Toys for baby girl up to 6 years online shopping

The babies are the precious boons of everybody’s life. It is the pleasure and pledge of the parents to keep the baby comfortable right from the birth of the baby and they do it. The parents plan the needed things for the baby in advance and get it for the baby. The girl babies are loved by their father a lot. A special attraction may blossom on the father’s side rather than mother’s side.

Mother loves her child a lot but still, the father will be attracted a lot of girl babies. The parents will be more eager to buy toys for their children. It will be better for the children to buy the toys according to their age and the development. As the children grow physically and mentally, the toys chosen should be capable enough to fine tune their brainy activities. Select best toys for baby girl up to 6 years with the help of this guide.

Toys for baby girl

1. Toys for baby girl of 1-year-old

At the age of one, children will start to stand up with anything’s or anybody’s help. The baby will stage for couple of minutes or so then sit down. The child will say some small words repeatedly, watches and observe something that they are admired like toys and music. They cooperate with their mom to dress up, says bye to their relatives and friends who leave their home. One year babies will understand their commands and act accordingly. Henceforth, the list of the toys that suits one year old babies are illustrated with the description.

a. Richy Toys Laughing Baby Stuffed Soft Plush Toy Love Girl

As the girl babies love to play with a baby toys, here is the first toy of a laughing baby. It is a semi soft material. The toy laughs when a button is pressed. The laughing stops till that button is turned off. The girl baby will take care of the baby toy. She will become a senior for the toy baby. The object will be recognised properly. When taking care of the toy child she may recognize her duties as her mom does for her. Speaking skill will be exposed to the girl baby. She also learn to operate the toy baby. The baby toy needs battery to operate. This toy comes with batteries. It does not have remote control. The product dimensions are given as 43.3 X 19.5 X 6.5 cms. Thus using this doll will increase more benefits for the girl babies to inculcate their mental skills.

  • It is a nice product and it was made out of good soft material.

  • It is very expensive

b. Sunshine 12 inches Realistic Angel baby doll girl

The doll is a sitting doll. It is dressed up with pink colour that is most likable colour by babies. The doll is made up of non-toxic material and the material is selected as per the European Standard EN-71 part 3, it is also tested as RTC, Government of India. The doll can change its shape of its neck. It can twist its hands and legs. The hair of the doll looks very pretty and shiny. Hair can be combed and platted or clipped. This doll does not need any battery to operate. The weight of the item is 649 grams. The dimensions are given as 24.1 X 22.4 X 11.2 cms. Hence this toy best suit 1 year baby as its good companion.

  • The doll is very cute and good

  • The hair of the doll is made up of very low quality
  • The doll has a wired plastic smell also

c. ToyTree Baby Angel Princess Musical Doll

The doll looks like an angel wearing white colour dress and playing violin. The doll has red colour violin in its hand and wearing pink colour shoes. It looks awesome and pretty. The colours pink and red goes well with white colour dress. This doll has wings like angel. It looks very cute and fabulous. One year old girl babies can handle this toy very comfortably. The size of the doll is about 8 inches tall. The length of the doll is given as 29.6 cms and width is given as 12.2 cms. The weight is given as 358 grams.


  • The crying babies will stop crying

  • Little expensive

d. Lovely Charm Girl Doll

This is a girl doll that has two ponytails and wears a green colour dress. The dress looks so pretty with the white lace design in the centre of the frock. It comes in a combo pack of this doll along with the spare dress and a gift box. The doll is neatly packed. The doll is very cute and lovable by the babies. Babies enjoy and play with this doll utmost. This does not require any batteries to play. The weight of this doll is 209 grams. Its dimensions are given as 32.1 X 21.3 X 7.4 cms. The recommended age for this toy is one year.

e. Vibgyor Vibes Toys for Baby

This is a collective combo pack. This pack includes various toys of different and bright colours. It includes duck, bull, donkey, fish, frog, monkey, rabbit, hen, cat, teddy bear, dog and penguin. All the toys are made up of high quality rubber that is very soft to touch. It is very perfect in its size in such a way that a baby can hold within its hands. The dimension is 6X4cms. The toys are squeezable too with a whistle sound. Through these toys babies can learn the animal kingdom very well. It weighs 159 grams.

