Latest Hair Accessories for Girls – Online Shopping Guide

Girls generally look beautiful. They top up their beauty through dressings and matching accessories. The hair accessories also plays an important role in the appearance of the girls. There are many types of the hair styles followed right from the olden days. Many hair accessories are available to support the hairstyles. There are primary accessories to style up the hairs also. Nowadays colorful hair accessories are available in the market.

Girls can dress up and choose the appropriate hairstyle that matches their dressings also. There are occasional make ups that suit the situation. Girls can choose various hairstyles and hair accessories for bridal and wedding functions, for simple and small parties etc. Before choosing the accessories, girls should know the particulars about the available accessories.

Hair AccessoriesThere are many hair accessories like elastic bands as pony tail holders, headbands for kids, Tiaras for small girls, hair claws, scrunches for hairs, Buns and nets, alligator clips, bobby pins, barrettes and ribbons. These hair accessories are that is used for hairdressing.

Types of Hair Accessories

1. Elastic bands

The elastic bands are used as pony tail holders or Plait holders. The normal and regular hair styles that suits for all the dresses for girls are pony tails and plaits. Of course buns for women. The pony tail is just joining the hairs into a single bunch and the elastic band is worn to make it to take up its proper position. The plait is a twisted design that is inserted within three smaller bunch of hair. This plait is held erect and protected from loosening with the help of the elastic band. The elasticity of the band is used keep the shape of the hair properly. There are elastic bands available in many colours and various designs. Hence, girls love to wear to match their dresses.

2. Headbands for Kids

This is an arc shaped band that is fixed on the children’s head. This is used to prevent the hair coming front to cover the face. These are made up of thin and thick plastic, thin beams, some cloth materials also. There are some other designs upon the band also. The designs may be like a rose or any flower, embellished with stones etc. This suits the small girls who have cut their hairs above their shoulder level.

;The hair that has grown just above the forehead will come front like hiding the face. So the children in this situation wear hairband. This is to avoid the hair hiding the face. This holds the hair just above the forehead and prevents the hiding hair. The bands of this category is available in many colours and designs. Thus, the parents of a girl kid will buy a good and best head band that suits the dress of their kids.

3. Tiaras for small girls

Tiaras are the tiny crown for the little princess. This tiaras is worn along with the full frocks with long sleeves and sleeveless short frock. With this hair accessories for all kids will look like little angles. The girl kids attract everybody’s attraction among the group. This tiaras is used along with the full frock or to make up as a fairy or angle. Even this tiaras holds the hair from falling front to hide the face. Tiaras is also available in many designs and various sizes. Consequently, Girls and mothers’ of girl kids has different options to choose among the best to make their kids more beautiful.

4. Hair claws

This is a clip that is designed as the comb’s teeth to hold the hair wherever clipped. These are otherwise called as catch clips. This clip is used to hold the hair and position it in an appropriate location on the head. The catch clip or hair claws is used after having hair wash. Wearing this hair claw after having hair wash, will increase the beauty of the hair and face of the girls. This is worn by all the ages of girls. Women use this clip while drying the hair after the hair wash. Hence, this is useful for all the purposes and ages and so it is a good accessory for holding a small portion of hair and a ponytail also.

5. Scrunches

These are the bands used like elastic bands. Basically this contains the elastic band and instead of any designs or attachment, this has a colour cloth that is closely stitched around the elastic. So this is shown like a cloth band as so it is called as scrunches. The cloths are tightly fixed in the elastic so that it may look so cute and curly. Thus these are also made up of good materials and marvellous designs. Hence, these scrunches are available in many designs and colours also. Some tailor will stitch the bands that suits the dresses given for stitching. Some waste cloth of the dress is taken and stitched along with the elastic to match the dress. Thus, this type of scrunches are introduced by tailors as well.

6. Buns and nets

Bun is the way of collecting all the hair around the head and joining into a single knot. These buns are usually worn while doing household works, ballet classes, gymnastic classes, swimming classes, karate or kung – fu classes or while playing games. Buns are appropriate choice for girls to concentrate on their work alone. They no need to care for their hair when it is knot as a bun. To increase the appearance and its elegancy there are many types of bun nets to cover the buns. The bun nets are available in various colours and designs.

Mostly girls and ladies prefer the bun nets in black color, since their hair color is black. Likewise, brown colour hair people will choose brown colour net and so on. Ladies wear bun and bun nets while going even for grand functions. They usually wear a grand saree and choose single pleat that might pinned with the right side shoulder while wearing bun. The south Indian people also have the habit of decorating the buns with colorful flowers. Consequently, this combination of dressing makes the ladies even if they are old enough too elegant and awesome appearance.

