Toys for an adult baby girl of age 7 to 12 years online

Toys for adult baby girl of age 7 to 12 years online

1. Introduction to the skills of 7-year-old baby girl

There are different types of development during different ages. The various developments are motor development, language, social and emotional developments. If the parents prefer the gaming theory based on these developments then it would be fine. The motor development of a 7 years old girl child will be the starting step of the next development. The children at this stage will have good and clear hand-eye coordination. They will practice new movement either the dance, gymnastics or somersaults. The children will be capable enough to ride a bicycle without the help of the trailing wheels. Regarding their mental skills, they can step into reasoning, logical thinking and watch keenly to the problem for problem-solving. As language as considered, they can understand the meanings of the foreign language, numeric and words in some thousands, predicting the time from the clock. They can understand the phonetics also. When talking about their social and emotional skills, they start to feel shy, guilt and shame when they are in embarrassing and irksome plight. They can understand right and wrong at their level with their siblings.
The girl children will take care of their younger siblings with keen attention. Girl children will also practice the household work what mother does. They have strong emotional and mood swings. They can also able to find the mistake and correct the same. It is well and good to allow them to practice all types of work when they interested. Parents should not expect the perfection from their work. Rather they can encourage them to learn the work to reach the perfection. Henceforth, the main job of the parents is to pay keen attention to their interest and fine-tune the same at all their stages.

a. Masti Time Educational Flash Card Game for Kids

The Masti Time Educational Flash card has 26 alphabets, 3 joker cards and 55 laminated glossy cards for adjectives, countries and its capitals, animals and insects names. Playing with this card increases the memory and vocabulary skills. The children learn the countries in the world along with their capitals. They also learn the names of the insects, animals and also adjectives in grammar. The cards are designed with glossy finish that attracts the girls a lot. The package has the instruction manual. This can also be gifted too.

  • Nice game and children love to play with it which in turns learn the capitals of the countries.
  • One of the customer’s son aged 8 remember the capital names for more than 50 ountries.
  • Most of the kids enjoy the game

b. Gift basket 4 kids Disney Princess

This package is a good playmate for girls around the age of 7 and 8. Since this is a costly playmate the children below the age of 7 may damage the products present in this package. This package consists of Disney Princess themed items such as Tin purse, Bangles, Stick-on Earrings, Lip Gloss, Body Lotion, Head Band, Nail Accessory, watch, keychain, glow wand and a notebook. These things are not only useful for playing but also for wearing on the special occasions like parties etc. Thus this is a wonderful playmate for the girl children.

c. Blokusa Game

This is a whole brain strategy game for the whole family. Players should take turns to place their 21 pieces on the board. The condition is each piece should touch the same coloured pieces at the corner only. The player should safeguard their territory by fitting many pieces on the board. This is a family game. This includes 84 pieces totally, game board and instructions.

  • It is a nice board brain exercise game for the whole family.
  • It is also an enjoyable game.

d. Ballerina Treasure Music Box

Girl children will usually keep their things safe. This box would be a good choice for keeping their things safer. This has a large bottom drawer and two small drawers pulling at the sides of the box. The big box can be used to keep the bangles, chains and anklets safely. The tiny side drawers are used for keeping rings, tattoos, stickers, bindhi, earrings etc. There is a cute and wonderful ballerina figurine on the top. This figurine comes out with “Swan lake” music. The dimensions are given as 6 inches length, 4 inches width and 6 inches height.

2. Introduction to the skills of 8-year-old baby girl

The developmental track for the 8 years old girl and 7 years old girl will be with the slight variation. So, as far as the motor development is considered, they have good finger control, an increase of physical strength and mental strength. They start recognising why and how a situation arises and even the working mechanism of a thing. Logical thoughts will sparkle in their minds. They can also match an activity to its corresponding subject. Then, regarding their language skills they can do some basic maths like increasing and decreasing orders, addition and subtractions and a little of multiplication. They can understand the meanings and opposites of the word and the principle of opposite reaction also. The girls will form a close circle with their friends. Children eagerly involve in group activities. With enthusiasm, they wait for the festivals and for holidays. The parents have to handle them with utmost care, teaching them which is right and which is wrong to decide they forthcoming days lay in a good and best route. The toys should also reflect the same theme when they play.

a. Logic Roots Math Strategy board Game

This game is a wonderful math strategy for children. This box consists of 126 play tiles, terrain board, bag and a rule book. The player should read the instruction manual clearly and start this game. This is good to use from age 8 and above. Since this improves the math skills, they are used by top schools. This insists the basic math operations and BODMAS. Children can practice math operations and retention 7 times more.

  • It is an interesting and very nice game
  • Children enjoy and learn math well

  • The rules in the instructions are inaccurate
  • Children enjoy and learn math well

b. PET ME Educational Math Board Game

This is a funny game for kids to enjoy well. Using this game, children learn to take care of the pets and love them. Regarding the skills, they learn math skills by dividing the thing provided. Division can be done in the way if multiple subtractions. This game is played with the family members. Henceforth, this proves the kids that math is an easy empathy to learn with fun. A suitable item for gifts.

