Silk Sarees Online Shopping Guide

We have a write up on pure silk sarees online shopping, which majorly tells you about pure silk sarees in India and their importance and the way to choose a pure silk saree from online saree stores. Apart from pure silk sarees, there are sarees which are called as “Silk Sarees” generally. Silk sarees can be pure silk, artificial silk(art silk), raw silk, soft silk, cotton silk, Bhagalpuri Silk and much more. Note that since there are silk mixed sarees and artificial silk sarees, these sarees sometimes are  washable. We focus on best-selling silk sarees in our Silk Sarees Online Shopping Guide.

Silk sarees online shopping

Silks sarees are a woman’s favorite when it comes to a traditional function as a best ethnic wear. There are silk sarees which suite most of the women. A woman wearing  a soft silk feels very comfortable and best, since the saree material looks soft and smooth with a fine look. Cotton silk saree looks stiff. It suits for a corporate ethnic function and ethnic celebrations. Of course, these sarees beat the heat and a big need for you when the climate is too hot and you have to attend a close friend’s wedding.

Popular Silk Sarees

You will see a lot of silk saree types through the internet since there are different forms in silk sarees. Rather than pure silk sarees, silks sarees are more affordable and more convenient to use. They also give you ethnic look. Let’s see a few popular types of silk sarees.

Cotton Silk Sarees

Here goes very gorgeous, flexible, but stiff sarees which make you look wonderful being draped on you. Cotton Silk Sarees are preferred by many women because it can be used for small religious functions and it also helps you to stay comfortable when the environment or weather is hot. Cotton Silk Sarees are cotton mixed silk sarees which look beautiful when they have or do not have designs on the body. The plain Cotton Silk Sarees with wide pallus and borders are trendy and traditional. Cotton Silk Sarees come with designs too. You need to choose the design which suits you and that you like. Ultimately, with any saree, you should feel comfortable when you wear it.

Soft Silk Sarees

This is another favorite of Indian saree lovers. Soft Silk Sarees are really smooth, comfortable and lovely. They fit your body well and give the finest look. The saree pleats and pallu stay proper throughout the day very well with Soft Silk Saree. They are light weight, handy and easy to wear. Soft Silk Sarees give you amazing look not just because the sarees look beautiful. They also fit well, they are light and they stay on your body well and fine, which actually make you feel comfortable and you look pleasant.

Silk Sarees Online ShoppingRaw Silk Sarees are another variety of affordable one. These sarees are good in also looks. They suite much for women who are thin. You may pick a raw silk saree for even a wedding reception or party. Black or white raw silk sarees look royal, with suitable accessories. If you are a saree lover, you will surely like the texture and stiffness of a Raw Silk Saree.

Crepe Silk Sarees

Crepe Silk Sarees are very smooth with the slippery material. They look very good because of the skin fit nature. You can pick a crepe silk saree for party, events and even attending your friend’s wedding reception. Choose the right color and accessories for you. Crepe silk sarees are affordable and easy to maintain. Even with the single or multiple pleats, the women in crepe silk sarees look gorgeous.

Art Silk SareesArt Silk Saree refers to artificial silk saree. The threads in art silk sarees are created artificially which look similar to silk. Since it is not made of silk, these sarees are cheap. Those who are not willing to spend a lot of money can easily go for a choice of artificial silk. Even people who are conscious about nature-friendly sarees or echo friendly sarees, rather than choosing pure silk sarees they can go for art silk sarees. Only experienced eyes can see the difference of an art silk saree to pure silk saree.

Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees” are one of the best varieties of silk sarees. They are also called as Tussar Silk Sarees. Bhagalpur Silk Sarees are woven at Bhagalpur, which is situated in Bihar. Their popularity is now across the globe. Bhagalpuri silk sarees are very friendly and beautiful. They are affordable and come up with the attractive designs. They have different materials of sarees, however, silk is not less than any of them.

Silk Sarees Online Shopping Guide

When you go for silk sarees online shopping, you need to have a look at a few things, that will make you choose the right saree and make heads turn! Here are a few things that you need to check one by one.


Trusted Online Stores

There are many online stores which have online sarees. Very important thing is the online store from which you are buying the saree. Do not just look at the picture and decide that the saree looks good. You might get very bad online saree purchase experience. To have a good buy, go to the site which is trusted by people.

You may also check official websites of the Saree showrooms for silk sarees online shopping.


Reviews and Ratings

Say, you have now opened a saree page and seeing it. Go to the review section and see what is the average rating for this particular saree. If it is 4 or above, read the reviews and see what exactly caused to get the lower rating from some. You should now be able to decide whether to check it further or not.



Read the saree description thoroughly. If there is no description available for the saree, we recommend not to buy it because no information about saree material and size might be a problem once you get it.


Saree Material

If the material of the saree is not mentioned, do not buy it. If the material is specified and there is good rating, you can check it further. Silk sarees could be Cotton Silk or Art Silk or even Artificial Mysore Silk. If you do a silk sarees online shopping, you have to check the material.


Saree images

Zoom into all the images provided and check the border, pallu, zari, blouse and everything that you are conscious about. Verify if the saree designs look good on the saree. Check them properly and decide whether to choose it. You can do this initially itself, before checking for the reviews and description of the saree. However, I believe that you hit on a saree page only if you like it after seeing  the main image.


Saree Blouse

Saree blouse is the very important thing that you should take care of. Even if your saree looks simple, if you show some artistic skill on your saree blouse design or if it is attractive, the saree becomes complete, and hence you. So check the saree blouse properly and try to stitch it as shown in the catalog if available. Silk sarees online shopping also need your cautious selection of saree blouse design.


Saree Length

When you check the description, the saree length might or might not be specified. Note that a saree needs to be a minimum of 5.5 meters length, which will be perfect. Normally a saree length meets this requirement.

Silk Saree Material Best Price Visit the Store
 Tagbury White Cotton Silk SareeSilk Sarees Online Shopping Cotton Silk Saree ₹1,125 Buy
Mimosa Women’s Traditional Art Silk Saree Mimosa Women's Traditional Art Silk Saree Art Silk Saree ₹1,899 Buy
Printed Bhagalpuri Silk Cotton Blend SareeSilk Saree Online Shopping Bhagalpuri Saree ₹715 Buy
Polka Print Fashion Crepe Sareecrepe-silk-saree Crepe Saree ₹555 Buy
Multi Color Raw Silk Saree


Raw Silk Saree ₹399 Buy

Disclaimer : We provide the latest best prices available across the popular online stores. We are not responsible for any kind of change in the price from those online stores.


Please note:

  • We have put our best efforts to provide accurate Silk Sarees Online price list. However, the  price can vary dynamically. If you find any discrepancy in the information provided please contact us. We will make the necessary changes.
  • All the above mentioned Silk Sarees Online Price is taken from online stores.


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