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First of all, Jegging is a combination between Jeans and leggings. A skin-tight pant made out of Denim jeans is called as jeggings. Jeggings brand is owned by Turkish textile company (ISKO), the original producers of stretching textiles. Jeggings Online was introduced in the year 2009, while it became popular among the people in 2010 as of business reports. Consequently, women who were jeggings will look like they wear jeans pants and they feel the comfort of leggings also.

Jeggings OnlineFew Benefits

1. Appearance

Jeggings are made of denim and spandex blend. Unlike leggings they no need to wear under a skirt, while they can be worn outside as pants. Because, the fabric used is denim and so the durability of jeggings online will be long. Hence, unlike leggings, jeggings online have pockets, button, zip and belt loops.

2. Comfort

Since jeggings are the combination of jeans and leggings, the properties of the leggings also apply for jeggings. The jeggings online can also be worn everywhere. If a women happens to sit down folding her legs also no problem. She need not worry, that feeling very difficult while crossing her legs. Because, the property of legging will take care of the comfortability of the women. This would be the great benefit for the ladies on wearing jeggings.

3. Versatile

The jeggings online can be worn for any coloured tops. It might be kurta or a shirt. According to the women’s wish jeggings can be worn for shirts, T-shirts and loose tops etc. Jeggings can be tucked into boots and high-top sneakers. Thus, it is worn along with any tops. The combination of Jeggings online goes well with any tops. Therefore, it is versatile.

4. Flattering

The jeggings online fit the women body and it make them very comfortable while wearing. Jeggings do have pockets to keep anything and belt loops for the matching and fantastic belts to hold. These belts can be seen when the lady tucks in the tops or else belt is not necessary. On wearing this women may appear lean with long and cute legs. When women wear pointed –toe-heel she looks too beautiful.

Types of Jeggings Online

1. Materials

Though jeggings online are the pants that are made up on denim material like leggings, it need variety. Hence, different materials are used to make jeggings. In addition, the primary material of jegging is Denim and the secondary materials may vary. And also, according to the body condition and weather, the secondary material may change. Therefore, to show the variety other materials are included with denim. Hence, those materials are listed out.

a. Cotton Jeggings Online

The properties of cotton and jeans will ultimately result in cotton jegging. Cotton is a very comfortable fabric. It is very soft, absorbent and breathable. Almost, the cotton clothes are permitted to wear close to the skin because of its properties. Unlike synthetic and other fibres cotton is non-allergic since it is a natural product and it has no chemicals. Thus, it is a very good material to make jeggings.

b. Polyester Jeggings Online

The major property of jegging is elasticity and elongation whenever needed. This can be given by polyester material since it has good property of elasticity. It gives brightness also. Thus this kind of fabric is also good to make jeggings.

c. Spandex Jeggings Online

The speciality of the fibre spandex is recovering the stretches without breaking. After the stretch, the spandex will return to its original length and its shape without any breaking and stretch marks. It is light weight, soft and supple. Thus, this is the very important product for jeggings.

d. Rayon Jeggings Online

This Rayon is an artificial silk. Rayon gives a glossy look because of the presence of artificial silky filament that gives lustre quality. It is a versatile fibre that is soft, cool and comfortable. It has a good absorbent property and so can be easily dyed into needed colours. This has medium range of elastic recovery. It cannot protect body heat. So it can be used in such kind of seasons. So when this is mixed with denim to make jeggings, then rayon jeggings suits humid steamy weather.

e. Nylon Jeggings Online

Nylon is good in strength, weight and elasticity. This is mainly used in weak points of a pant. The nylon is used in knee and seats of jeans pant, tow and heels of socks. When nylon material is wet it loses its strength. It has fine scratch resistant. Since it has elasticity property the wrinkles happened during daily usage will be removed easily. Nylon conducts heat and gives the warmth condition to the body. So the nylon jegging will suit the cold weather. It has poor absorbent property and so it can dries quickly and dirt can be wiped off so soon. Since it is strong and has elasticity property it has long durability. Thus the nylon jeggings are very good to wear during cold weather.

