Top 10 Popular Remote Control Cars in India

Toys are good companion for the children to play with. They can learn many things while playing. In olden days, children played with dolls were metal and wood. Nowadays, many toys have arrived as per the advanced technology. Many mechanically and electrically operated toys have arrived these days. One of the famous toys that child loves the most is Remote Control Cars. There are many numbers of remote control cars. Children love to play with the remote cars very eagerly and enthusiastically. Even one child can play with this. If many children wish to play they can gain access to the car in turns.

Remote Control Cars

Top Ten Best Remote Control Cars

1. Traxxas Rustler

This is a two wheel car although it has four wheels. It can cope up with the two wheels and for support alone, the other two wheels are attached with. The Rustler is very smart to drive not only on the road but also off the road like muddy path and soil path. It can corner easily. The technique of reversing and braking can guide it in the right path on any circumstances. It is powered by seven-cell Ni-MH battery, its speed is up to 35 mph and it can perform in bumps and crashes. Since it is too fast, young children cannot handle it and it is not recommended also.

The tweens can use this car. It has the remote control along with. It has a pistol and trigger with steering wheel mounted on the side. This needs 4 AA batteries. Thus, this car can engage the teens very well.

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2. Redcat Racing Volcano

As the name resembles, it has an impressive aspect performance in its speed and off-road terrain with utmost ease, lazy bounce over the bumps and crashes. All these things are possible because of its wheel’s balance. It durability is long since it is sealed with electronics castings, that safeguards the car from wreckages and water damage. This volcano has another attractive feature, rechargeable battery. Volcano needs 7 to 10 minutes as runtime before battery want to recharge. Remote control needs 8 AA batteries as it performs RC truck of this calibre.

It uses 2,4 GHz pistol grip transmitter with proportional control and it is very complicated for young children. Thus this will suit the tween children’s best companion while play.

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3. Traxxas Slash

Traxxas Slash is a wonderful model with high speed that can be compared with race trucks. It can also perform well in the off-road land but can perform less in the case of obstacles. It includes seven cell NiMH battery powers the slash. Slash is made with the high-grade plastic material, metal gears and waterproof body covers for its components. This coverage protects the car from the wreckage, mud particles and water. The tire of slash is of 2.2inches that have the capacity to tackle the obstacle on the way.

Traxxas Slash

The remote control includes with Slash is a Traxxas pistol-grip 2.4GHz transmitter. The trigger plays the major role in controlling the car. Pulling the trigger enhances the fastness of the car. This slash has steering used to make fine adjustments. It has the speed of approximately 15mph. Since this has less speed when compared volcano and rustler beginners and kids can also handle this slash. Therefore, the Traxxas Slash is a good playmate for practice and kids.

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4. ECX Ruckus


ECX Ruckus is like a truck which has speed up to 21mph. Ruckus feels difficult to handle off-road drives. Rather it can cope up with speed though it is smaller in size. However, it is smaller in size, it cannot stabilizes itself in high speed flips, sometime hard or turning too sharply. It has water proof components and solid construction. So, wreckages and water will not enter inside the car and spoil. Its battery charge is too slow regarding to its price. Ruckus has a standard 2.4GHz pistol-grip transmitter, which offers proportional control towards exact handling of the driving style. Hence, this is the absolute for beginners and kids.

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5. Redcat Racing Lightening EPX Drift

Redcat racing has its own ideas to work on. It differs in handling when compare to other hobby cars. It causes some drifts while high speeds. Anyway, the car will be apt for beginners and toddlers. The remote is with 2.4GHz pistol transmitter with proportional control. This control is more sensitive and precise.


It is not durable as other on-road cars. Drift struggles in off-road drives. Its wheels can least react with off-road drives and does not suit itself. So, this will better for toddlers as a good and joyful companion.

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6. Maisto Baja Beast


Baja Beast is a remote toy that has decent speed, decent durability and handling. This is made as detachable outer cover, pistol-grip transmitter. It has larger, runner wheels and full holdup which is enough to run on rough surfaces. This one does not have power to climb over bigger obstacles an d often get stuck if careless. It has 27 MHz transmitter, NiMH battery and its charger. So this is a rechargeable game toy. It has a pistol grip as in higher grade cars. Thus, it gives the good rating for kids to play with.

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7. Maisto Rock Crawler


Maisto rock crawler as the name suggest, it crawls the rock. Thus it is suitable for off-road driving. But lacks its control over strangle and steering. It has less speed, small transmitter and off-road performance which best suits for kids. Reversely, it would perform well when it is drove in uneven off-road terrain. This car requires six AA batteries, it has 5 mph speed. Though, it has less speed, it can crawl rocks. Therefore, this would be the best option while choosing cheap off-road remote cars.

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8. Silverlit Mercedes-Benz

This is a model which has more features than the least two. It can entertain the kids with its lighting, music, door open etc. The first thing is, it does not have the remote control with this instead a free iPhone, iPod or iPad application uses Bluetooth to access the vehicle. The features that are operated by the remote can be done by the app on Apple device on hand. The player can choose the options from the menu using gesture and joystick. The gesture option is used like a gyroscope. The player can drive forward by tilting the device forward, right or left by tilting the device to the appropriate side.


The other option is a joystick that is two in number. This allows steering more defined than the gyroscope. While driving the car, the player can gain access to headlights, turning signals, music and opening the car doors. With the help of Bluetooth and built-in speakers the music can be played. This makes the kids more enthusiastic and interested in playing with this car. The drawback of this one is this can be used if and only if the player has Apple device. Above this drawback, the device is a good playmate for the kids.

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9. Kids Galaxy Morphibians Rover

Kids Galaxy Morphibians is available in different styles named as shark, sting ray, gator and rover. Each model will have an elegant look and wonderful colours. Most RC cars trust on speed, tricks and suspension to amuse the children who use it. The car is accessed by remote control. The advantage of this car is, it is a waterproof car. So, it can perform in water also.

9. Kids Galaxy Morphibians Rover

It has the combined qualified features along with easy control, thus this car is good and lovable. Kids Galaxy Morphibians need 3 AA batteries to enjoy fun with the kids. Kid’s galaxy recommend using the alkaline batteries. Consequently, this model can be a good play partner for kids.

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10. Chicco Billy FunWheels

The children mostly learn the mechanics of driving and gaining control over the Remote control cars. Billy car cannot move too far distance since without the remote control because the car transmitter’s range is limited. Toddlers can play with this car toy since it neither have sharp edge nor fast. So that the children can easily grasp the mechanism of the remote control cars without hurt and frustrate. It needs 4 AA batteries to make the wheels turn. It does not have automatic shut-off feature. Turning on and off is manual work as far as this car is considered. Billy is available in many colours. This one does not have the feature to climb the rocks and swim in the pond of water.


It is not waterproof. It is simple, compact and easy to play with for the toddlers. Hence, it is a good companion for toddlers and not for bigger children.

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