  • This collection is very cute to play with

  • indications or label is stuck on the toy like non-toxic material

2. Toys for baby girl of 2-year-old

The babies at their second age, are able to walk and run. Climbs the steps up and down. They are capable enough to build the tower of 6 cubes. Their hands, eyes and ears should be coordinated. So toys should be chosen in this regard to improve their motor skills. Here are some fun toys as well as learning toys for two years old babies.

a. Glance Best Princess Dancing Doll & Rotating Angel Girl

The doll looks like an angel wearing oink and purple colour dress. It is fixed with wings like the real angels. The doll is operated via batteries. It needs 3 AA batteries. This can rotate itself, moves forward and backward with the help of the wheel affixed at the bottom of the toy. It can change it direction when got stuck while moving. The doll plays music and emits 3D lights. The music and lights attracts the one year girl babies a lot. It will also be a wonderful gift for birthdays also. Thus, by playing with this doll, girl babies will improve eyes and ear coordination. Babies can observe the sound via playing music and concentrate on the lights and observe the direction of the dolls while movement. The dimensions are given as 18 X 14.6 X 14.5 cms.

  • This is a fantastic companion for girl babies.

b. Musical Activity Table

The Musical Activity Table by Beebop is a multi functional learning toy which can be used for your child to enhance his motor skills and basic learning. This toy product is power-packed with features which includes a lenticular TV, a cute telephone, a musical flip book. It is a completely safe toy and your child will feel very happy to be around it. It generally helps the baby to learn about sounds and other very basic things, simply to stimulate their mind.  This helps to promote balanced and coordinated movements to improve self-confidence and also helps your kid to learn with loads of fun. This product helps to identify and explore colours, sizes, shapes and it stimulates vision.

It is best for babies who are above 18 months old.This multi-coloured Beebop activity table is made keeping all the minute details of the baby in mind. It does not have any rough or sharp edges that will hurt the baby. The well-rounded edges, hence, keep it safe and comfortable for your child all the time.

  • Nice toy helps to improve basic learning and motor skills

  • Very small in size

c. Multifunctional learning play centre with piano, abacus and shapes sorter

This toy has beads, piano, abacus and shape sorter. Beads are given in this toys to learn the counting in their mother tongue. The shapes are also present. Kids at this stage will learn things eagerly. Piano is to improve the listening capacity and to enjoy music. It also has door opening game, shape sorting also. These games improves the motor skill, visual skills, hearing and tactile skills of the girl child. This also improves the hand-eye coordination. This toy helps learning via playing. It is made up of plastic and it does not require batteries to play.

d. Disney Mickey Plush, Multicolour toy

This is a toy of world famous cartoon Disney’s Mickey mouse. In the olden days this was the one and only famous cartoon hero. Later on Donald duck and popeye, and now Dora, Chotta Beam, Mr Bean etc. This doll is Mickey Mouse having two big ears and a big funny nose. It also has two hands, and two big legs. This is designed with attractive colours that kids love. It is lovable and huggable. Toddlers loves to play with it without fail. The dimensions are 42 X 16.2 X 12.6 cms. It weighs 91 grams. This toy is made up of good material.

  • It is nice doll and also good companion for kids. .

  • This is not an original Disney product so, very expensive

e. GoAppuGo Stacking Rings

This is a colourful and bright snail toy. This has stacking rings, music and lights. The colourful rings, light settings and sounds attracts the kids’ utmost. This has the bump-and-go feature. It moves from one place to another. It may get knocked at an obstacle, if that situation exists, the doll changes its direction and takes another route to move. This play a universal famous rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. This improves the motor skills, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, tactile and hearing skill. The stacking rings will teach the agile movements of hands and feet. The toy weighs 249 grammes.
ries out the lips a bit

3. Toys for baby girl of 3-year-old

A three years old girls will climbs the step 1 foot per step and comes down 2 feet per step. It imitate the hand motions of bigger ones. They can build the tower of 9 cubes. It start to ask questions. They mingle with their friends to play. So the toys should be selected in such a need. Here are the list of toys for 3 years old girl babies.

a. Sunshine Gifting Dancing Princess Girl Robot

: The doll looks like a girl having two plats wearing a pink colour dress with an overcoat. The frock is designed like an umbrella type in such a way that easy to dance. This doll moves from one place to other with lights and music. The toy is decorated with 3D light settings to attract the babies. They learn to operate this toy by the age of 3 and it is a suitable doll when the girl babies reach their 3 year. The eyes, ears and mind of the girl babies coordinates while playing this toy. It can easily tackle the obstacle and change its position while moving. This is one of the good lesson that a baby learns while playing with this. This dimension is given as 22.8 cms X 15.7 cms X 3.6 cms.

