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First of all, Exercising can be a routine task if one has to travel to a gym or taking out time in the hectic schedule. Losing weight or maintaining fitness is no more a task with the new method of fitness tool. Hence, one can have a gym at home or furthermore, starting with a treadmill would be a good consideration. Because there is no much difference in outside running and treadmill running.


In addition, a treadmill is always the most dreaded piece of a tool in the gym. Hence it is known for being a grueling, repetitive and difficult machine to spend time on is not justified, however. Therefore, a treadmill deserves a lot of credit! Consequently, a Treadmill can simulate specific conditions, allow you to check your form as you run, keep track of the numbers, and allow you to run in any conditions!

Consequently, unlike outside running where one gets to look around and inhale fresh air, treadmill running gets boring with the same surroundings and hence in-house environment might not be very much comfortable. On a treadmill, one’s mind can’t imagine the finish line hence it gets harder to concentrate. Basically, a treadmill can be a great training tool and also useful for those who live in harsh weather environments where outside running gets difficult.

Therefore, before starting to run, few things can be done to boost the treadmill workouts. One should try running with a slight incline to simulate outdoor conditions; also should avoid using handrails to increase calorie burn, include interval training to one’s workout by alternating between speed and interval intensity;

Much as, in another context, with a treadmill, the belt is moving under the person and there is no wind resistance for one’s body to counter, so it gets easier to run. If one jump up and down on a treadmill and it would record that you’re running at whatever speed the belt is moving. In outdoor running, one’s legs have to move forward while pushing through the resulting wind resistance. However scientifically it’s proven that setting the treadmill to 1% accurately reflects the energy costs and simulates outdoor running. Consequently, by setting the treadmill to 1% grade, one can offset the lack of wind resistance and the belt moving under to make treadmill running same as outdoor running.

Therefore, before buying treadmills there are few pointers to be considered and are listed below:

  • First of all, need to decide why you need a treadmill ? Is it for fitness, enhanced athletic performance.
  • Probably, realizing how often or how to use treadmills will help one to buy an accurate treadmill.
  • As a result, if one is willing to have a modern, up to date treadmills with solid construction, longer warranty, larger running surface, higher top speed and steeper incline then the cost might go higher.
  • Also, one can choose a less expensive treadmill with minimal qualities if opting for basic fitness.

Technical pointers


Size of the treadmill

First of all, a basic treadmill comes with a footprint on average of 77 inches long and 35 inches wide. Any folding treadmill will be half of its length when folded and stored. One would need enough empty space around the treadmill for usage and storage.


Ergonomics of the treadmill

Most of all, if one is a regular runner then there is a need of deck length that accommodates one’s stride. One should choose a machine which is comfortable while walking or running.


High-end features

Most noteworthy, recent treadmills come with hi-end features such as docks for iPods, USB ports, and wireless internet connectivity.


Adjustable features

Almost in all the treadmills, the top speed would be between 10 and 12 mph and few others may go faster. Usually, lies between 10 to 15 percent grade.

Other technical aspects

  • It is necessary to check if the cushioning and shock absorption of the running deck is comfortable.
  • To See while one is in motion over the treadmills, does the foot hit the motor housing?
  • Need to know, can one easily straddle the deck while standing on the side rails?
  • If the display monitor is easily accessible and user-friendly?
  • Check if the machine is user-friendly with its operations?
  • Also, one must know Does the seller provide delivery and assembly?
  • Most noteworthy, the main consideration should be a warranty, look for three to seven coverage on parts, and at least one year on labor. Few treadmills have a lifetime warranty and one should get for the motor as well.
  • Consider the return policy too.

Treadmill Brands

  • Proform Motorised Treadmills
  • Nordic Track Motorised Treadmills
  • Sole Fitness Treadmills
  • LifeSpan Treadmills
  • Spirit Fitness XT Motorized Treadmills


ProForm Motorised Treadmills

Proform 700Zlt Motorised Treadmill

Proform 700Zlt Motorized Treadmill

Proform is one of the best brands which comes under the treadmill, they provide the quality products. The best models of the brand ProForm treadmill are given.