7. Alligator clips

This is named after the teeth of this clip looks as same as the alligator’s teeth. Hence the name. This will catch the hair tightly so that the hair will not move anywhere and change its position at any cost. These alligator clips are available in various colours. The alligator clips are available in plain colours as well as designed colourful clips. It is a long clip that has jaws full of its length. The purpose of this alligator clip is to pin the hairs that fits the clip’s length in an appropriate position. Thus this is also a good fashionable accessory.

8. Clips

This is a very basic clip used to pin other hair accessories on the hair. These clips are used to pin the bun net, any attachments like flowers, golden ribbons, any decoration components etc. The girls and women attach flowers to decorate their hair with the help of this clip. This is otherwise called as bobby pins. This is a thin metal clip that has two sides that can penetrate the hairs. Thus with this help of this bobby pins, ladies can make up their hair in a good model.

9. Barrettes

Barrettes is a clasp type that holds a small portion of the hair in an appropriate location. This barrette is made up of plastic and steel, metals with different stones and metal colours with steel. There are different sizes available under this category. These barrettes are available in various sizes and colours so that people can choose the barrettes as per their choices according to their hair’s thickness. Hence, these are the centre clips that makes the hair admirable when seen at the back.

10. Ribbons

Ribbons are the old fashion accessory that is used to tie along with plait and it can or cannot be folded. The plait are the type of hair dressing that increases the durability and growth of the hair. When the ribbon is tied at the end of the plait and folded at the top of the plait the split ends will never and ever occur. In south India school students wear this hair style while going to the school. Ribbons are available in various colours and various materials like satin, velvet etc. Thus this is a good option to increase the quality, durability and growth of the hair even though ribbon is of old fashion.

Hair Accessories for Children

1. Hair Accessories for Girl Babies

For the girl babies there are lace hair bands and head bands. The babies don’t have much hair though they can use lace hair bands and head bands. The lace hair bands are available in many colours and designs. The girl babies will look too cute and elegant on wearing the hair bands. Since this type of hair band is allotted for babies, this does not have any thing that disturbs the babies. It is made up of delicate and smooth material in such a way that it will not give any disorders to babies. Mostly pink, red and yellow colour suits the babies well. There are head bands also that are made up of plastics and little metals. Even this type of bands are available in various colours, designs and cute attachments. Thus this band will also give marvellous attraction towards the girl babies when worn.

2. Hair Accessories for School Girls

School going girls uses head bands, elastic bands, ribbons, scrunches when going to school. Usually, the school restricts the hair styles for the student while going to school. Mostly, the school restrict the hair style like plaits or pony tails. No free or loose hairs are accepted in any schools. So, the girl students prefer elastic bands of their uniform dress colour or ribbons colour choice as per the school rules. The scrunches are not allowed regularly in most of the schools.

School going children chooses any of the above-mentioned hair accessories while going to school. Whereas while going to functions they use other hair accessories like barrettes, Claw clips, alligator clips etc whenever needed. All the hair accessories are impossible to wear for an instance. Based on the hair style with respect to the place they go and event, they attend girls choose their hair style. The hair accessories are chosen as per the hair styles are chosen as the supportive units for the hair styles.

Bridal Hair Accessories

1. Hair accessories for wedding and also bridal make up

There are many hair accessories for bridal makeup. There are different hair design wigs. Hair wigs are selected as per their dresses. There are many artificial flower sets that match the wedding dress colour. There are hair pins of various designs and materials. Materials like antique, gold and colourful and white stones. In olden days women use to decorate bride’s head with natural resources like floral arrangements made in a bark of a banana tree. Colourful flowers are arranged and tied in an awesome pattern with marvellous creativity. Above all, it gives the natural fragrance and creates the wedding environment.

Hair Accessories for Different Hair

1. Hair accessories for natural hair

Usually the natural hair will be a good choice to dress up according to the dress girls or ladies wear. For casual dresses, some comb the hair with or without cowlick. Barrettes are used for both the types of hair style. At the end of the plait scrunches or elastic bands are used to lock the folds of the plait. Thus many more hair accessories are used to as per the hair style is chosen by ladies and girls.

2. Hair accessories for long hairs

The ladies or girls with long hair feel very difficult to maintain the hair properly. Even though they maintain it I important to explore it with beauty while going out. So many clips like catch clips, alligator clips, barrette clips, elastic bands and scrunchies are used according to the styles they prefer. Clips are used as per the colours in the dress they wear. Barrettes, elastic bands, scrunchies are used while plaits are the choice of the girls and ladies. If their choice is loose hair alligator clips are used. Hair buns are the other accessory used for long hairs.