  • This is a fantastic and price worthy doll for girl babies

  • when tilted horizontally, the doll looks kind of scary.

b. Veenus Planet of Toys

It is a good musical microphone toy that attracts the kids with its colours and music. This is designed in a stylish and fashionable manner. This toys will really attracts the kids with its colours, music and style. Several fun sounds and rhythm effects are pre-loaded in this microphone. This toy helps in improving the social skills of the child, fine tunes the sensorial activities like hearing and visualizing skill in the kids. The toy needs 3 AA size batteries to operate.

  • Fine tunes the social skills and sensorial parts of a child

  • Sometimes music does not work and also motor

c. Set of 6 Colourful Wooden Toys

This collection includes a 10 stack rings, a small plain car, cups and balls, a girl family set of 5 nos, police car and wooden yo-yo. All the toys in this collection are made up of handpicked wood. The colours used for painting these woods are organic and non-toxic. It is also safe for toys to play. The surface is very smooth for the kids to play with. All these pieces weighs 430 grams. The package dimensions is given as 20 X 10 X 20 cms.

  • Kids enjoy with these toys.
  • Produch finish is good and smooth

  • Little expensive

d.Lucky Zone Wild Animals

This collection contains 12 animals made out of plastic. The product package size is given as 25 X 23 X 4 cms. It does not require any battery to operate. This collection includes the animals like Giraffe, Tiger, Cheetah, Hippo, Rhino, Lioness, Gorilla, Zebra, Elephant, Deer, Bear and Lion. Hence, the kids will easily learn about the animal kingdom by identifying the properties and characters of the animals.

  • Good product for the kids to play and learn with

  • Colours were a bit dull unlike shown in the picture. The price is little expensive

4. Toys for baby girl of 4-year-old

At the age of 4, girl babies climb down the staircase 1 foot per step and also skips one foot. They imitates gate with cubes and copies a cross. They shoots the questions. Here are few toys for the 4 years old kids

a. Einstein Box

This is an educative box that consists of two books and four activities. This combo pack is especially designed for the children within the age 4 to 6. The books present inside the box will attract the children to develop their reading skill and socio-emotional skills. The two books are entitled as “Tiggy wins a trophy” and “Sid saves a baby monkey”. First books includes the good manners and the second book teaches about the animal habitats. There are 4 learning activities also. They are “Good manners memory game”, “Animals in a row? Strategy name”, “Habitat model – Model building activity” and “Animal Alphabet – tracing and colouring workbook”. Hence, this is a best product that is used to learn and to play.

  • It is a good concept to educate and to learn. Kids enjoy this fun game.
  • • Great product for kids and highly recommendable product

b. Olly Polly Big Building Blocks

This is a complete pack of building blocks that consists of blocks, fans and time clock. This will be dismantled and the kids has to construct the blocks. While this construction, the child will gain the creativity and better imagination. The child has to build the blocks that is given to them. So definitely this activity develops the creativity and checks for the possibilities for the efficient usage of the blocks. Thus, this provides better mental ability for the children.

c. Skola Toys Pull along Shape Sorter Bus

Skola Toys pull includes the shape sorters along with the pull. It is designed as a bus. This bus includes the geometric cavities and the same filling blocks. This includes the thread that is used to pull the bus as per the wish of the girl child. This improves the motor skills and logical thinking of the child who plays with this bus. Bus is coloured with bright colours in such a way the every children loves to play with this bus. The paints used are safe for this kids. Consequently, this product is very good and safe for the kids.

d. Hello Toys Pretty Girl Bag

This is a toy come bag. It can be used as a bag and also as a toy. This is made up of soft fabric. It is made up of washable material. Since it is made up of good fabric, the durability is good. It is crafted beautifully. This bag will be useful to pack with needed things during picnic travels and other places. The face is crafted as a girl with a cap and curly hair. Thus this is a wonderful companion as a playmate and a things holder while travel.