2. Size

SL No Size Waist (in Inches) Hip (in Inches) Inseam Length (in Inches)
1 X-Small 26 30.5 28
2 Small 28 32.5 28
3 Medium 30 34.5 29
4 Large 32 36.5 29
5 X-Large 34 38.5 29
6 XX-Large 36 40 29

3. Designs

a. Vescos leather : Vescos is a type of leather which is added as a design for jeggings.

b. Self print : Some designs are printed in the jeggings.

c. Ripped design : The design of tear of jeggings at the thighs and legs. Not only tearing some other patterns are also allowed to the same position as designs.

d. Print dupatta : Some designed patterns are printed in the dupatta and sold along with this jeggings.

e. Stylish : Exclusive design patterns are designed on the suitable material of jegging.

f. Checkered: Checker designs are implemented on the jegging.

Best Plain Jeggings Online for Girls

1. Kyron Fashion Ankle Zippe Stretch Skin Fit Jeggings online

Kyron fashions produce good quality product that are perfectly fit with fine stitching. The stretchable material makes the jeggings up to the body shape when worn. Moreover, it is suitable to all the weathers. It has pocket and the inner material of the pocket is also same as jeggings. The other properties are ankle zipper, slim fit. The available colours are red, pink, blue, violet, white, black, baby pink, fawn, majentha pink, navy blue, The Kyron jeggings looks stylish and gorgeous when worn. Kyron’s products are passed 11 types of quality check and given to the customer.

  • Good and best quality material
  • Suitable for girls as well as boys
  • Awesome colours and very comfortable

  • Price of the material is a bit high

2. FreeSpirit Women’s Skinny Fit Jeggings online

As the name indicates, this jeggings fit appropriately according to the structure of the body. The material used is a supersoft, wonderful quality. This jegging is available on 3 sizes 28, 30 and 34. The waist band is designed with elastic. It has pockets. The material is also very good and amazing. It gives a fashionable look when hands are inside the pockets. Thus it is suitable for girls and youngsters.

  • Good quality and soft material.

3. Kraus Women’s Jeggings online

The Kraus Jegging consists of 98% Denim and 2% Lycra. The closure is buttoned. It inseam length is 33 inches. It has the regular rise. The available sizes are 28,30,32,34 and 36. Kraus Jeggings is available in various sizes and material is soft and smooth. It also looks stylish. Hence this is really a very good type of jeggings for the youngsters.

  • The product is very nice

4. AND Women’s Jeggings online

The washing condition of this jegging is cold water should be used for hand wash and mild detergent too. While ironing warm heat will do for this jeggings. The inseam length is given as 28. The length of this jegging is till ankle and the waist is fit due to elasticity. The only available size is 26. It has belt loops. The colour is very attractive and common to match any tops. Since it is made with cotton it will be quite difficult to wash in machine. Hence care should be taken while washing and this can be worn in sunny seasons also.

  • Good product

5. Kraus Women’s Jeggings online

Krause Jeggings comprises of 98% Denim and 2 % Lycra. It looks slim from hip to thigh. Thus it looks like skinny leg. It shows rise in high back and midrise. The closure property is buttoned. The inseam length is 31 inches. The available size is 38 alone. Since it has Denim and Lycra, the jegging looks stylish and keeps smooth and soft. The rate of this jegging is also reasonable. Hence, this is an amazing jegging for girls and women.

  • The jeggings fits fine.
  • The price is reasonable

6. Miss Chase Women’s Slim Fit Jeggings online

Miss Chase Jeggings is made with 100% polyester. The trouser pants are zippered. The Waist of the jegging is made fit because of waistband. This is properly fit and the length covers full legs. This is ideal for any body type because of stretching capacity. The washable guidance is given as capable to wash in machine, must dried in shade, and for ironing warm heat is enough. The available sizes of this jegging is X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Thus, this is a good and convenient jegging for all girls as well as women.