Other Hair Accessories

1. Hair Accessories for Headbands

There are accessories for headbands also. Basically, there are several types of headbands. Right from babies from the first month of birth till the stage of women, headbands are available in various models. Various materials are used to make headbands of different stages and age. Headbands are made up of soft and smooth clothes, satin for babies, plastic and delicate steel for school going children, using another type of cloth for ladies. There are headbands for bridal hair style also. The bridal hairstyle is used as a good ornament and accessory on the day of wedding or reception. The special headbands will be decorated using stones, pearls and golden balls etc. Thus this will also help women to dress up gorgeously.

2. Hair accessories for buns

Generally, the normal buns are made using natural hairs. If any variation like designed buns is available as a ready-made accessory. It is enough to locate the bun in an appropriate location and pin it up using bobby pins. Bunnets are available in various colours and designs. Hair sticks are available for fixing the hair buns in the proper location. Flowers are used to decorating the bun at its circumference.

3. Hair sticks

They are long sticks that have the length between 5 and 9 inches. It holds a person’s hair in the place of hair bun or other hairstyles that suit this method. The sticks are cute enough to admire. Some awesome designs are given on the tip or the stick. It is made up of plastics, wood, antique, oxidised metal, and other materials also. The ancient people who were from Egypt, Rome, and Greece uses this type of accessories. Nowadays the hair sticks that are made up of good crafts, crystals, beads, etc.

The buns, bun nets and bun sticks are used only for the long hairs. It does not suit the short hairs. This is worn on special occasions like festivals, parties etc. This suits for various bun styles like Twist, Nautilus, Peacock Twist. There is a twist clipper for short hair also. This hair braider twist clipper will have a hook like structure at the either ends. In the middle space will be present in such a way that the short hair should be inserted into that space. Then the clipper should be bent to form as a bun and both the ends of hooked. Thus this is a special bun clipper for short haired ladies.

4. Bun nets

Our net accessory is bun net. Bun nets are also available in different models and designs. Some bun nets are designed in a simple manner, some bun nets are attached with the barrette clips, some are attached to bows & barrettes, some are woven, some has an attachment of rose or other flowers of artificial beauty. There are bun nets that are designed peculiarly with white stones, pearls and colourful stones as well.

Latest Hair Accessories

a. Magic Donut Style Nylon Ring hair volumizer Bun Maker

This is an artificial bun that is made up of nylon wire that has a stretchable property. Since this is stretchable it can suit thin or thick hair ladies and girls. It is very comfortable and light weight. This is a fashionable ornament. It is easy to maintain, carry and use for ladies and girls. To be frank ladies will dress up their hair very quickly if this accessory is used. Various hair styles can be performed if the hair is thicker. Thus it suits all the occasions like simple to grand functions.

  • Customer has commented as this product is an excellent accessory.

b. Generic Charming Hair Clip Barrette Cover Bowknot Bun Snood

This is an awesome bun snood, blue and violet in color. This acts as a bun net and the bowknot. The centre portion of this bun snood has an elegant pearl rhinestone gatherings that brings a good attractiveness for the whole bun snood. This bun snood is a good gift for the friends. It is a perfect combination for young ladies and women for wear it with the party wear sarees like silk sarees and stone sarees. If ladies choose bun snood and grand saree then they can also opt single pleat for saree to wear. The other available colours are blue, green and light purple. Consequently, ladies and women appear gorgeous than ever before.

  • It is a beautiful bun stood.

c. Cinderella Collection by shining Diva Metal Hair Clip

This is a gorgeous antique colourful material. It resembles a peacock with its plumage. The spots of the peacock are given in colourful stone that is in thiram shape. This is an ideal for grand parties as well as casual wear. It is made up of high-grade material. The hair clip has adjustable property and hence the size is changeable according to the hair size. This is also a perfect gift for friends and loved ones. Thus is a wonderful choice for grand functions.

  • It is a beautiful and nice clip for every women and girls.
  • It does not weigh heavy and doesn’t tangle the hair also.
  • The colours are very bright and attractive.
  • It holds little hair from the hair.

d. Imported 12 pcs Mixed Bowtie Kids Hair Snap clips

Here are 12 pieces of hair clips designed as a bowtie. These are 100% brand new, high and best quality and stylish designer hair clips for everybody. These are very pretty, good and comfortable to use. All these clips can accompany casual wears. All these bowties are made up of cotton material. These clips are worn with matching colour dresses. This is imported from HongKong. These are also good gifts for friends and loved ones.

