Online Saree Shopping Guide

Saree” – known as the most beautiful dress in the world and it nevertheless suits any woman who drapes it! And the word “Saree” is probably a weakness for Indian women! Indians love Sarees and they love draping them in different ways to look beautiful on many occasions. Saree is an ancient dress and it was never out of fashion till now and it continues so because it has its own value in Indian minds. As the time changes, online saree shopping has become a trend. Online saree shopping has its own benefits compared to offline saree shopping.

Online Saree Shopping Guide

Sarees – to be specific, you can say that Indian Sarees are the best example of “unity in diversity”. All over the states of the India, people love them, they wear them as casual, formal, festive season, special occasion dress, gift them to friends, relatives, daughters and even preserve as someone close’s memory. Here, Saree is not just a dress, it is a feeling!

Online Saree Shopping – What, When and How?

If you ask me what are the types of Sarees and when to wear which saree, there are lot types and lots of combinations that you can create! I have tried to categorize Sarees in the surface level here.

Designer SareesDesigner Sareesare trendy and suit many occasions. They are usually thin, easy to drape and good looking fancy sarees, which sometimes referred as Fancy Sarees. What I like most about the designer sarees is they maintain the perfection of your body and the saree. Designer sarees or fancy sarees come under various materials like Silk, Synthetic, Chiffon, Georgette, Polyester. They are the one which you feel to choose while going for a party.

Pure Silk Sarees
Pure Silk Sareesare those which have very high value and love at them. Most of the Indian functions demand to wear a pure silk saree which suits more for the Indian rituals and cultural followings. They are also considered as auspicious and wore on goddess statues too. Always silk has its own position fixed at high. The price of the Pure Silk Saree varies based on its types and also sometimes the width of the silk border(zari) it has.

silk-sareesSince the pure silk sarees are a bit heavy and also gives grand looks, some auspicious occasions make you choose the saree which is “Silk” but not “Pure Silk”. There is a large variety of Silk Sarees which are a mix of pure silk threads with some other material say cotton. Cotton mixed silk sarees are called as cotton sarees. There are sarees called as “Soft Silk Sarees” which are smooth and give a smooth silk look for your special day. They are easy to drape, easy to handle and some are even washable, which really gives you a more comfort feeling. Our online saree shopping guide covers all ranges of silk sarees in our shopping guide.


For the most special occasion of your life, the wedding day, when you are the center of attraction as a bride, you will have to make the choice of your wear very carefully. Bridal saree types vary based on the region, religion and rituals. The bridal sarees are huge in variety, price range and option. Majorly it will be a combination of pure silk and some saree work. Choose your bridal saree with love, care and very caution.

Party Wear Sarees

A woman wearing a party wear saree and stepping out for an event/party is really a treat to eyes. The complete, elegant and classy look of party wear sarees make the evening beautiful. Indian sarees are not just for traditional events. They can also serve the purpose of parties also and make them colorful. Party wear sarees can also come under designer sarees and other varieties, however, party wear sarees can be chosen the type of event that you are going to attend, wearing it. Shine on your party! Online Saree Shopping websites have large number of Chiffon sarees in competetive price.

Cotton SareesCotton Sarees! They are all time favorite of Indian women, especially who are professionals who wear saree daily, teachers, and the places where humidity is very high. Most of the Keralians wear white color saree called as “Set Saree” or “Kerala Saree” which beats the heat. Of course, the golden border to the white saree suits one and all and gives a fabulous look! Bengali cotton is another example for Indian cotton saree. They are just elegant in the world of sarees. There are many types in Bengali cotton. Khadi sarees and handloom sarees give you a simple though elegant look. When you do online saree shopping, have a look at cotton sarees too! You will surely love them.

Chiffon SareesWhen the saree is smooth, light weight, lustrous, slippery it is easy to drape it and use for casual use. If it has design works, you can also use it for partying purpose too! Chiffon is here for you with all these qualities. Chiffon is originated in France and it is semi-transparent, which gives you spectacular look.
georgette-sareeGeorgette is another smooth and thin fabric which is originally made from silk, It is made with highly twisted yarns. It has a highly crinkly surface. That is created by alternating S- and Z-twist yarns in both warp and weft. The Georgette sarees are the elegant, and can be used in designer and party wears. You look great when you wear a georgette saree for a party. You can also wear Georgette sarees for casual purpose. Online Saree Shopping sites have good number and models of georgette sarees. You can make a good choice when you do Online Saree Shopping.
Net SareesHere is the most stylish sarees among the others, Net saree, or see through saree. Keep in mind that these sarees contain laces, the embroidery and net in its body. The woman in net saree looks attractive in parties.

Lehenga Sarees

The simple understanding of Lehenga Sarees is, they are the sarees which resemble Lehenga. Lehenga Saree is not Lehenga, but once you wear, it will look like Lehenga. Bollywood movies are the inspiration for this. Now, the Lehenga sarees are popular all over India.

Plain SareesLove to have most simple look in Saree? You need to have a plain saree in your wardrobe. Plain Sarees contain a single color texture all over the saree body. Some plain sarees might contain a simple border and some might not. Online saree shopping provides you great options for plain saree purchase, rather than that of offline. You may buy a plain saree and choose the saree blouse design grand and elegant, which is totally trendy and suitable even for parties.

Once you get an Online Saree, go ahead to have the blouse design which is suitable for you. The beauty of you and your Saree complement each other when you wear a perfect blouse. So, you have to be very careful while choosing Saree Blouse Design.

Isn’t it look interesting? Then hurry up go through other types of Sarees below,

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