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In general, pockets in a woman’s garments are inadequate and awful, hence from a fairly young age, girls learn that if they want to keep something with them and not lose it, they need to put it in a bag of some sort to bring it along. According to a recent survey, women get more pleasure from buying a purse than any other item. No dressing is complete for an average woman without a handbag because it adds glamour to her appearance. Here we mention latest purses for girls available in online.

purses for girls

A purse is usually of multiple purposes for any girl. Women carry their handbags almost everywhere. Carrying a purse is also environmentally helpful as women avoid plastic bags. Women carry almost all of their necessary and items of daily use such as makeup, sanitary napkins, sticky notes, wallet, phones etc. Purses vary in styles and designs and serve several purposes as well. Girls have matching purposes for their different outfits. A purse can be a party purse, college purse, professional or office purse.

Different Types of Purses for Girls


Shoulder-strap bag

This is one of the most common types carried by women, It consists of a single or double strap that goes over the shoulder. Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is versatile and goes with semi-formal as well as casual clothes.


Hand bag

A handbag is a handle medium to large bag that is often fashionably designed often used by women to hold personal items. Handbags are meant to be carried rather than slung It is an integral part of a girls outfit. They come in many shapes, sizes, colours, prices and labels. A  handbag has plenty of space and can hold many items such as cell phone, lipstick, money, appealing and makeup items and sanitary napkins. Hence it can be used for multiple purposes such as running errands, can be carried to colleges and offices. Handbags teamed up with western appealing and give a fancy look.



It has a long strap and is popularly worn across one shoulder. This bag goes well with western casuals.


Hobo bag

It is basically half moon shaped with a medium length shoulder strap. This kind of bags can be teamed with casual pants or long skirts.



Clutch is a small usually strapless bag. Goes well with both Indian and western formals.



Totes are oversized purses usually made of cloth or any other soft material. These kind of purses are perfect for running errands or travelling hence providing to be an environment-friendly alternative in place of plastic purses. This bag is not a style statement but is extremely comfortable

Few Products

a. Foster Women’s Style Diva Shoulder Bag

Attractive colour that can go well with jeans with rich polyurethane finish. With a capacity of 5 kgs and 2 compartments, this bag proves to be extremely useful for carrying all our necessary items. Design-two strapped bag with polyurethane finish.

  • Looks fashionable and trendy with jeans
  • Can hold items upto 5 kg

  • ISNT waterproof and needs to be carefully handled during rainy days.

b. Fantasy Women’s Shoulder Bag

Vibrant color that quickly attracts the eye. Highly durable and very attractive design. The bag comes with spacious compartments that are enough to keep our belongings. Dimensions(LXBXH) of the product in cms is 30×12.5×28.

  • Attractive design
  • Spacious

  • Slightly heavy

c. Fostelo Women’s Layla Shoulder Bag

A white purse is something that every girl must have in her wardrobe as it matches with most of the dark coloured clothes. Attractive design with off white colour that matches with all informal dresses of dark colours. Singly strapped with a rich polyurethane finish, light weight as well. Dimensions (LXBXH) in cms is 51 x 36 x 25.

  • Off white coloured, hence can be taken to parties and teamed with dark coloured dresses
  • Light weighted

d. Alessia74 Women’s Hobo Pink

This is a beautiful blue coloured durable handbag that will definitely grab the attention of all people. Comes with spacious compartments. It  goes extremely well with all colours of denim. This one has sturdy look. It is a double strapped purse with a capacity of holding items upto 5kg with two compartments. Dimensions(LXBXH) in cms is 30 x 10 x 22.

  • Can hold a lot of items
  • IS very light with a weight of 399g
  • Kind of bag that will make you popular at a office or a party
  • Durable and sturdy

  • Straps of the bag need to be handled carefully

e. Fantosy Women’s Handbag

Attractive design around the straps with a blend of yellow and black to catch the eye. Simple yet Fancy design. Singly strapped handbag, spacious and durable as mentioned by the seller and can hold up to 5kgs of weight. Dimensions(LXBXH) in cms is 35.5 x 28 x 9.5.

  • Spacious compartments with a sturdy and durable zip
  • Can serve as party as well as office purposes

  • Slightly heavy weighing 739 g

f. Luella Small Handbag by Heels and Handles

The silver finish also providing an attractive lock for safeguarding your personal stuff into the purse. Doubly strapped designer bag that shall look extremely elegant when taken to a party. Dimensions(LXBXH) in cms is 16 x 13.5 x 4.5.

  • Fancy purse and will attract everyone’s eye in a party
  • Many compartments to help us keep our stuff in a systematic order

  • Need to be handled with extreme care

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