.

Brazilian Keratin TreatmentThis fabulous treatment solves frizz and leaves the natural curls, since a couple of natural curls will add credentials to the hair beauty. The outcome will be stable for 2 to 3 months. The last treatment under this section is Brazilian Blowout. People can expect frizz elimination, leaving natural curls as the result of this treatment. Hence Keratin Treatment will best suit for all the hair types.

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2. Soft Keratin Treatment

Soft Keratin TreatmentSoft Keratin Treatment is given as two types. They are original soft and chocolate soft. Original soft is given for normal to fine hair. This lasts for 2 months. Another type is Chocolate soft. This type well suits the women who have thicker hair. This treatment pervades and nourishes the hair with the necessary products like essential oils and cocoa butter. Due to the Keratin Treatment oils and cocoa butter, the hair results silky, shiny and conditioned. The outcome will last till two to four months. People can wash their hair the same day after treatment, though it leaves the hair extremely soft. This Keratin Treatment will reduce 70% of curls and 80% of frizz problem to the extreme level. Thus this is the best treatment to undergo to keep our hair healthy and beautiful.

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3. Keratin Express

The Keratin Express is named after its speedy process. It is a self-explanatory term. As the name given, people can finish off this treatment within less time, money and difficulty. Since Keratin express needs less money and time, it will be affordable for the majority of the people. The outcome of Keratin express is smooth, shine and fine conditioned hair at a very low cost than other keratin treatments. The time taken for this treatment is just 45 minutes.This Keratin Express Treatment will also provide its own solutions such as the elimination of frizz, reduces curls, shiny and straight hair. The result of this treatment withstands for one to one and a half months. Even the people who have straight hair can also make use of this treatment to improve their hair condition and solve frizz.

Keratin Express After the hair cut also Keratin Express Treatment can be followed. Moreover, people can use this Keratin Express Treatment to extend other Keratin Treatments. The results may vary based on the texture of the hair. Consequently, it is sure that Keratin Express is a good, cheap and best treatment with respect to the hair texture amongst all the other Keratin treatments.

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4.Ultra-smooth Keratin Treatment

The Ultra-smooth (Japzilian) Keratin Treatment is the net result of the good qualities of the two treatments namely Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Japanese hair straightening treatment. The chemical relaxer that consists of Perm, Thio, Hydroxide, and No Lye will make the hair straight. The side effects of this chemical are it will make the hair dry and weak which leads to damage and split ends.

ultra-smooth keratin treatment Ultra-Smooth Keratin Treatment will increase the level of keratin that is essential for hair. Thus automatically, the increased Keratin will start its work to strengthen the hair and loosen the curls and lessens the frizz. However, Ultra-smooth will bring the hair to the manageable condition. Afterwards, the Keratin is added to rejuvenate the hair naturally. Then, the protein is called Keratin is filled and coated with the hair and binds as a protective sheath to retain moisture for hair. Accordingly, this is also the best treatment for all kind of hair who needs their hair free from frizz and retains its moist and health.

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Keratin Treatment Brands

1. Nunaat Brazilian Keratin Intense Hair Mask

Nunaat Brazilian Keratin Intense Hair Mask
Nunaat Brazilian Keratin Intense Hair Mask is really a good product that it can be used for any type of hair texture. This product is perfect for the restoration and maintaining the straightness of the hair. It helps a lot in repairing the weak cuticles, the goodness of the Keratin protein will induce the natural shine and softness. It also straightens the hair, reduces frizz and curls. Thus this is a good product for hair styles that brings confidence for the women within themselves.

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2. One ‘N Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Kurl Texture Control Glaze

One ‘n Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Kurl Texture Control Glaze
This product is free from alcohol. This One in Only Brazilian Tech Keratin curl coats each strand of the hair with a good protein called Keratin. The coating of Keratin gives smoothness to the roots, glowing and shining hair. The stylist can style the hair with or without heat. The direction of this brand to use is, just apply to the towel-dried hair from the root of the hair to the tip. Just the application is enough. Then according to the people’s wish styles can be dressed to their hair. Usage of heat is optional regarding this product. Hence, this product can be used to dress up the hair with the new hair styles.

