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How to choose the best rice cooker in India?

Rice is loved by everyone around the globe; from flavorful basmati rice of India to sushi rice of Japanese cuisine rice remains everyone’s favorite. While rice cooking is little tricky, there are options available to make it less stressful. One of them is cooking through a rice cooker. Before start to learn more about this modern age gizmo let me tell you this pot is around for quite long now and was first made at Japan in 1955 by Mitsubishi Corporation.

The initial rice cooker came with no auto off switch but a simple aluminum pot with a coil, in which the user had to manually turn it off when the rice was completely cooked. A fully fledged rice cooker was made by Toshiba, it had two chambers and an auto –off which would automatically turn off when the rice was completely done. Modern day rice cookers can be used to cook rice, hot cereals, deserts and even steam vegetables and steam cook soups and stews. But again not all manufacturers design rice cooker to multi-task, read the specifications carefully before choosing one.

Before choosing a rice cooker for home use one needs to decide on few points

  • What’s the size of rice cooker to choose?

Rice cookers are usually measured by the cup size (which comes along) so if one is cooking for four people then a smaller one should be fine. For homes with more than four people, a bigger rice cooker is recommended. The resultant can be calculated as follows: 1 cup of raw rice-when cooked yields 1 and ½ cup of rice

3 up of raw rice – when cooked yields 4 cup of rice, basically double the proportion of raw rice.

One has to carefully note the size and proportion of rice to be cooked before buying.

  • Basic Cookers

These cookers only cook the rice and turns off after a stipulated time. They do not come with indicators or other features unlike a top end rice cooker which would have non-stick vessel, indicators and steamer units. A top end cooker also comes with cook and keep warm feature where the rice is cooked and the temperature is maintained to keep the rice warm till the vessel is unplugged. A good rice cooker with all top end features can hold the rice warm up to 12 hours are apt for commercial use.

There are high-end rice cookers which come with more sophisticated features and are slight high on the price as well.

  • High End Cookers

Rice cookers with high end technology such as fuzzy logic are also available where the cooker comes with different cooking setting for dishes. Soups and rice cooking, half cooked or porridge, depending on rice texture the settings are available and are very effective too.

  • Induction Heating Rice Cookers

This high-end new generation rice cookers can make wonders. These can judge the temperature required for even cooking of rice across the pot and also can heat the cooked rice. The heat required to cook a proportion of rice is judged and cooked accordingly resulting in even heat.

Good Rice Cooker Price and Reputed brands:

  • Nova
  • Panasonic
  • Videocon
  • Morphy Richards
  • Usha Lexus
  • National
  • Black & Decker
  • Koryo
  • Optima
  • Philips
  • Jaipan
  • Inalsa
  • Prestige
  • Pigeon
  • Maharaja White line
  • Fabiano
  • Polar

The best-seller rice cooker brands in Indian market


Panasonic Rice Cooker Price

Panasonic being famous electronic brand have come up with premium quality rice cooker models

  • SR-WA10H Panasonic  Electric Cooker
  • SR WA 22 FHS Panasonic Electric Cooker
  • SRG06 Electric Cooker
  • Panasonic SRW A 22H Electric Cooker
  • Panasonic SR-3NA Electric Cooker
  • SR-Y18FHS 1.8 L Panasonic Automatic Rice
  • Panasonic SR WA 22 Electric Cooker
  • Panasonic SRWA18 Automatic Cooker
  • SR WA18H Panasonic Electric Cooker
  • Panasonic SR KA 18 FA Electric Cooker
  • Panasonic SR W 18GH Electric Cooker

Their best seller is “Panasonic SR-W18GH Combo 4.4-Litre 660-Watt Automatic Rice Cooker”.
The Panasonic SR-W18GH combo 4.4 liter 660 w rice cookers can be used to cook rice as well steam fish and vegetables. For temperature controlling according to cooking need a thermostat has been inbuilt. It is durable and occupies less space and the outer body is made of plastic. The cooker comes with a two year warranty and consumes 660 W powers.


