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Best Water Purifier In India For Home

Water being so vital for mankind is usually contaminated easily due to urbanisation and also many other factors. The consumption of contaminated water can land a person into deadly medical complications. With toxic substances such as lead, fertilisers getting into the water, the younger generation has their life on the threat. Investing in a good water purifier is a must in today’s life and also consuming quality, mineral induced water has become a priority and also for all good reasons. For choosing better water purifier there are few points to consider and also it does come handy:


Water supply

The source of water for a home would be the vital factor in choosing a best-suited water purifier. A purifier basically removes unwanted salts, germs and also viruses dissolved in the water which causes the adverse effect on human body. Few toxic metals like lead, mercury, arsenic which the human body resists digesting and also in the long run get accumulated within causes health issues. Water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid is caused by germs, viruses and also bacteria. A home with underground water source has the high level of bacteria and viruses and also the TDS level is quite high, to make this water consumable a purifier with RO+UV is recommended.

Home with tube well or salty water source has fewer bacteria and also viruses but high in TDS as its hard water and also would require an RO purifier.

A home drawing water for sources like rivers, lakes or rainwater harvesting supplied by the municipality are soft water and are low in bacteria, viruses and also germs, a normal water purifier would suit best.

The TDS stands for Total Dissolved Salts which is used for calculating the hardness or softness of water

TDS can be easily checked using a TDS meter are is easily available online. One should consider buying a TDS meter for domestic use in order to check the hardness of water.

A water with hardness level ranging from 0-80 is ideal for drinking and is soft water

A water with hardness level ranging from 80-150 is less ideal for drinking and is still soft water

Water with hardness level ranging from 150-400 is hard water and a purifier with RO is ideal.

Water with hardness level above 400 is considered very hard water and also would need a purifier with RO+UV to make it ideal for drinking


Knowing the purification technology

Before buying a purifier lets understand the whole science working behind these super machines

RO purifiers use a basic technology to remove harmful salts from the water; a specific type of membrane is implemented for purifying water.

UV purifiers are high-end purifiers which remove deadly bacteria, virus and also germs from the water thus preventing water-borne diseases.

Gravity based purifiers work on osmosis where the water is passed from a higher chamber to lower chamber fitted with germ kit and also filters in between the chambers to purify water. This purifies are ideal for water with a low level of dissolved salts and do not require electricity for its operation.

RO+UV+UF purifiers use a combination of purifying technologies and also can be used to purify any type of water and give the perfect clean water. These purifiers are fully automatic and also operate on electricity.

A good brand water purifier has the best customer service and also the quality of membrane used is of high quality, so investing on such purifiers assures years of usage.

Water purifier price varies based on it’s water purifying technology too.

Best Selling Water Purifier In India For Home

Before seeing water purifier price, let us see the best-selling water purifiers in India for the year 2016:

  • Kent
  • Aqua Guard
  • Tata Swach
  • Pureit
  • Eureka Forbes
  • HUL Petit
  • Livpure


Kent Pearl RO UV Mineral Water Purifier

Kent’s pearl mineral RO+UV water purifier filters water from any source and comes with a double purification technology that destroys bacteria and filters all other suspended particles present. The TDS helps retain essential minerals present in the water. Purifier features a modular pattern that is suitable for wall mounting and counter-top installation. Its transparent 8-liter storage tank enables the user to check the water level and it is detachable thus making it easy to clean. The purifier filters water with mineral RO technology that eliminates impurities but retains necessary minerals required. Its spin-welded housing ensures high membrane life and it’s maintained by the auto-flushing system that helps remove salt deposits from the membrane.

The water in the purifier goes through multiple chambers this ensuring clean, tasty and safe drinking water. Purification stages include sediment filtration, activated carbon filtration, ultra-filtration and post carbon filtration.

Kent pearl RO purifier also features an 11W UV lamp for removal of micro-organisms. The multiple purification steps ensure its suitability to purify water from sources like bore-wells, tanks or municipal. The purifier is made of ABS plastic which makes it non-breakable and durable at the same time. Push-fit components ensure leak-free performance and are enhanced by O-rings.

For periodic maintenance, the filter change alarm and UV fail alarm comes handy. The filter change lets know the user if the filter needs to be changed and the UV fail alarm starts blinking when the UV lamp becomes inefficient. Both cases trigger power cut to the purifier so that the user do not drink impure water.

The unique new-age technology is the built-in SMPS where the user has not to worry about frequent power fluctuations and the purifier has been made to support the wide range of input voltage. Purifier also has an auto-start and an auto-off feature.

Technical Details
Capacity 8 L
Purification UV
Filteration 15 L/Hr
TDS Level 750 ppm
Power Requirement 160 V- 300 V 150 Hz
Operating Voltage 24V
Warranty 1 Year

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Aquaguard Enhance RO UV Purifier

The Aqua guard is designed for Indian homes with different types of the water source. It is designed with different series of products with various features to suit different needs of water purification. This purifier can purify any water from sources like municipal pipelines or bore-wells. Its design is sleek, stylish and is elegant.

Aqua-guard enhances RO UV purifier can be mounted to a wall or be placed on any table. The purifier features a 7-litre tank and is suited for a family of two members. Its transparent tank allows users to check the water level periodically.

Aqua guard enhances RO+UV 7 L RO+UV purifiers use reverse osmosis technique for removal of harmful particles present in water. The water is passed through a membrane which consists of multiple sheets with tiny holes that filter suspended particles. Once the particles are removed, the water is passed through the UV section and the bacteria are killed through UV rays. The end result would be germ-free clean healthy water.

Water is boiled for about 20 minutes through its e-boiling technology that kills bacteria. The UV lamp can last up to 5000 burning hours. Special chemical cartridge removes residual organic impurities to retain the original taste of water; the silver surety technology enhances purification efficiency and controls bacteria.

Technical Details
Capacity 7 L
Purification RO+UV
Filteration 15 L/Hr
TDS Level 750 ppm
Power Requirement 45W
Operating Voltage 230 V 50 Hz
Warranty 1 Year

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Livpure Aquajet14gp RO UV UF TDS Control with Alkaline Water Technology

Livpure Aqua jet comes with unique features and also the 14gp 12 L water purifier has tools that cleanse water to its maximum level. The purifier boosts an alkaline purification, a filtration rate of 15 L/brand and a tank of 12 litres capacity. The size is 330 X 520 mm in size weighs around 10 Kg and can be wall mounted.

Its purification system has 14 levels and also those are prefilter, antiscalant, magnetic softener, sediment, chlorine remover, RO, UV, UF, Alkaline, PH Adjuster and also post silver carbon. Out of 14 stages, first, 6 stages removes suspended particles and makes it smell better. Its 7th stage a ultra-filtration mode removes all bacteria and also particles from the water.

Its next stage reverses osmosis the water moves through a membrane with pores of 0.0001 microns. The TDS level by this stage would reduce up to 95 percent, the 9th stage deactivates virus and also bacteria by UV sterilisation.

The filtering usually starts with separation of alkaline and also acidic components by water ionisation. This acidic water has to be discarded. Some minerals are added in the process and also the PH level is enhanced to above 7. A below 7 Ph level can cause serious health hazards.

Technical Details
Capacity 12 L
Purification 14 Stages With RO, UV, UF, TDS, Alkaline
Membrane Type Thin Flim RO, Hollow Fibre UF
Filter Life 12000 Litres
Storage Tank Food Safe, Non-Toxic, Engineering Grade ABS

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