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3. Rusk Deepshine Smooth Keratin Care Deep-Penetrating Treatment

RUSK Deepshine
Rusk Deepshine product is used to condition the hair chemically and colour treated. Natural Keratin, vitamins and marine botanicals are present in this brand to energise the hair by the smoothening, shiny and gorgeous condition. So, this gives a deep-penetrating treatment for sure.

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Shampoos And Conditioners Used For Keratin Treated Hairs

1. GK Hair Moisturizing Shampoo And Conditioner

This Global Keratin moisturising Shampoo is strengthened with Juvexin that is a sole formula that enriches the hair with needed protein. This protein will act as shelters the colour and Keratin treated hair from damages. This shampoo results with hydrated hair, soft and silky hair after washing. This product is free from sodium chloride and other sulphates so, GK moisturising shampoo will keep the Keratin and colour treated hairs delicately. GK Hair Moisturizing shampoo is also apt for coarse and dry hair and it repairs the damages also.

GK Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner
GK conditioner is one of the best conditioners that is used for Keratin Treated hairs. This is derived from primaeval sheep’s wool via the eco-friendly process. Thus is goes well with all types of hair and makes it manageable, frizz free, hydrated, soft and shiny. It is a type of leave-in conditioner so, after shampooing this cream can be used to apply over the mid-lengths till the ends of the hair. Different hair styles can also be performed.

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2. CHI Keratin Conditioner

CHI Keratin ConditionerCHI conditioner hydrates the hair with naturally available oil and protein. Keratin makes the hair healthy, shiny, and soft. The ingredients help in strengthening of hair and shield the roots and shafts with moist and protect from split ends and hair loss. It is a Paraben free conditioner. This can be used after shampooing. After shampooing, take needed quantity of the CHI Keratin conditioner and apply gently on the hair. Added quantity can be used at the damaged parts of the hair. Leave as such for 3-5 minutes and rinse. It will be better if thorough rinsing is done by cool water. This conditioner will protect the hair from breakage. Thus, it can be used as a good conditioner for hair that helps the hair growth in all aspects.

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3. Keratin Complex Care Conditioner

Keratin Complex Care Conditioner
This is another conditioner which is specially presented for Keratin treated hairs. This product is an after-wash conditioner. This Keratin Conditioner will prolong the period of Keratin in such a way that it helps to maintain the treatment for a longer period. The hair looks glowing and straight. The general features of conditioner and Keratin are applicable for this also. Thus, the hair looks straight, smooth, silky and also hydrated. This keratin complex care conditioner is quite suitable for all types of hairs such as coarse, curly, dry, unmanageable hairs. Keratin complex care conditioner actually rejuvenates the hair when used and it is maintained when is continuously used. Thus this is one of the best product for the unconditioned hair.

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General Guidelines For Keratin Treated Hairs

Keratin is a type of protein that hair needs to grow well. This keratin treatment is used for hair straightening. It also keeps the hair healthy, glowing, shiny and also strong. Keratin does all the beauty deeds. The Keratin treatment will last minimum for 2 months. The period of lasting the Keratin treatment can prolong when proper conditioner and shampoos are used. Since Keratin treatment seals the proteins on the hair. The shampoo or the conditioner should not peel off the protein coat. Thus, care should be taken for long lasting of Keratin treatment. The shampoos that are free from sulphate should be used for hair wash because the sulphate will destroy the shield of the Keratin Treatment.

Now in the market, some tricky words are used to hide the sulphate as an ingredient. Not only sulphate, Its cousins, the other combines products also weakens the Keratin treated hair. They are Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate. This SLS is masked as the names like Diethanolamine (DEA), Triethanolamine (TEA), Monoethanolamine (MEA). Sodium Chloride should also be avoided. has reported as Herbal Essences Shampoos do contain sulphates. The conditioners of the same are sulphate –free. Accordingly, people should be aware of purely sulphate free shampoos and conditioners and use them to prolong the period of Keratin treatment.

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