Mysore Silk Sarees Online Shopping Guide

A Mysore Silk Sarees from Karnataka stands especially for its special weave, smooth feel, and simple design. It is manufactured only by the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC). They have manufactured at the country’s oldest silk manufacturing unit, the Mysore Silk Weaving factory at Mysore. KSIC is the only manufacturers of these sarees and has a special geographical indication for ‘Mysore Silk’. Sarees are luxuriant, super minimum design, elegant and stands out in a crowd.

Mysore Silk Sarees

These sarees come in a plain single color base fabric of 100% pure silk blended with a narrow strip of gold zari border at both ends. Sarees of 5.5 meters comes with large pallu with nice designs and a blouse piece. The sarees come in materials named, crepe-de-chine, georgette, zari printed crepe silk sarees, semi-crepe sarees. Over 300 different colors are available and are either printed or dyed in different combinations. The complete plain body of the saree makes it unique between other Indian sarees. If maintained properly these sarees can look brand new even after many years. Thus this brand is considered to be unique all around the world.

Factors to be considered before choosing a Mysore Silk Sarees would be:

1. Never Buy from an Unauthorized Seller

While buying online or at outlets, it is necessary to buy from an authorized outlet. As there are many fake makers who can cheat you. Before buying, compare the price with different sellers and make a good choice. Mysore silk sarees are costly compared to other types of sarees. So one should never end up buying cheap range as it may be duplicate.

2. Identify sarees best suited for your body

Sarees can be made of many natural as well as artificial materials. Mysore silk sarees are to be maintained well. Because they are costly compared to other types of sarees, due to its grace women like this sarees. Silk sarees enhance the overlook of women and thus should be chosen based on body type. The zari material and unique designs make Mysore silk sarees very desirable. The expensive range of sarees may have pure gold zari. Less ranged Mysore silk sarees contain pure silver zari. Each sarees consists of embroidery at the edge which has the woven date of the saree and the wage paid to the weavers.

Pure silk sarees are hand woven and fine gold and silver threads are used to make it unique. Border and designs of a pure silk saree are bright and would have a neat finish. Recent silk saree borders have ancient times motifs embroidered.

3. Weight of the silk saree

It is always said heavyweight sarees are made of heavy materials and last long. Mysore silk sarees have gold or silver zari and are usually heavy thus giving perfect wrap and look.

4. Silk mark

Pure silk sarees have silk mark representing the quality standardized silk and a butterfly like a symbol represent it. This mark is very essential.

5. Quality

Good quality silk saree color does not fade or decolorize quickly. If you wipe the saree with a wet tissue, the color should not be on the tissue.

6. Color

Mysore silk sarees come in different colors and may be very different under the showroom lights. Always check the color under sunlight. Mysore silk sarees are available in more than 100 colors to choose from. The 100% pure zari on the saree will not fade even after much use. The KSIC provides a guarantee on its zari in the form of embroidery code number, which is unique to each saree.

7. Material Composition

Mysore silk sarees is pure silk fabric, blended with 100% pure gold zari constitute: 65% silver and 0.65% gold. Varieties would be crepe-de-chine and georgette texture.

8. Design

Mysore Art Silk Saree
Mysore Chiffon Plain Silk Saree
Mysore Art Silk Pink Printed Saree

The Mysore silk sarees are simple in their design with just zari border and zari booties. Light colored sarees with contrast border make the saree elegant and beautiful. The saree after much use still manages to look new, that is the unique feature of the Mysore silk sarees.

Buying from weaver’s society ensures high-quality sarees for a reasonable rate. You never get a better quality silk saree for a lower price. If you are getting the best silk sarees at a lower price, then you are being cheated. Because you will never get a quality pure silk saris at a lower price. The purer and original silk, the costlier it will be.

It is recommended to buy through online stores. Because you can purchase the best quality saree with low price provided various offers.

Choosing a Silk saree is a task and maintaining the saree is another task. Few points to be considered are listed below:

  • Rinse the saree gently in plain cold water, do not make use of soap for first 3 washes.
  • For regular washing prefer a mild detergent.
  • Always wash the pallu, border, and body separately.
  • Never wash the saree with a bright colored material.
  • Can use a protein shampoo with warm/cold water. The protein present in the shampoo will feed the protein in the silk.
  • Using chemicals may damage and reduce the lifespan of the silk.
  • Never brush or lash the silk saree it may tear off the zari.
  • Never twist or wring the silk.
  • Do not bundle and keep wet for long durations.
  • Dry the Saree immediately after washing.
  • Roll the saree in a dry towel to remove the excess moisture.
  • Hang on a saree on a padded hanger.
  • Silk saree should always be out of direct sun.
  • We use fluids to remove stains from the fabric so always dry clean the sarees.
  • Fluids used to contain little or no water and they do not penetrate the fiber as water does.
  • The solvent used in dry-cleaning do not affect silk.
  • Always store the sarees in a cool, dry place.
  • Unfold silk sarees and change the folding preferably every month.
  • Almost keep the silk sarees in a hanging position.

Mysore Silk Sarees Online Price in India

Mysore Silk Saree Material Best Price Visit the Store
e-VASTRAM Women’s Art Mysore Printed Silk

e-VASTRAM Women's Mysore Art Silk Saree

Mysore Silk Saree ₹425 Buy
DESIGN WILLA Printed Mysore Art Silk Sari

e-VASTRAM Women's Mysore Art Silk Saree

Mysore Silk Saree ₹549 Buy
e-VASTRAM Womens Art Mysore Printed Silk

e-VASTRAM Women's Mysore Art Silk Saree

Mysore Silk Saree ₹425 Buy
Roopkala Women Mysore Chiffon Silk Saree

e-VASTRAM Women's Mysore Art Silk Saree

Mysore Silk Saree ₹1,190 Buy
e-VASTRAM Womens Art Mysore Printed Silk

e-VASTRAM Women's Mysore Art Silk Saree

Mysore Silk Saree ₹425 Buy
Parchayee Solid Mysore Art Silk Sari(Maroon)

e-VASTRAM Women's Mysore Art Silk Saree

Mysore Silk Saree ₹801 Buy


So buying a pure silk saree of your choice is an easy option in today’s e-commerce world. Buying a pure Mysore silk saree is not everything you need to do. But at the same time, you need to take care of your silk saree. This is the simple best guide to know the importance of Mysore Silk Sarees.

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