  • The girl children will feel happy to carry bags
  • It is also made up of good material and soft
  • This is a priceworthy bag

5. Toys for baby girl of 5-year-old

a. 3 wheel Kids Kick Scooter with LED Lights

This is a kick scooter affixed with LED lights. It also has bell and brake. The kick scooter is a wide and slip-resistant. The rear wheel provides an extreme stability, ABEC bearing and smooth gliding wheels. The kick scooter is constructed strongly and firmly. It is painted with fine colour also. LED light and carton pictures provides the added attraction during night times. The heights can be adjusted upto 74 cms high. The length and breadth is given as 61.5 cms and 9.5 cms. Consequently, this is a good companion for the girl kids too at the age of 5.

b. Annie Magnetic Ludo Snake and Ladder

This is a famous and ancient game usually played by girls. This pack contains one playing board, one dice and 16 pawns in four different colours. Maximum 4 and minimum 2 players can play this game. The player should roll the dice and the pawns are increased as per the count of the dice display. If the last count ends on the ladder, then the pawn climbs the ladder. When the pawn reaches the snake, then it bites the pawn and the same should reach the tails place of the chart. The one who reaches the destination is considered as a winner. This game fine tunes the mental ability to escape from the snake and reach the ladder to soon find the destination.

  • It is a sturdy game with big squares
  • Girls are interested to play this game

  • The product is little expensive

c. Praised Lovely English Learner Kids Laptop

This is a laptop that spells the alphabets. This laptop needs batteries to operate. The laptops spells the alphabet and plays music also. So kids will be interested to play with this laptop. Through this laptop, girls can learn English word that is fed already. The available colours are pink, yellow and red. This laptop needs 3 AA batteries. It is made up of plastic material. The item weight is 299 grams, and th dimensions are given as 22.4 X 15.5 X 4.3 cms.

  • This product is very good game and nice product to learn too

6. Toys for baby girl of 6 year old

a. Funskool Classic Spirograph

This classic Spirograph includes stencils, design templates and scale. Kids feel craze on the designs of the templates. The templates results in beautiful, wonderful and fantastic designs by rotating the pencil inside a circle, designed letters using stencils. Many cards and invitation design arts are also made. Thus this is a good product to improve the designing sense and creativity for the other applications.

  • Good product to increase the creativity of the children.

  • The frame is too large to hold all four columns

b. Funskool game of the states

Thus is a game that are played with fun and this educates the players too. This game is used to learn about the cities in each state. It also teaches the girls about the capital city, its importance relevant to the industries and other popular products of the state. This game is to drive the truck to various cities. They can travel to buy and sell things from one state and to sell the goods to sell to the other state. Henceforth, by playing this game girls may come to know about the states and popular things from that state.

  • It is a very knowledgeable game for the girl children.

  • Instructions are missing in the package

c. Funskool Travel Chinese Checkers

This game includes the board with pegs that fit into the holes present in the boards. Funskool travel checker is a pocket game for kids for especially girls for the age 6 and above. The board is in star shape with 6 edges. The weight of the game overall is 150 grams. The dimensions are given as 19.4 X 11.2 X 3.4 cms. This improves the concentration of the player girls and fine tunes the creativity of the players. Hence this is a good and absolute game for the mental improvement of the girls.

  • The game is very exciting and challenging. The quality of the product is very nice.

  • The product is little expensive

d. Funskool Sticker Factory

This is a sticker factory kit. This teaches the creative activities for the children who play this. Mostly patience games will be played by girl children. The creativity gained will also improves the child’s imagination, stimulate the thoughts and perceptions. This thinking and perception will improve the problem solving skills for the girl kids. These skills fine tunes the motor skills also. This also involve in group activities and make the girls learn in teams. Leadership qualities and teamwork mingling is inculcated. The dimension is 32.2 X 24 X 12 cms. The weight of this product is 939 grams.

  • Good Playmate for girls that are useful in creativity

  • The sticker sheet in the screen was not present inside the kit.

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