  • This is an interesting game. Children and elders have fun with this game

c. Doll House Cooking Toy

Girl children will play like working in kitchen. In the olden days, children used to play with aluminium utensils and coconut shell. Now a days in the modern world, manufacturers are concentrating on the kids’ side also. This pack consists of many utensils that are needed to cook various dishes with stoves. This pack has 4 pressure pans of various sizes, a cooker, 1 knife and 4 ladles of different faces. Hence, a good kit to increase the interest of the children to work in the kitchen and to cook.

3. Introduction to the skills of 9-year-old baby girl

In the age of 9 a girl will handle the tools and other work properties with care and gentle. Their handiness and hand-eye coordination are developed strongly. Thus they can draw and present the concepts in good handwritings. They also choose a particular and interesting physical activity and involve themselves till they frustrate. Starting about their mental abilities, they have good memory power so that they can memorise and retrieve information from their mind. A 9 years old girl can concentrate on a particular task, they can carry on with their work, pause at any obstacle, then resume the same after solving the obstacle. The child at a ninth year can learn new skills and the techniques. They can also differentiate between right and wrong as well as good and bad. When stating about social skills, on the situation of mingling with male genders, females repel in a decent manner unless and otherwise, the  agent is her relative or friend. They also prone to mood swings.

a. Creativity for Kids Butterfly Necklaces

Butterfly necklace kit consists of 6 beautiful butterfly necklaces. It has the acetate layer and chipboard butterflies. The butterflies slither onto multi-strand ribbon cord to make an elegant necklace for the girl children. This improves the creativity of the children. They are gifted also. On playing with this, girls make them look beautiful and fine tune their designing skills. Thus, this is a wonderful play kit exclusively for girl children.

b. Generic Children’s Air Pressure Water Gun Toy

This is a new toy which is imported. It is a made out of ABS plastic material. Water is taken into the gun because of the air pressure and the same is pushed out with the help of a press button. Henceforth, children can learn the working principle of air pressure with this toy gun.

c. The Orb Factory Stick N’ Style Blinglets

This is a stick and style kit for girl children to improve their creativity. This pack contains 12 assorted blinglets. These blinglets are the base bangle on which the jewel stickers are stuck. By sticking the jewel parts available with the kit will improve the designing creativity of the girl child. She herself can decorate the bangle that matches her dress. There are 700 sparkling jewel stickers. Thus, this is a wonderful kit that all the girls love it to decorate as well as wear it. This is a good product for gifting purpose also.

d. Creative for kids Fashion Headbands

This headband kit includes 10 rainbow satin headbands. Along with this there are rhinestones, flowers, feathers, a butterfly, yards of ribbon etc. Girl children can choose the headband matching their dress and choose any of the decorative item to fix on the band as per their dress. Hence, this is an awesome kit for all the girl children to play with and to educate about the designing sense. It is good for gifting also.

4. Introduction to the 10 to 12-year-old baby girls

At the tenth year of a girl, she will be choosing her own route of interest to spend her future time. They may involve in sports activities and mainly on bicycling task. Physical appearance may change during this year. Studies may go down. Planning of a task and further continuation will not be perfect. Henceforth, they may lose their perfectionism. Friends may be respected more than before. They learn to adjust certain situations. Girls at this stage will expect more fun from family and friends. At the age of after 10, girls will change a lot. They usually don’t play outside in public except in schools. But still they may play indoor games. Thus the games and play aids might be a good one as they expect.

a. Alex Toys My first Sewing kit

This is a sewing kit that consists of pre-cut patterns, embroidery threads of 8 different colours, felt shapes, stuffing fabric, ricrac, needles, scissors, measuring tape, straight pins, thimble, pin cushion, buttons, pom-pom strip and instruction manual for easy working. It also has a storage container in suitcase shape. There are pre-cut fabrics for various shapes like a horse, elephants that should be stitched. Children need to identify the object and match the front and rear end and stitch to make a perfect shape. Then decorative cuttings are fixed. After the designing work, stuffing is done. Hence this is an exclusive package for girl children to improve their designing sense along with the creativity.

  • It is a good starter kit for sewing

  • Children above 10 years can understand the instruction to some extent.
  • children needs the guidance of the elders while using pins and needles

b. GSI Khel Mandir Carrom Board

GSI Carrom boards very famous due to its smooth playing surface and good re-bouncing capabilities. GSI provides a sturdy reinforcement to enhance the flatness and the same also prevents warping. The playing surface area is 29” X 29”. The colour given is brown beige. It is made up of Assam Plywood board and hard wood for borders. This comes with 1 set of carom coins, striker and powder. The carom board gives the focus towards the targets, hand-eye coordination etc. This is large in size. Thus, making this as a hobby, girls can increase their focusing capacity, concentration power and goal achievement.

  • The board is good and excellent.
  • Kids love to play with it.

  • Bouncing is not to the expected level.

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