  • Proform 520Zlt Motorized Treadmills
  • 1050 Proform Motorized Treadmills
  • Proform 700Zlt Motorized Treadmills


Nordic Track Motorised Treadmills

Nordic Track T 12.2 Treadmill

Nordic Track T 12.2 Treadmill

The Nordic track is the best brand known by the users using Nordic track treadmill product, the customer reviews show that the products are of good quality, below are the models of the Nordic track treadmills.

  • Nordic Track T 12.2 Treadmills
  • T 9.2 Treadmill
  • T 17.5 Treadmill
  • Nordic Track 2500 Motorised Treadmill
  • T 22.0 Treadmill
  • PRO 3000 Treadmill


Sole Fitness Treadmills

Sole Fitness F80 Treadmills

Sole Fitness F80 Treadmills

Sole Fitness treadmill is best known for its treadmill features and product performance, find the below different models of products and their features also you are provided with the lowest price models here.

  • New Sole Fitness F80 Treadmills
  • Sole Fitness F63 Treadmills
  • New Sole Fitness F85 Treadmills
  • Sole Fitness F85 Treadmills


LifeSpan Treadmills

Lifespan Mi 260 Treadmills

Lifespan Mi 260 Treadmills

Most well-known brand in India for the treadmills category, they provide great products to the user with the best features, we have given you the link to the best product.

  • Lifespan MI260 Treadmills
  • Lifespan MI100A Treadmills
  • TR 1200i Folding Lifespan Fitness treadmills
  • Lifespan Fitness TR1200-DT5 Treadmills
  • Lifespan Mi 260 Treadmills
  • TR4000i Folding Lifespan Fitness treadmills


Spirit Fitness Treadmill

Spirit Fitness XT 485 Motorized Treadmill

Spirit Fitness XT 485 Motorized Treadmill

It is one of the known brand presents in the treadmill, which has its own identity of providing the products.

With many types of treadmills, available one can choose the best-suited one.

Motorized treadmills

Motorized treadmills are based on a fundamental design such as a moving belt, powered by an electric motor. Treadmills vary in features and designs, here we have tried to explain based on foldable or not. Usually, manufacturers want to make exercise, less monotonous and keener task, so a user needs to decide what features should be considered before buying one.

Consequently, if one is considering to buy, first should concentrate on training style. If one needs to be distracted from a workout, or enjoy planning their fitness regime and create physical challenges, in such cases, entertainment features and automated programs should be considered. If entertainment is not a priority then feature such as max speed, incline settings, heart-rate monitoring, and interval programs should be noted.

  • The treadmills usually it is used to make strides toward one’s cardio-fitness and health goals.

1. Folding treadmills

RoboTouch-Multi-function Foldable Motorized Treadmill

RoboTouch-Multi-function Foldable Motorized Treadmill 


Seems like, folding treadmills provide additional features along with more exercise programs, including heart-rate controlled setups. Few setups come with a chest strap heart-rate monitor. Its solid construction makes these treadmills better suited for occasional running. While a disadvantage of a folding treadmill would be that it is short for runners with a longer stride.

2. Non-Folding treadmills

Sole Fitness F63 Treadmill

Sole Fitness F63 Treadmill


Almost, the non-folding treadmills offer a solid deck and frame, a longer running belt, and larger running surfaces. It is the best choice for frequent runners and it is made of heavier and more robust material. These treadmills come with integrated heart-rate control programs, higher max speeds, and steeper max inclines. It is best suited for heavier people and comes with the best warranty.

3. Budget Folding treadmills

A budget folding treadmills come with a shorter running belt, it also includes a display for speed, distance, time and calories burnt.It also has a shelf with water-bottle holders. These models do not include a chest strap heart-rate monitor or heart-rate control programs. The budget models are built from lighter materials and tend to feel less stable.


One doesn’t have to dread treadmills workouts. By changing up speed, an intensity, and program and also taking safety measures, one can enjoy the run inside as much as outside.

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