  • The jegging is very comfortable and best fit jeggings

7. Avirate Women’s Jeggings online Pants

This Avirate leggings comprises of 70% of polyester and 20% spandex. The inseam length is 29 inches. The available size is X-Small. This has regular fit property. This jeggings does not has button system for closure. With the help of the elasticity of the waist part the jegging is very fit. This waist fitting part is called as waist band. Since, it contains polyester the jegging looks glossy. The jegging is stretched till the ankle. Although, the jegging does not have any added design patterns, the jegging looks so attractive. This is because of the glossiness of the polyester material. Thus, this is a good product.

  • This is a good product

  • The size of the jegging is little tight

8. Cherokee Girls Jeggings online

The cherokee jeggings is made of 100% cotton. This has regular fit property. This has belt loops and fancy belt also. The belt has a bow in the middle. The available colour is baby pink. It also has pockets to keep needed things that can accommodate inside the pocket. It has fancy buttons near the pocket that has floral design and black in colour. That looks so beautiful for baby pink colour jeggings.

  • The Cherokee Jegging is very good

9. Pepe Women’s Jeggings online

The pepe jeggings consists of 71% cotton, 27% polyester and 2% elastane. The inseam length is 31 inches. It has button method for closure and design. It has pockets also. The colour variation is given on the thigh and knee parts as well as slightly at waist part. It also has belt loops. Fancy coloured belts can be worn matching to the tops also when it is tucked in. It looks so cute and lovely when worn.

  • The product is very good and soft, since it is not denim.

  • This product is costly

Best Designed Jeggings online for Girls

1. SRW Women Slim Fit Jeggings online

SRM jeggings is made from Denim material. The given colour is light blue. This belongs to slim fit type. The washing instruction is normal wash. Can be washed using hands and machines, to avoid the fading for colour it can be dried in shade also. Furthermore, about the design, an exclusive type of design in given in the waist part of the pant. It looks so awesome. The design of this jegging can be called as twisted waist band. It has pockets also. The waist band includes dark colour for design and it looks so attractive. The shape of the leg is perfectly seen. The available sizes are 28, 30, 32, and 34.

  • The jegging as amazing slim fit property.
  • It is good, comfortable and stretchable.
  • This jeggings satisfies more than the expectation and is a money worthy product.
  • It is also made out of good quality.

  • The length of the jegging is bit short

2. Denim 3D Printed Jeggings women’s combo pack of 5

This product is given in a combo pack of 5 jeggings. This package has the colours like 1 black, 1 grey, 2 light blues and 1 dark blue. Every jeggings are designed without extra patch work. The design in given through the colour variation itself. Everything has pockets. All the products are suitable for regular use. This jegging is made from 96% polyester and 4% Elastane. The length of the jeggings is given as 28 inches to 40 inches or in centimetres it is from 71 to 101. Thus it is a good set of awesome designed jeggings.

  • The product is very good and nice denim material

3. Tarushi Lycra Dark Blue printed Jegging online for Women

Tarushi Lycra Dark Blue printed Jegging for Women

Tarushi Lycra is designed with all shades of blue colour. The material is extra soft since it has cotton fabric and it has stretchable property also due to lycra material. The combination of both cotton and lycra will definitely give a comfortable fit. It also augments the curve lines. Thus the girls who wear this jegging will have an attractive and stylish look and feels the comfort zone in all postures. The design is given in small hexagon shapes, dark and light alternatively filled with other designs like small and bid dots, checkers etc. The waist band is differentiated with plain colour. Some buttons are fixed in the sides and back pockets are fixed. Hence, good, comfortable and stylish product for girls to wear.

