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First of all, with an increase in health conscious, every home has a weighing machine to keep track of the weight loss and also gain. Almost all weighing machines are designed such that they provide proper results. Since nowadays an electronic weighing scales and also digital weighing scales are creating revolutions. As a result lot of weighing machines are been used in today’s worldwide in order to calculate weight. Hence, any use of weighing scale has become a common thing and also new age weighing machines are used for scientific research and also studies.

weighing machine

As a result, India manufactures various types of weighing instruments and also these weighing scales assess the weight of various materials. Earlier electronic weighing scales were commonly used for weighing only. But now digital weighing is renowned for their precision and also sharpness. With the increase in demand for weighing scales, an electronic scale will be helpful for one to measure small articles to larger things in an accurate manner.

The main reason behind the widespread popularity is their load sense technology and also the cells in the machine analyse the weight of those things placed. Once the object is placed, the weight is sent as electronic signals and thus it gets displayed on a digital screen.owaMany types of digital weighing scales are available and also one can choose based on requirement. These digital scales are operated by electricity and also battery, also come with various specifications like size, shape,

Consequently, Many types of digital weighing scales are available and also one can choose based on requirement. These digital scales are operated by electricity and also battery, also come with various specifications like size, shape, a quantity which it accepts. In addition,one need to analyze the factors before choosing a digital weighing scale. With an increased number of brands available in the market, it is recommended to choose a most reputed brand. The electronic weighing scale is superior and effective than any mechanic weighing equipment. In addition, weighing machines provide accurate and reliable results when compared to the old weighing machines.

Most of all, in today’s world, every business runs with the help of a computing machine. One can connect a computer to an electronic weighing machine thus making the whole operation more effective. Factors to be considered before selecting a weighing scale would be weight capacity, precision, and also an accuracy. Since electronic weighing scales are highly useful, they are used for a wide variety of purposes. Digital weighing scales are used commercially in large scale at vegetable shops across a city. Hence, they are also used in food industries and also food factories, also in healthcare industries.

Finally, a good weighing scale is selected after analysing various factors and also an accurate weighing scale would help in operating the business effectively. Consequently, The advanced digital weighing scales are made to make less error and also are evolving.

Digital weighing scales are of a fixed type and portable type; Further, they both are classified into different types.

Fixed Weighing Machine


Dormant weighing machine/Scale

A dormant scale can handle weight in the range of 100 kg to 1000 kg and also this scale is fixed in a pit such that the top surface of it is level with the floor. Heavy substance as cylinder/barrels can be rolled onto the scale for weighing. These scales are commonly used in gas-filling stations to monitor cylinder weighing.


Tank/hopper/silo weighing system

This weighing machine can handle weight in the range of 500 kg to 20,000 kg. Weighing system is built into the structure of the tank support. Load cells are positioned to take the tank/hopper/silo’s weight.


Conveyor weighing system

The weighing system measures rate of flow of material-tons per hour (TPH). Conveyor weighing systems are commonly used in mining, cement, fertilizer industries. The load cells are fixed under the conveyor belt to sense the weight at that point. This weighing system includes components like proximity switch to monitor speed and also a special digitizer, calculates TPH using input from load cells and also proximity switch.

Techno Conveyor Belt Weighing System

 Techno Conveyor Belt Weighing System


Crane weighing system

This weighing system is built into the structure of the crane and also the load cells are positioned to measure the load lifted by the crane. Crane weighing system helps in avoiding overload. These weighing machines can also be used to monitor/control material stock/movement.

Atom Commercial Hanging Weighing System

Atom Commercial Hanging Weighing System


Filling/packing system

This weighing system is used in industries liquid or solid material are packed in containers like plastic bags, cardboard cartons, cans, bottles etc. Filling/packing system measures and also fills the container with specified quantity. The load cells installed in the system are connected to a special purpose digitizer that monitors & controls material feeders. Also, the machine can handle 200 g to 50 kg weight.


Check weighing system

A check weighing system is commonly used in liquid or solid packing industries. It is used to fill containers like plastic bags, cardboard cartons, cans, bottles etc. This weighing system is used to ensure that the material quantity is right-not less or not more. The operator in charge would be alerted whenever a package falls outside the specified limits. Few advanced systems automatically send non-qualifying packages to reject bin. Load cells installed in the system are connected to a special purpose digitizer to monitor weight data of every package moving over the conveyor.



Weighbridge is also called as truck scales, therefore, they are used to weigh commercial vehicles like trucks and also trailers. These weighing machines are the must for medium and also large manufacturing industries. These scales can weigh in the range 20 ton to 100 ton.


Rail weighing system

Rails are modified to accommodate strain gauges and hence work as load cells. Such rails are installed in the tracks and also they are connected to a digitizer, which helps to measure railcar weight. The train need not stop for the measurement, weighing is done in motion. The range of weight is 100 ton to 500 ton.


Weight in motion system

Weight in motion system is used to check overloading of commercial vehicles on highways. A weigh bridge positioned under the surface of the road measures the weight of truck/trailers when the vehicles are in movement. Weight range is 100 ton.


Off-road truck scales

The Off-road truck scales are heavier versions of truck scales. Heavy tippers commonly use these for coal/iron ore mines to track material movement. Their capacity to weigh range is 100 ton.

Portable Weighing Machine


Laboratory scale

These weighing machines are used for high accuracy, high precision measurement of light objects, weighing few grammes. Laboratory scales are delicate & sensitive and hence, to be handled with extreme care. Hence, the delicate scale is placed in a special enclosure to protect the scale from dust, moisture and also blowing air. Consequently, test weights or objects to be weighed are handled with forceps, not with bare fingers. Weight ranges from 10 g to 1 kg.


Human scales

These are low accuracy scales, generally designed for home/clinical use. Compact floor models are the most commonly used models to weigh human beings other than infants. There are other special types of machines, for the disabled wheelchair scales and also mounted stretchers. To weigh infants and small kids, baby scales are employed by hospitals. Weigh range 200kg.


Table top scale

This weighing machine is the most well-known type of weighing machine. Table top scales are used for weighing light weight objects. Retail stores need these scales. These scales are easy to use and also easy to maintain but delicate and also need to be handled with care.

Crown-Junior-Table Top Weighing Scale

Crown Junior Table Top Weighing Scale


Therefore, the mentioned details provide you with the idea about types of Weighing machines present and when and where they are used.

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