  • These bowtie clips are beautiful, good and pretty to wear.
  • The baby girls look awesome when worn these clips.
  • These are made up of good and superb quality.

e. Zelin Fashion Golden Flower Comb Clip

Here is a gorgeous and pretty flower comb clip. The elegance is provided by the golden colour petals and sepals with golden balls and satin ribbons in golden colour. The style of this clip is comb clip. Balls made up of golden colour gives the extraordinary appearance for this comb clip. This is used by young ladies and women for grand functions and even for parties. The name is given as comb clip because it can be clipped up after the first comb itself. Since this is a fantastic clip with delicate material care should be taken to increase the durability of this clip. This clip should avoid contact with chemicals such as deodorant, perfume, soap and shampoo. It is better to avoid this clip contact with water irrespective of the nature or the purity of the water. This is also a good gift for loved ones.

  • It is very beautiful and gorgeous.
  • It is also good in quality.

f. Zelin Fashion Golden Flower Hair Clip

This is a gorgeous hair pin which is longer in size. This covers one side fully. The bottom part of this clip is attached with the normal hair clip. It has a good attachments with flowers, its stems and balls of various sizes. The most important property of this hair clip is the colour. The amazing golden colour makes the hair and head look prettier when worn. The young ladies and women can wear this clip along with sarees like silk sarees and embroidery sarees. The flower hair clip is worn for grand functions and small parties with respect to the dress they wear.

  • This is very graceful and beautiful hair accessory for every women and ladies.

g. Multicolored Crystal Beads Hair Barrette Hair Clip

Crystal Beads hair barrette is the combination of barrette and claw clip type. The upper portion of this barrette is aligned and decorated with wonderful colours. It looks so marvellous and makes the one who wear this clip as a princess. The dimension is given as 8.5 cms as length, 4.5 cms as breadth and 3 cms height. The clip is coloured with black. This is worn on special occasion like wedding, festivals, parties and holiday seasons. The claw barrette gives a stunning and elegant look for those who wear this. It is made up of good material and gives a premium quality product as a result assured. Hence, women and young ladies can wear this barrette for special occasions.

  • This clip is a good and fabulous claw barrette.

h. SABIS Handcraft Hairbow

Handcrafted hair bow is made up of thin metal that has flexible property. This hair bow is attracted with flower ribbon that is white in colour and above that a red colour artificial rose with a pearl ball in the middle of the rose. The rose is red in colour and pearl is white in colour. The colours are chosen in an attractive sense. The speciality of this hair bow is a handmade one. This is suitable for girl babies and girl children.

It is worn by girl babies on functions and special occasions. This should avoid contacts with chemicals like perfume, soap, shampoo and deodorants. This way of caring the hair bow will increase its durability. Some kids will get disappointed when their favourite accessories or things got destroyed. To avoid that circumstance it is important to take care of hair bows properly. This is matched with red and white colour dress. It is worn for parties and functions. The other added feature of this is it does not harm the kids or babies since it does not have anything like that. Hence it is the best option for children and babies.

  • It is a very nice hair bow.

i. Rose Crochet Baby Headband

Rose crochet is made for new born girl baby. This is a soft elastic headband with a flower fold as the centre of attraction. This is worn for parties and functions also. Hand wash is recommended to clean this head band. This band can also worn by school going girls. It is made up of comfortable material since it is especially made for babies. It does not leave marks on the baby’s head portion. Even though there are other colours baby pink matches girl babies perfectly, since pink colour always resembles girls and ladies. Hence, it is a good and wonderful product that can be used from babies to tween aged girls.

  • It has a good baby pink colour.
  • It is made up of good, soft and delicate quality material.
  • The rose flower is a little bit bigger in size.
  • Overall it is a best and pretty product for babies.

j. Needybee Satin Rosette Headband

A new headband for a newborn baby. This is made up of satin material. A satin bunch is shaped into a rose-shaped attachment. Rose shaped attachment is attached at one end of the satin material. This is a hand-made accessory. No metal or harming material is used in this headband. So it is safe to wear for girls and as well as newborn babies. Since it is made up of good quality satin material it does not cause any allergy for babies when worn.

It is a soft quality product. It has elastic property and since it is stretchable. So it will suit for all sized heads. Hand wash is recommended for this headband. The product dimension is given as 14.8 x 9.5 x 0.3 cms. The other available colours are white and pink. This is recommended for one-month-old baby. Hence, wearing on special occasions will give added attraction for babies in safest mode.

  • This is an amazing product for babies to make them as little angles.
  • It has elastic property with soft and smooth feel.
  • Babies look so beautiful on wearing pink headband.

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