Pochampally Sarees Online Shopping Guide

Pochampally Sarees are made in Bhoodan Pochampally, Bhuvanagiri District, and Telangana State, India. Sarees are famous for their traditional geometric shape designs. The beautiful geometric design when blended with skilled weavers results in beautiful sarees and dress materials. The artwork on this sarees started in the 18th century and is famous across the world. Bho0dan Pochampally town had around 80 villages and these village people started this artwork with easily available loom. In the later 1970s, few main persons of the village decided to mix cotton and silk together by weaving them together to improve their living conditions.

Ikat literally means ‘tie, bind or wrap around’, derived from Malay Mengikat. In Lao, the word is Mut Mii, in India, Bandha, Kasuri in Japan, and Mudmee in Thailand. The technique results in intricate patterns, which are achieved by resist-tying. The immersion dyeing of the exposed sections of bundles or ‘chains’ of warp and weft yarns prior to weaving. Multiple colours applied in the sequence of re-tying and dyeing from light to dark result in more colourful and detailed patterns. Skilled ikat weavers plan the positioning and registration of the pattern in the cloth in advance.


Pochampally sarees vary in designs and sarees with more motifs and bright colours can be worn for any occasions. With fewer motifs and light coloured ones can be worn as formal party wear. Usually, these sarees are priced from few hundreds to lakh rupees.

Different Varieties of Pochampally Sarees


Cheneta Handloom – Pure Silk Pochampally Ikat saree

A pure silk sari in classic Ikat design from Pochampally. Famous for its pattern design that only can be done in ikat style, this is one example of our classic handlooms. Ikat is a unique weaving technique involving the transfer of design by dyeing and colouring onto warp and weft threads first and then weave them together. Available in classic colour combinations Ikat sarees brighten up the mood. Pure silk and is light weight helping the wearer carry off well.

Pure Silk Pochampally Ikkat Saree

Pure Silk Pochampally Ikkat Saree


Ikat Pochampally World Women’s Silk Saree

Silk saree of blue colour and is 6 yard long includes blouse. Can be worn to a wedding ceremony. We have to take special care while washing, should not be bleached, to be ironed with mild heat

• Ikat Pochampally World Women's Silk Saree

Ikat Pochampally World Women’s Silk Saree


Utsav Fashion Women’s Pure Silk Pochampally Ikat Saree in Off White and Fuchsia

A traditional looking saree apt for occasion wear. The print is ikat and zari hand woven. It’s a handloom saree in off white and fuschia combination.


Pure Silk Pochampally Ikat Saree in Off  White and Fuchsia


Exotic India Orchid-Smoke Patan Patola Ikat Saree from Gujarat with Woven

This orchid-smoke patan patola ikat saree with woven booties is made of pure silk. The saree should be only dry cleaned and is available with the underskirt. Its length is 6 yard, comes with a blouse piece.


Exotic India Orchid-Smoke Patan Patola Ikat Saree


Indus Diva Ikat Silk Cotton Handloom Saree

This saree is made of 100% pure silk, the weave type is ikat and is a genuine handloom saree. Its length is 6.25 meters and its width is 44 inches. Saree can be considered for ceremonial wear. It comes with parrot and elephant ikat motifs on red silk saree. The blue border and pallu have a rich look with woven zari motifs.

IndusDiva Ikat Silk Cotton Handloom Saree

Indus Diva Ikat Silk Cotton Handloom Saree

Pochampally Sarees Online Shopping Guide

When you go for pochampally sarees online shopping, you need to have a look at a few things, that will make you choose the right saree and make heads turn! Here are a few things that you need to check one by one.


Trusted Online Stores

There are many online stores which have online sarees. Very important thing is the online store from which you are buying the saree. Do not just look at the picture and decide that the saree looks good. You might get very bad online saree purchase experience. To have a good buy, go to the site which is trusted by people.

You may also check official websites of the Saree showrooms for Pochampally sarees online shopping.


Reviews and Ratings

Say, you have now opened a saree page and seeing it. Go to the review section and see what is the average rating for this particular saree. If it is 4 or above, read the reviews and see what exactly caused to get the lower rating from some. You should now be able to decide whether to check it further or not.



Read the saree description thoroughly. If there is no description available for the saree, we recommend not to buy it because no information about saree material and size might be a problem once you get it.


Saree Material

If the material of the saree is not mentioned, do not buy it. If the material is specified and there is a good rating, you can check it further. Lehenga Saree with pure silk, cotton, silk or cotton silk look great.


Saree images

Zoom into all the images provided and check the border, pallu, zari, blouse material and saree design everything that you are conscious about. Verify if the saree embroidery and laces look good on the saree. Check them properly and decide whether to choose it. You can do this initially itself, before checking for the reviews and description of the saree. However, I believe that you hit on a saree page only if you like it after seeing  the main image.

Saree blouse is the very important thing that you should take care of. Even if your saree looks simple, if you show some artistic skill on your saree blouse design or if it is attractive, the saree becomes complete, and hence you. So check the saree blouse properly and try to stitch it as shown in the catalogue if available.


Saree Length

When you check the description, the saree length might or might not be specified. Note that a saree needs to be a minimum of 5.5 meters length, which will be perfect. Normally a saree length meets this requirement.

Some Precautions to Maintain Pochampally Sarees

  • Always keep the sarees in cotton covers, sarees need to get fresh air as often as possible.
  • Once in three months dry the sarees in open airy place. Never dry them in the hot sun as they would lose their colour.
  • Never fold the saree in the same fold as before, keep changing the folds as they tend to tear over a period.
  • Don’t use steel hangers to hang silk sarees, they stain the sarees.
  • Don’t store the sarees in a suitcase. Allow some air to pass through and keep them wrapped in a cotton cloth and kept directly on the shelf.
  • Naphthalene balls should never be placed directly over the sarees; chemicals in the balls stain them.
  • Always dry clean them
  • Never store them with other material sarees
  • Keep them wrinkle free
  • Iron on medium heat and do not spray water while ironing as it may leave a stain.

Pochampally Sarees Online Price in India

Pochampally Saree Description Price Visit the Store

Ikat Beige Pochampally Silk Saree


  • Material Composition: Silk
  • Style: With Blouse Piece
  • Material: Silk
  • Colour: Beige
  • Weave Type: Pochampalli
  • Length: 6 Yard
  • Care Instructions: Wash dark colours separately. Do not bleach, and line dry in shade; medium to mild iron

₹7,475 Buy

Patola Saree from Patan with Ikat

Patola Saree from Patan with Ikat


  • Material Composition: Pure Silk
  • Style: With Blouse Piece
  • Olive-Green Handloom Paan-Patola Saree from Patan with Ikat Woven Motifs
  • Dry clean only

₹12,100 Buy
Utsav Fashion Panchapally Saree



  • Occasion : Ceremony
  • Print : Ikat and Zari Woven
  • Type : Handloom
  • Work : Hand Woven
  • Look : Traditional

₹18,612.82 Buy
Cheneta Handloom – Panchapally Saree 



  • Handloom Pure thick silk Ikat saree
  • Midnight blue body in weave and contrast parrot green border.
  • Broad Zari stripe in the border
  • Contrast Green Blouse material with zari
  • The fashionable chevron design is woven by expert weavers by hand.

₹13,500 Buy


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Please note:

  • We have put our best efforts to provide accurate Pochampally Sarees Online price list. However, the  price can vary dynamically. If you find any discrepancy in the information provided please contact us. We will make the necessary changes.
  • All the above mentioned Pochampally Sarees Online Price is taken from online stores.


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