Pure Silk Sarees Online Shopping Guide

Wedding, anniversary, festival, close friend’s wedding, your son/daughter’s wedding, saree for the bride… what comes to your mind first is a bunch of women wearing colorful and stiff sarees with golden color border. There come Pure Silk Sarees into the picture. Mostly people prefer Pure Silk Saree shopping offline since pure silk sarees are bit pricey and you wanna do a perfect choice after draping and testing the material. Often, when you have to do pure silk Sarees online shopping, there are a few things that you have to be careful of.

We provide a complete guide for you, which includes details about each bit of pure silk sarees online shopping. It includes different types of pure silk sarees, their price range, best online sites for pure silk sarees online shopping and a checklist for you to check when you buy a pure silk saree online.

Pure Silk Sarees Online Shopping Guide

Popular Pure Silk Sarees

There are many traditional rituals in India. A woman loves to look traditional in it in a bright silk saree. There are many regions in India which are famous for manufacturing pure silk sarees. Below are the mostly heard terms in them.

kancheepuram-sareesKancheepuram(or Kancheevaram) silk sarees are a pride of Tamilnadu. The city called as “Kancheepuram” is where the silk sarees are woven in very special format of Zari. These sarees are preferred for wedding occasions. The sarees look elegant and good quality. Kancheepuram sarees attract people all over India and even outsiders who want to buy Indian Sarees. Starting from Rs. 6,000 the Kancheepuram saree price goes on high.

Pure Silk Sarees Online ShoppingDharmavaram is a silk hub in Andhrapradesh, where the sarees are traditionally woven in the interlocked-weft technique. Weavers use both their hands and legs to weave them. These sarees have broad borders with solid colors and contrasting pallus. They are woven with intricate golden zari brocade. Dharmavaram silk sarees are very attractive and desired in wedding sarees. The price of Dharmavaram Sarees range from Rs. 13,000.

banarasi-sareeBanarasi Sarees are made in Varanasi city of India. The broad silver color Zari and brocade designs are popular in Banarasi sarees. Banarasi silk sarees are also called as Banaras sarees or Banares sarees.

mysore-silk-sareesIn Karnataka, city Mysore is where silk is grown maximum. The silk factories in Mysore produce Mysore silk sarees. Having a Mysore silk saree is her wardrobe is a pride for a woman. Mysore silk saree price starts from Rs. 16,000. The width of the zari border is a main factor on the Mysore silk saree price. Pure Mysore silk sarees are rarely available online.


Pochampally Silk or Pochampalli silk sarees are originating from Andhrapradesh. They are originated from the city “Boodhan Pochampally” which belongs to the district Nalgonda of Andhra pradesh. They are known for the Ikat styling and designs which are culturally important. Pochampally saree price starts from Rs. 6,000.

There are pure silk sarees like “Assam Silk“, “Bengali Silk” and “Karachi Silk”. However, more popular ones are listed above.

Pure Silk Sarees Online Shopping Guide

When you go for pure silk sarees online shopping, you need to have a look at a few things, that will make you choose the right saree and make heads turn! Here are a few things that you need to check one by one.


Trusted Online Stores

There are many online stores which have online sarees. Very important thing is the online store from which you are buying the saree. Do not just look at the picture and decide that the saree looks good. You might get very bad online saree purchase experience. To have a good buy, go to the site which is trusted by people.

You may also check official websites of the Saree showrooms for pure silk sarees online shopping.


Reviews and Ratings

Say, you have now opened a saree page and seeing it. Go to the review section and see what is the average rating for this particular saree. If it is 4 or above, read the reviews and see what exactly caused to get the lower rating from some. You should now be able to decide whether to check it further or not.



Read the saree description thoroughly. If there is no description available for the saree, we recommend not to buy it because no information about saree material and size might be a problem once you get it.


Saree Material

If the material of the saree is not mentioned, do not buy it. If the material is specified and there is good rating, you can check it further. Pure Silk sarees could be Kancheepuram or Dharmavaram or Banarasi or even Mysore Silk.


Saree images

Zoom into all the images provided and check the border, pallu, zari, blouse and everything that you are conscious about. Verify if the saree designs look good on the saree. Check them properly and decide whether to choose it. You can do this initially itself, before checking for the reviews and description of the saree. However, I believe that you hit on a saree page only if you like it after seeing  the main image.


Saree Blouse

Saree blouse is the very important thing that you should take care of. Even if your saree looks simple, if you show some artistic skill on your saree blouse design or if it is attractive, the saree becomes complete, and hence you. So check the saree blouse properly and try to stitch it as shown in the catalog if available.


Saree Length

When you check the description, the saree length might or might not be specified. Note that a saree needs to be a minimum of 5.5 meters length, which will be perfect. Normally a saree length meets this requirement.

Pure Silk Sarees Online Price in India

Pure Silk Saree Silk Material Best Price Visit the Store
Eva Fashion Blue Banarasi Silk Sareeblue-banarasi-silk-saree Banarasi ₹1,375  Buy

Kavvya Fashion Women’s Silk Saree

Silk Saree

Pure Silk ₹39,855 Buy
Vallalar Silks Maroon Kanchipuram Saree Vallalar Silks Maroon Kanchipuram Saree Kancheepuram ₹5,000

Assam Silk Saree Green Silk Saree Assam Silk Saree Green Silk Saree Assam Silk


 Varkala Silk Sarees Woven Kanchipuram Silk Varkala Silk Sarees Woven Kanchipuram Silk Kanchipuram Silk ₹6,000 Buy

Disclaimer : We provide the latest best prices available across the popular online stores. We are not responsible for any kind of change in the price from those online stores.


Please note:

  • We have put our best efforts to provide accurate Pure Silk Sarees Online price list. However, the  price can vary dynamically. If you find any discrepancy in the information provided please contact us. We will make the necessary changes.
  • All the above mentioned Pure Silk Sarees Online Price is taken from online stores.


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