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4. James Scot – Printed Pattern Ankle Length Stretchable Slim Fit Multicolour Denim Type Printed Jegging online for women

James Scot – Printed Pattern Ankle Length Stretchable Slim Fit Multicolour Denim Type Printed Jegging for women

This jegging is made from Polyspandex and Denim. The pattern of this jegging is designed as printed patterns. The colours available are blue and grey. This is stretchable till the ankle. The sizes available are XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium and Large. This waist band and other parts of this jegging belongs to stretchable fit type since it has stretchable property. The jegging gives smooth feel and attractive look. This can be worn as casuals. This is available as a combo pack of 2 jeggings. Denim jegging will not be transparent and has denim print. Hence, this is a good material that gives an elegant look to girls and women when worn.

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5. Kaaya Stylish Designer Jeggings online for women and girls

kaya stylish designer jeggings for women and girls

The stylish jegging is made out of 100% cotton. This is considered as corporate wear, college wear and fashion wear. The washing guideline permits the machine wash at 40 C. No need to use bleach. It is recommended to use wash the dark coloured dresses separately. Mild iron is also recommended. The design in given as the colour combination of purple, white, blue and grey. Purple colour rose is given along with other prints. Pocket design is also given. It looks so beautiful and trendy. Thus it gives an elegant and gorgeous look for girls and women.

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6. Good Life Stuff Cotton Lycra Stylish Jegging online for Women in Khaki

Good Life Stuff Cotton Lycra Stylish Jegging for Women in Khaki

This jegging is fabricated from Cotton and Lycra. Cotton gives softness and suits all weathers whereas Lycra has stretchable capacity. Both are good quality that gives stylish, soft, comfortable look for those who wear this jeggings. The design pattern is given as an exclusive patch work with rangoli designs in brown and white colours. Furthermore, washing can be done as usually as cotton dresses. This jegging is khaki colour the patch work attached is in brown and white colour. Thus, this jegging has an elegant, gorgeous and exclusive look. The same will be reflected for the women and girls who wear this jegging.

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7. Sritika Women’s Jeggings online

Sritika Women’s Jeggings

This jegging is made from cotton and lycra. Hence, as the combination, these two has become so common, the properties rely on both these materials. Also, it can be washed using machine and hands. However, hand wash will be better. Also, the milder detergents can be used for washing. In addition, it is better to dry in the shade. It has elastic closure type. And also, this jegging has side pockets and designed as back pockets. Further, the side pockets are also given with designs. Also, the colour of the jegging is pure white and design is given as dark brown colour that perfectly matches the jegging. Therefore, this jegging gives an elegant look with exclusive design pattern.

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8. Dope Women’s Red Check Spun Lycra Jeggings

Dope Women’s Red Check Spun Lycra Jeggings

This jegging is fabricated from spun and lycra and hence it gives a stretchable slim fit. This is suitable for machine wash. It has mid waist and designed with zipped pockets. The whole jegging is designed with multicolours and checker pattern. The length is given till the ankle. Thus this looks very beautiful and do match with any coloured tops.

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9. Good Life Stuff Cotton Lycra Stylish Jegging online for women in Blue

Good Life Stuff Cotton Lycra Stylish Jegging for women in Blue

This is another product from Good Life Stuff. This is blue in colour. It has a good design pattern with tiny flowers and dots. This pattern covers full jeggings. The length is stretchable till ankle. Cotton and lycra has the property of softness and stretching. This jegging is made from high quality materials. The design pattern are printed on the jegging. Thus is gives an elegant look with stylish design and comfortable feel.

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10. Good Life Stuff Cotton Lycra stylish jegging online for women in red and white

Good Life Stuff Cotton Lycra stylish jegging for women in red and white

There is another jegging with the combination of Cotton and Lycra. The properties of cotton and lycra applies here also. The design is given with red colour in white colour jegging. The length is stretched till ankle. This can be washed using mild detergent. This jegging is washable with both hands and machine. The jegging is designed with back pockets. Hence, this gives a milder and elegant look for the girls and women.

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