Bajaj Rice Cooker Price

Bajaj has brought a superior quality rice cooker and comes with a stainless steel lid, cooking pan, trivet and spatula. It is a trustable and house hold name in India. Bajaj’s well-known rice cooker models are:

  • Bajaj RCX 5 Automatic Electric Cooker
  • RCX7 Multifunction Bajaj Electric Cooker
  • Bajaj Majesty RCX28 Rice Cooker
  • Majesty RCX21 Multifunction 1.8 L Bajaj Rice cooker
  • Bajaj RX6 1.8L Rice Cooker

Their best seller is “Bajaj RCX 1.8L Rice Cooker”.


Bajaj RX 6.1 rice cooker comes with two year warranty and operates on 550 Watts. The Teflon coated cooking pan helps cook any dish in short span. It comes in white color and is affordable too.


Prestige Rice Cooker Price

Prestige Company a house-hold brand of India has slowly changed its image of a pressure cooker making company to other home appliance brand. Their pressure cookers are known for the quality and durability. The new age rice cookers are made with love from the house of prestige. Prestige’s well known rice cookers are:

  • Prestige PRAO 1.8 2 liter pressure cooker
  • PRWC 1.0 1 liter  Prestige electric rice cooker
  • PROO 1.8-2 1.8 Prestige electric rice cooker
  • Prestige PRWCS 2.2 liter electric rice cooker
  • Prestige PAF 3.0 air fryer

Their best seller for 2016 is “Prestige PRWO 4.2 Litre Electric Rice Cooker”.


The Prestige PRWO 4.2 L electric rice cookers can be used for several functions as steaming, cooking and soup making. The cooking pan is made of aluminum material and the lid material is stainless steel. This rice cookers power consumption is around 1650 W, the additional features involves two aluminum cooking pans and can cook up to 1kg of rice.


Pigeon Rice Cooker Price

Pigeon has slowly grown to be another house hold name for home appliances in India. Their new appliance range is sophisticated and spells class. The new approach to electronics by this brand has definitely caught the younger generation’s eye. Pigeon’s electric rice cooker range come with different colors and few famous models are:

  • Pigeon favorite 1 liter electric rice cooker
  • Joy SDX Double 1.8 l Pigeon electric rice cooker
  • Pigeon 3D 1.8L Electric rice cooker
  • Joy unlimited 1.8 DX Pigeon electric rice cooker
  • Pigeon Joy SDX Double 2.8 l electric rice cooker

Their best seller is “Pigeon Joy 1.8 L Double Pots Unlimited SDX 220V Electric Rice Cooker”.


The pigeon joy electric cookers come with a removable inner pot to ease cleaning and the cook indicator warranty is for 2 years. These cookers operate on 220-240 voltages and the pack contains an aluminum container, a spatula, measuring cup and a user manual.


Havells Rice Cooker Price

Havells an Indian based electrical equipment company who had their early business into circuit protection switch gears and wires have branched out into making home appliances. Their home appliances range has been slowly accepted in Indian market and after all they are a trustable brand. Havells few famous electric rice cooker models are:

  • Havells max cook plus 2.8 L electric rice cooker
  • Riso 2 bowl 1.8 l Havells electric rice cooker
  • Havells max cook 1.8 l Havellselectric rice cooker
  • Riso 2.2 L electric rice cooker
  • Havells max cook 2.2 l Havells electric rice cooker

Their best seller is “Havells Max Cook 1.8 Liter Electric Rice Cooker”.


This electric rice cooker comes with a capacity of 2.2 liters and the lid is made of stainless steel. The electric cooker can perform steaming and cooking, comes with a non-stick pan too. A keep warm function ensures the cooked rice is kept warm for a stipulated time and the cooker comes with cool handles. The power consumption of the electric rice cooker is 900 Watts and the cooker is a good looking vessel with decorative powder coated outer body. It is available in white color and the package consists of a spatula, a measuring cup and a cooking bowl.

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