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For men wallets are a mean of carrying cash, plastic cards, identity cards among other such things. However, for women, wallets are way more than that. Wallets are able accessories, and style statements for women. They increase the panache and instil confidence in the woman carrying it. Hence, it is of utmost importance to choose the best ladies wallet online.


Tips to buy best ladies wallets

When out shopping for wallets, there are several things that should be kept in mind so as to come home with the most suitable wallet that is actually meant for you. Let us go through each of this one by one.



The first step towards selecting a wallet is selecting the material of the wallet – whether you want it to be leather, synthetic, cloth. Synonymously, you also need to check with the quality of the material that you have selected. Since the wallet is going to stay in your hand the whole duration, you want the feel of it to be soothing, and comfortable to your skin.



This solely depends on the purpose you desire the wallet to be used. If you are getting a wallet for parties and stuff you want your wallet to shine so flashy, bold tones like red, bright yellow, turquoise make the cut. If on the other hand, the wallet is to be used for more formal outings, you look for more corporate colors like black, brown or white.



This refers to the design of the wallet, the finishing, and the craftsmanship that has gone on to make the wallet. There may be one-zip wallets or multiple zip wallets. They may be flat wallets, there may be roundish wallets. There may be short ones, and some long ones too. The selection entirely depends on the taste and preference of the buyer.



Last but not the least, one of the major factors determining the purchase of a wallet is the brand of the wallet. A brand name association automatically enables the buyer to pay a premium for the wallet as it gives them a sense of satisfaction of holding the best in their hands. A brand may largely affect the purchase decision of a wallet, as the brand that you are carrying defines you as a person. A luxury brand increases your social status, for example. Various brands that can be looked into are Hidesign, Lavie, Baggit, Caprese. On the luxurious side: Chanel, Gucci, Prada, among others.

After discussing the main points of consideration of buying wallets, let’s look at the different prices these wallets command from the buyers. In India, you can buy wallets for as cheap as Rs. 300, or pay an amount as high as several lakh rupees. The cheaper ones compromise on the quality of material used and the finishing of the final product. The high priced ones have their own benefits in that they use the best material available for the range with very well made wallets that shout “oomph” from the moment you lay eyes on them.

One can buy wallets from local markets or from e-tailers. E-tailers can be seriously considered as they save a lot of time of the buyers as one can see thousands of products in a short span of time, and also see different varieties of products with the desired specifications filled in the form of ‘filters’ options that online marketplaces give one. Another major factor of buying from e-markets is the massive discounts they tend to give over the local markets. Also, a customer has the liberty to return the item once bought, in case he/she is not satisfied with it which another huge plus!

Few Best Wallets

a. Hidesign Ladies Wallet

This piece is made out of leather and is bright orange in colour which is perfect to pair with an orange or even a white dress. The faux belt design on the front gives it a different look and definitely makes it a head turner.

  • Good looks
  • Manufacturer warranty for 1 year
  • Genuine Leather

  • Finishing is a bit finicky
  • Looks cheaper than the price it demands
  • A bit too trendy for formal outings

b. Fossil Sydney Ladies Wallet

Another leather wallet but with more of a formal look, this one comes from the stables of fossil and has a nice classy look to it, which can be carried to both formal and informal events.

  • Has a sophisticated look to it
  • Really thin, even when full
  • Includes a small removable coin purse
  • Feel and looks are top notch

  • A bit pricey

c. Crossa Ladies Wallet

This wallet made my Crossa has a trendy look to it, and comes in purple colour. The material used is genuine leather and the glossy look is sure to make a few heads turn when you are out and about carrying this masterpiece in your hand.

  • Lots of slots and pockets
  • One and Two zip compartments
  • Genuine Leather

  • Looks too flashy, may lead people to believe its cheap
  • Suitable only for parties or casual outings

d. Moca Ladies Wallet

This is the smallest, and cutest of the lot, comes in pink colour, and hence suits both adults and kids alike. Although it cannot hold much, it is fine for money storing, and has decent amount of pockets inside it.

  • Very mobile and easy to carry
  • Decent amount of storage available

  • Too girly, may not be suitable for women
  • Would look out of place in a formal occasion
  • PU leather tends to wear out after some time

e. Urban Forest Ladies Wallet

The last recommendation comes from Urban Forest, this is a simple no nonsense wallet with two compartments and card holders. It comes in various colours like turquoise, pink, brown, red.

  • Large variety of colors available
  • Good storage
  • Conveniently small
  • Doesn’t look cheap despite the price
  • Suitable for formal as well as informal outings

  • Synthetic material

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